+The scene begins in a forest full trees. The leaves on the trees - or at least what’s left on the trees - on this beautiful fall day are a golden browny-orange color. The sky is blue with few white clouds moving across the atmosphere making many different shapes and sizes over head. There are probably kids all over the city starring up and seeing pictures of dinosaurs and other forms of animals in the clouds. The sun was hot and beaming but did not reach far down through the tall standing trees. The time is 3:07PM.+

+Other than the rustle of leaves from each footstep on the ground, the other noise that can be heard is the huffing and puffing of his breath as he ran. The heat from the sun did not help with the jog through the forest, it slowly began to make him more tired by the second. Now it is no longer just the footsteps of one man that can be heard, now we can hear more…1...2...3..maybe even four people! Without getting sidetracked, he continued to run, ignoring the footsteps and the predators moving somewhere towards him in the rustling leaves. After a few more giant steps we get to a whole in the forest, where the trees do not stand. In the middle of this gap in the trees is something weird and unusual, something you would not normally come across in a forest such as this. It’s a big square wrestling ring, made of camouflage so it can almost not be seen. He shoulder rolls into the ring and pounces to his feet. The sunglasses are raised from his face, revealing his eyes full of adrenaline and rage.+

Tyler Blood: Lets do this……………………………….......


+The scene fades from the face of Tyler Blood with his long rigidly black hair dangling and flowing vigorously in the wind to a close up shot of him hunched over in a chair with a hood over his head and sunglasses covering his face. The smell of a cigarette, followed by the grey of the smoke beaming - almost shining - in darkness of this room. It’s not exactly pitch black, as the beams from the sun peering through the 4 small windows cast shadowy light upon the walls, just enough light to see lightly more than a mirage of the man - Tyler Blood - in front of the camera. Keeping his head down - covered by the hood; the shades; and the hair - he takes a slow calm drag of the cancer stick between his fingers and begins to speak after he exhales. The time is 7:38PM+

Tyler Blood: Let’s write a letter.

+long pause+

Tyler Blood: Dear Mr. Chaos and the rest of the American Wrestling Revolution. The time has come. A lot of interesting things have been happening to me as my career in the AWR progresses. In fact, not too long ago I was in the best match I have ever had. I did go through a lot of pain and agony during that match, but instead of stopping me and causing me to quit, the pain did something else.

+Pause for a puff of the cigarette and a deep calm breath+

Tyler Blood: The pain that I received was my ignition. It caught my attention and lit my mind on fire. The adrenaline…oh the adrenaline. I felt the pain rush through my blood, my mind, my soul…it took over like I had been abducted out of my body and replaced with….WITH RAGE AND DESIRE!!!

+the room got darker as the sun was just starting to set, as if it were falling from the sky. The shadows on the wall got bigger, and blocked out more light by the second. Another puff of the cigarette and more words…+

Tyler Blood: When that all kicked in it kicked my body forward. Pushed me harder. It became my fuel to power the Devil from inside me and bring the hell into that ring. At justice twenty-one Mr. Crowley stated that he was the best superstar in the AWR, and he was the most hardcore. No more that a few days later and I easily proved him wrong. You see, not many members of the AWR have provoked me far enough to introduce them to the real Tyler Blood…Heavens Devil! When Mr. Crowley pushed me over the edge, shit hit the fucking fan. I proved that not only is he NOT the best superstar in the AWR, but he is also NOT the most hardcore. And with all of that I managed to turn my pain around and deliver it right back to the sad and sorry body of Mr. Crowley! At the beginning of my AWR career I was off to a rocky star, all over the map. I had days where I asked my self if this was even worth my time anymore. But then something must have happened. Somewhere down the way of my recent feud with Mr. Crowley - and probably also because of my back-to-back 6 man tag matches -someone out there noticed me. Someone saw the real Tyler Blood, and that same someone obviously wants to see it again.

