Name: Tyler Blood
NickName: 'Heavens Devil'
Height: 6"1'
Weight: 180.lbs
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Age/D.O.B: 22 / May 4ht 1986
Theme Song: "All My Life" By The Foo Fighters

The Story: Tyler Blood was borne in Edmomton AB, his parents were in a car accident at the age of fifteen and he vanished to the streets. Getting involved with drugs and violence Tyler began going down the wrong path. Durring a robbery gone wrong, the owner of the manssion woke up in the middle of the night and caught Tyler Blood red handed. However, instead of calling the cops, Stu Heart (father of Brett and Owen) offered Tyler a deal - no cops and no prison if Tyler promised to clean up his act, and use his violence towards something productive, such as wrestling. With that said Tyler soon became heavily involved in the wrestling world. Now, at the age of twenty-two Tyler Blood can be found touring the world wrestling with many different companies and making his name known.


Now that Tyler has made a name for himself in both the AWR and the WAR he has decided to take on another fed called Full Force Pro. As he continues to win matches with the odd downfall of a loss in all three feds the world is becoming very impressed - and scared - with his talent and skill. Not a whole lot of people are fond of Tyler Blood But it has only fueled him to climb higher up the ladder.

*UPDATED OCTOBER 14th 2008!*

Due to a lack of enjoyment and a busy schedule Tyler Blood was forced to part ways with one of his three wrestling federations. It was a tough decision but in the end the FFP and the AWR came out on top. Tyler Blood has continued to go further and further as the days go on in both the FFP and the AWR. He has even gone as far as making some new friends in the FFP, he has teamed up with Extreme Existance (Ricker and katt kizz). The three of them have hopes and dreams, including the womens title and the tag team title. what will happen next for Tyler Blood?


After a random LOA due to a personal issue Tyler Blood has decided to make his return. he was quoted saying "every time i feel like retirement i keep coming back. it won't will never end". Tyler Blood has decided to choose one federation and stick with that, and only that fed for a while. he has chosen the PWR, which is where you can find him now, just a few short days away from making his bloody return...

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