to anyone reading this / anyone who cares / anyone who doesn't care....

My name is Dane. over the last 15 years i have been involved inside the e-fedding world. I have lived in this world under 2 different names, kyle Rock and Tyler Bouchet. but my real name is Dane.

i have ran my share of feds in the past (KY Wrestling, NWA, NCW, NWF) but i got tired of doing that, so i stopped running feds to spend more time on my roleplays.

with that said, i have also been involved as a wrestler in many many many feds over the years (XWF, NWR, GWF, WME, EWE, WDW, SFT, WFW, AWR!!!!!!, PWR, Pryde Wrestling, and the list goes on...). and I have gone under many different names as wrestlers (real: matt hardy, jeff hardy, Bubbay Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Spike Dudley, rakishi, tripple H / Fake: CJ(RIP)!!!, Guernica, Tyler Blood,).

Over the last few weeks i have realised that it is time to retire. i just can't do it anymore. i almost retired a year ago, but i came back for one last run. I would like to thank PrYde Wrestling (Logan Rutherford), and the AWR (Brandon Watkins) for everything they have done. PrYde should have been the end, but i pulled myself together to live to see the AWR come to an end. i guess the merge with Phoenix and the death of the AWR was the sign that it was all over.

I have had the most incredible time being involved in the efedding world.............

some random quotes to end off the good buy note.................."YOU'VE BEEN...THUNDERSTRUCK!!!" "HEAVENS DEVIL" "DON'T BLINK!!!" "IN MY WORLD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"