+Another deep breath pause and one another drag of the smoke+

Tyler Blood: The AWR Freestyle championship…


+The time is 3:08PM. The scene cuts back to the forest of yellow leaved trees. Tyler Blood is seen crouching down, like a kitten preparing to attack it’s moving enemy. The rustling in the leaves gets louder and closer, and then from out of know where a tall man with arms as big as Tyler’s waist comes towering through the trees and bolting towards the wrestling where Tyler Blood awaits.+

Tyler Blood: Bring on the witnesses…

+He gestures to the man who has gotten to the ring and started to climb through the ropes…+

Tyler Blood: Witness number 1!

+The man jumps into the ring and charges Tyler with a head butt. He dodges as the man goes flying into the turnbuckle. The man bounces off and holds shakes his head while holding his hand on his forehead in pain. He goes to hit Tyler with a kick to the stomach, and sets up for a DDT. Tyler is not as stupid as this guy thinks, as he counters the DDT and rolls the man up into a choke hold. The leave’s slightly get raised off the ground in the small breeze of wind which also tosses around Tyler Blood’s hair. The man’s eyes begin to bulge out of his face like a dying fish. He struggles to keep breathing and tries not to let Tyler take control of him. He attempts to break the hold but in the end it manages to make it tighter, worsening his changes of getting out…+

Tyler Blood: Do you want to live you useless piece of skin?

+The man is too cut off from the world that he has no chance to respond, he just lets out a little grunt as Tyler Blood feel his body go limp, and the breath stop moving in and out of his lungs. The mans face turns beet red+

Tyler Blood: Witness #1.…….destroyed…

+Tyler breaks the choke hold and the man flattens out on the ground, not moving a muscle. As Tyler rolls his once living corpse out of the ring he begins to hear more rustling through the leaves. This time, two witnesses appear in the branches of the trees and the blowing of the leaves. Tyler rolls faster as the man lumps from the matt of the ring and splatters into the leaves.+

Tyler Blood: Well well well, he’s sending me two witnesses at one time? I must be proving that I’m better then he thinks. Hahaha! I was raised well, and trained by the best!!!

+both of the new witnesses come from different sides of the ring, hoping to catch Tyler off guard. The first guy is much shorter than the guy before him is still laying unconscious in the leaves. He stands five and a half feet tall with a buzz cut, and very similar biceps to the man who came at Blood earlier. He gets to the ring, but does not jump in right away, he just stands there, starring eye-to-eye with Tyler Blood. The second man, coming up to the ring from behind Tyler, is almost invisible, but seen just a little bit through Tyler’s peripherals. He has long blonde hair and pointy, wiry goatee. He sort of resembles the professional wrestler known as Triple H! The wind begins to pick up a little more, the leaves are raised a little higher off the ground. Tyler prepares himself for two men at once. The second man does not halt like the guy smirking at Tyler Blood, instead he dives right through the bottom rope and jumps to his feet. He also charges instantaneously at Tyler Blood! Tyler barely sees him coming and has just enough time to hook an arm and toss the guy over his back and smack down on the matt with an arm drag. Tyler rolls to his feet and gives the man a second to get up as well. The first man remains outside the ring, just starring…almost taunting with eyes…Tyler grabs the Triple H look alike and flings him into the ropes. He hit’s the ropes and bounces back towards Blood, where the man is then hit with a massive killer clothesline. He falls to the ground and twitches a few times while grappling his neck in pain.+


+The man does as Tyler says, although it takes him a few minutes to get to his feet. Tyler grasp him and drags his body into the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and startles the mans body. While standing on the turnbuckle Tyler winds up, spinning his arm around in a circle, and connects his rock hard fit’s the mans face…once…twice…thrice….The color red begins to drizzle down the mans face…+

Tyler Blood: The AWR has yet to see my full potential, but that’s just fine with me. You see, Justice twenty-three is just around the corner, no more than two days away! The AWR Is going to be blown away…much like that low life no-body, Chris Chaos………………………………..........

+With that said he delivers a few more hard punches to the mans face again. This time, gouging a hole in his cranium, more blood, more screams of agony! Tyler hops off the turnbuckle and hit’s the man with a hurricurana! The man flips off the top turnbuckle and is sent running to the other side of the ring. He hit’s the ropes and bounces back yet again towards Tyler Blood. At this time, the man waiting outside the ring has begun his climb into the ring to take on Blood. Tyler catches a glimpse of him just in time….+

Tyler Blood: I don’t think so you fucking punk…

+He grabs the top rope and reefs down hard on it as the man with the gushing blood from his face hit’s the rope and is sent flying over it, and out of the ring! While he’s spinning through the air outside of the ring he probably caught notice of the cadaver laying half buried in the leaves.+

Tyler Blood: That’s two down…ALREADY! Muhahahaha! I cannot be stopped!!!

+The other man has now gotten himself half way in the ring, and half way out before he watches Tyler blood flying at him through the air, feet first, delivering a nasty dropkick to the mans bald head, knocking whatever little fragments of hair remain on his wrinkly skull. The wind gets stronger still, the time is 3:13PM…+


Tyler Blood: Christopher Chaos, the American Wrestling Revolution Freestyle Championship! Me up and coming opponent…my up and coming championship!!!

+The time is 7:40PM, we are back in the dark room where the light has almost completely disappeared into shadows, no longer bouncing off the walls, instead it has now turned the walls into blackness. The only that can be seen now in the room is that of the lighter connecting to the fresh cigarette between Tyler Blood’s lips. With a fresh puff of smoke he speaks again…+

Tyler Blood: Mr. Chaos! This will not be the first time we have stepped foot into a wrestling ring together. Back in my first match in the AWR we came face-to-face at least once. If I remember correctly looking back on that six man tag team match between myself, lionheart and Dave Michelson, versus Genetic perfection; Chris Chaos you were the bastard who snuck up behind me and tolled me to the ground and rolled me up for the pin. I did not appreciate that very much Mr. chaos. Everyone was rooting for us to take out Genetic perfection, and send you guys to hell. Lucky for you Chaos you had one man on your team who was the only reason for the fact that Genetic Perfection got the victory…His name is Scott Rage - The AWR World Champion!

+another drag of the smoke and a gentle calm breath. The room gets darker. When Tyler raises and drops the smoke from his lips, to his side, in between breaths, the tip of the cigarette with the orange light looks like a light saber in the darkness.+

Tyler Blood: If it wasn’t for rage being in that match my team would have walked away with the win. It’s too bad really, but then again it was my first AWR match up and I was not entirely expecting to win anyways. However, it has been months since that first match of which I competed in. And now I have had plenty of matches, and plenty of victories. For fuck sakes, I was the first person in the AWR who was able to take Crowley down and maintain the pin…I WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO GIVE CROWLEY THE ONE-TWO-THREE!!!

+He laughs hysterically and takes another drag from the cigarette to calm himself down before lashing out into the camera…+

Tyler Blood: As much hatred for Mr. Crowley as I have after the feud we went through over the last month, I do have a great deal of respect for him. After all, he was the first person to bring out my fear, and to this point he is the only person to bring out my fear.

+The room hits yet another level of darkness. The time is 7:44. The cigarette droops between his lips as the smoke covers his face. He laughs again and glares into the camera; However his eyes are still covered by the sunglasses, making it hard to see the bloodshot retinas full of power and force.+

Tyler Blood: And now you Mr. Chaos, are holding onto something for me, something that belongs to me…the AWR Freestyle title! Over the last few months I have stepped up to the plate and given the AWR more then just ratings, and new fans…I have also given them….BLOOD!!!

+Another drag as he puffs the smoke out into the lens of the camera.+

Tyler Blood: Victory is a big word, it means a lot too me. But BLOOD means more. I may not be undefeated in the AWR, and I may not entirely be the best. However, I have done multiple damage to those who have come before you Chaos and I have spilt their blood. THAT is what matters to me. Win or lose is not my focus. Every time I step into that AWR ring at Justice, or even at a PPV for that matter; I have left at least one drop of blood of each of my opponents stained on the matt. It’s my collection…collection of other peoples souls…other peoples LIVES! However, Chris Chaos, your blood was not revealed months ago in our six man tag team match, and it was not added to my collection. BUT NOW, this Wednesday night at justice twenty-three I will have an opportunity to finally spill your fucking blood!!! REDRUM! The fire is building inside me Chaos, and it’s burning towards you…

+The time is 7: 46PM+


+The time is 3:18PM. After the massive dropkick to the head the bald-headed man went flying out of the ring and stumbling to the ground. His body twisted in the air and came down hard on the leaf covered grass. Lucky for him the leaves softened his fall and he rolled around screaming loud and clutching his spine. Tyler waits for the man to get up as the grin grows on his face, from ear to ear. When the man fails to get up and attack again, Tyler turns his attention to the trees, awaiting the appearance of his fourth and final witness. After a moment of silence other than the wind getting stronger and the leaves blowing harder, the forth man does not appear….the wind gets stronger and louder…blowing leaves everywhere…like a tornado in the forest….Tyler pulls the shades back over his face to shield small fragments of “shit” from getting in his eyes. The wind gets stronger still, reaching the point where Tyler Blood has to grip the ropes to keep his balance. After moments of struggling and his veins bulging out of his arms from holding on so tightly to the ropes, he finally gets knocked off of his feat and flung back into the corner! His spine hits hard to the turnbuckle and he fly’s forward, landing face first on the matt. Out of the corner of his eye he sees something moving out in the trees. The movement appears to be a man, as it is hard to tell due to the speed at which he moves through the trees, keeping himself almost completely un-noticed. Tyler slowly crawls up to his knees and uses the rope for leverage to pull himself the rest of the way up. The wind gets stronger and stronger, the time is 3:20PM+

Tyler Blood: Alright buddy, lets do this! One more to go and I will be completely ready and able to gain the victory on Chris Chaos and become the AWR Freestyle Champion!!!

+The man running through the bushes becomes visible finally, showing himself to Tyler Blood. He stops running and comes out from behind the trees. He is standing approximately six feet tall and he is dressed in a beige sweatshirt and a pair of sweat shorts, bearing the hair on the lower part of his legs. His face appears to be covered by a mask, some sort of monster mask probably purchased at a costume shop, as the days get closer and closer to all hallows eve. Tyler blood, now fully balanced and standing on both feet - still gripping the ropes - points at the man and signals him to step up to the ring, similar to the way Neo signals for the agent to step forward for the fight in the movie “The matrix”+

Tyler Blood: THIS IS MY FUCKING TIME! You are the one thing left standing in my way. Destruction is near……CHAOS IS COMING!!!!

+The man bearing the mask takes one step at a time towards Tyler Blood and the wrestling ring, before climbing the stairs and crawling through the ropes. Tyler and the man are now face-to-face. The wind slowly dies down now. Tyler and the masked man begin to grapple and lock arms.+

Masked Man: You honestly think you can beat Chris Chaos Mr. Blood……….

+The man breaks the grapple and tosses Blood to the ropes. When blood comes swinging back at the masked man, he is sent flying over top of him as he kneels down at the last second. The force sends Tyler flying through the air and down off his feat once again, laying on the matt. In a hurry he tries to get back to his feet, but the Masked man delivers a menacing blow to the chest, keeping him crawling around on the ground, in the wind, hopeless to get to his feet.+

masked Man: Come on Tyler, all you have to do is draw blood! You did it to that man there…

+he points to the man laying in the leaves, unconscious, smothered in his own blood+

Masked Man: And you did it to Crowley weeks ago. You did it to Big Viscous, and you’ve done it to Julian Norris….But how are you expecting to defeat Chaos, if you cannot even stand your ground to an old man….

+With that said, the masked man rips his mask from his face, revealing his identity. While this happens it gives Tyler the opportunity to catch his breath and clamber half way to his feet. Tyler’s eyes scroll from the mans feet, up to his face, and now it is obvious who the man is…..+

Tyler Blood: STU HEART!?!?!?!

+Tyler runs at him with an un-expected spear to the gut as both men get sent into the turnbuckle. Stu Heart becomes unlucky as he is forced to receive all the pain from the attack, and at the same time be used by Tyler Blood as protection. Tyler backs off to give the old man some time to re-cooperate. Stu Heart shows a little bit of pain with his facial expressions, but it is obvious to Blood that he felt more pain then he was willing to show.+

Stu Heart: If it wasn’t for me Tyler, you wouldn’t even be in the AWR. You would still be on the streets, breaking into houses, affecting innocent peoples lives just to make yourself feel better. And now look how far you have come. I taught you how to channel that energy from the streets into the wrestling world, I showed you the ropes….

+Stu gets up as both men become face to face again+

Stu heart: And now I must admit that you have done a rather fine job and taking that energy to a whole new level. And now your just 2 short days away from becoming face to face with the AWR Freestyle champion…Answer me this Tyler, do you want that title? Do you want to beat chaos? Do you want to make him bleed?

Tyler Blood: OH HELL YES!

Stu heart: Well how the hell are you going to do that if you can’t even keep me down? The man who raised you and taught you everything you need to know?

+With the taunting from Stu, Bloods face becomes filled with desire and rage+

Stu heart: How can you beat Chris Chaos who has a few years experience, if you can’t even beat your childhood mentor, who has over 40 years experience in this ring? I’m going to ask you again, DO YOU WANT THAT FREESTYLE TITLE?

+Tyler blood does not just reply with words, but with an attack as well…+

Tyler Blood: FUCK YES!

+He nails Stu heart in the gut and gets him up for a power slam! Stu hit’s the ground and clampers back to his feet in a hurry. But it is too late as Tyler is already mid-flip in the air above Stu, connection with a Swanton bomb!!! Stu hit’s the ground again! Tyler startles him on the ground and delivers a few punches to his face. Stu rolls over and knocks Tyler off of him. Stu heart jumps up and tries to connect with a DDT, but he is sadly interrupted with a shoulder block to his chest, followed by a knee to the nose. Stu hit’s the ground again as Tyler snatches him up from the legs and sends him flying out of the ring with a Bloody Twist!!! The wind has finally calmed back down as tyler watches Stu Heart outside the ring, trying to get to his feet. When he finally does, he stares down at his hands and then stares up at Tyler…+

Stu heart: you…you made me bleed!

+This was true as his hands had now become stained with red. Tyler grinned with success. Stu gave him the thumbs up+

Stu heart: You have learned well my friend…..

+The time is 3:30PM+


+The time is 7:50 PM. We are back once again inside the dark building, which seems to be darker then the last time we were there.+

Tyler Blood: I have been striving here in the AWR to make others bleed and feel the pain of which I deliver. And now, it is YOU time Mr. Chaos! Since the beginning here I have been climbing the ladder to the top, hoping to one day be able to walk out of the ring with at least one of the AWR titles strapped to my waist before my career here comes to an end, and after all this time of trying to impress the staff, and rise to the top, I have finally done it! I have been given my one opportunity to be the best there is. Every wrestler in the AWR other than Scott Rage himself will bow down to me and admit that I am amazing, just so they can avoid another viscous beating from me. Just so they can avoid losing anymore BLOOD! And now I am curios Mr. chaos as to what you blood looks like…or better yet, what does it taste like? I’m going to find that out, and more, this Wednesday night when we meet face-to-face for the second time in the AWR. Neither of us really had established ourselves in the AWR the last time we met. And now we’ve both gone on to do some great things, I must admit that I cannot believe you managed to defeat Jinx. But that’s old news. The news on Thursday morning will be the new news, and the headline will read “Blood to Victory”…because I will not walk away from that ring on Wednesday night without making you bleed! Chris Chaos you have met you maker…and your maker is me! I WILL BE THE FIRST PERSON TO DRAW BLOOD AT JUSTICE 23!!! I will take you out and end your shitty career Mr. Chaos. I will walk away with the freestyle championship around my waist. Now just to be on the safe side, I’m not going to reveal all my secrets for kicking your ass in two days Chris, But I will give you one small piece of advice - When you step into that ring with me at Justice 23, face-to-face, your going to want to be very careful, keep your balance, and………………..

+He takes one final puff of the smoke before dropping it to the cement floor before him and stepping on it with his sneakers. The room went pitch black now, not even Tyler Blood can be seen.+

Tyler Blood: …………..DON’T FUCKING BLINK!!!

+As the camera fades out in the darkness, a loud, evil, cackling, hysteric laugh can be heard in the background….+

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