+the scene opens downtown on the streets of Edmonton, Alberta. The time is Midnight on Friday September 5th. Currently there is a big concert of some kind going on at the Rexall place stadium. It’s one of the biggest event bands to ever play the Rexall place, or all of Edmonton for that matter. Therefore with this event happening the streets are empty of both civilians and police. The seats at Rexall are filled by civilians, and then cops are swarming the arena as security. With all that said, the entire town is quiet, making it almost tooo easy to set up a bank robbery. Rexall place being located on the far north side of town, and the big Edmonton town bank, the biggest bank in town, being located on the opposite end, in the south. The sun no longer exists in the sky, as the street lights are the only visible source of light, lightly glowing the streets around the bank.+

+A dark silhouette image of a man comes into view walking down the streets, just a few blocks away from the bank. The man is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a big black sweatshirt with the hood covering his face. The street lamp casts a giant shadow of the man along the brick wall of the buildings in which he walks by. Without being able to see his face, he looks similar to the grim reaper - if the grim reaper wore blue jeans. The weather was perfect, warm, but not too hot, and a little humid as the summer begins to fade away and winter hides around the corner. There is a small breeze in the air which blows the hood right off the head of this character walking down the empty sidewalk. Luckily the street light gives off just enough light to reveal his face, the man is Tyler Blood.+

Tyler Blood: What a beautiful night for a midnight stroll…

+He glances down at his watch just as the smaller hand strikes the twelve. Midnight on the dot. Seconds later he raises the cancerous cigarette to his lips and takes along drag as he struts along the streets.+

Tyler Blood: Seems awfully quiet out here for a Friday night though. Where is everyone?……

+With that said, walking towards the biggest bank in the city, only two or three buildings away, a white van appears on the street heading towards Tyler Blood+

Tyler Blood: ah, civilization. There you are…

+the van pulls up and parks diagonally to the bank, just in front of it. Tyler gets a weird look across his face in wonder, as this was not a brinks truck or anything to that degree. This was a plane old white van. The type your read stories about in the news, being driven by perverts who pick up little kids in small towns. Just a plain white van.+

Tyler Blood: That’s odd…

+He quickly dodges into a small cubbyhole between two buildings, one of the connected to the bank. He peaks his head around the corner but does his best to keep out of sight. The side door of the van slides open and two men jump out. Both men looked and dressed exactly alike; black sweat pants, black leather jackets, and black ski masks pulled over their heads. Neither of the two men’s skin was revealed. Dark and mysterious. Along with their black clothing, each of the two men carried a big black bag, about the size of a suitcase. Tyler gets a suspicious look on his face, wondering who these men are before coming to the conclusion of a bank robbery+

Tyler Blood: HOLY SHIT! A bank robbery! Oh my godd…….

+one of the men reaches in to his pants pocket and pulls out something that looked like a remote control to a television. Meanwhile the second character took something big from the back of the van, it looked like a battery of some sort. About the size of a lawn mower engine. Both men glance around searching for life. When they see none, the first guy drops the instrument in front of the bank door. They both take a few steps back as the other man pushes down with his thumb on the weird shaped remote object……+


+An explosion….+

+Tyler catches his balance as the vibration in the cement and the power of the small explosion almost sends him flying off his feat, and into the view of these two men, who surely had guns…they had a bomb, why would they not have guns/ these guys were trained professional bank robbers…Tyler Latches to the brick building doing his best to remain out of sight and not get himself killed. After setting off the bomb and for a few short seconds of lighting the sky of orange, the two men rushed out from behind the van where they kept cover from the bomb, and headed towards the entrance of the bank which they had just blown to bits. Tyler sees this as an opportunity to interfere. This is going to be tough for Blood as there is a third character waiting inside the drivers seat of the van. The keys obviously still in the ignition as the van remains idling in position. The third man inside the van is ready for a quick get away.+

Tyler Blood: HEY ASS HOLES!!!…..

+the two men heading for the bank hear the voice behind them. They both turn around and pull out their handguns from the straps of their belts, almost in perfect sync. However, before they have a chance to spin around and clock a cap into the flesh of Tyler Blood, both men find themselves being laid out on the ground. Tyler attacks the first man with a massive death clothesline, causing him to back flip and land on the cement. The second guy tries to dodge the foot coming at his head, but Tyler connects with a perfect drop kick. Both men release their weapons and now find themselves helpless. Tyler, and the two bank robbers rush to their feet as Tyler takes a few quick blows to the face from the guy who held the remote control. While this is happening, the second guy (still on his knees) reaches for the gun, just inches from where he sits….

Bank Robber #1: Who the hell are you?!?

Tyler Blood: Your worst nightmare…

+After receiving the shots to the face, Tyler regains his balance and smiles…+

Bank Robber #1: What the…how are you still standing?...

+He laughs while he uppercuts the guy in front of him and sends him flying backwards, through the glass, and into the bank…the second guy snatches up the gun, but before he has a chance to pull the trigger, he find his neck being snapped by a quick blow to the face, once again from the foot of Tyler Blood. He lays on the ground seizureing from the recent blow, rolling and twisting helplessly. The first guy after getting blasted through the window finds himself laying on the floor inside the bank. he scrambles to reach for his gun, he finds his knuckles being stepped on. Glancing up his eyes meet with the eyes of the devil, Tyler Blood! Tyler lifts his foot up and then stomps down hard on the mans hand, crushing the fingers below his sneaker…the man lets out a shriek of horror…+

Bank Robber #1: AHHHUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

+Tyler snatches up the gun under his feet after the man releases it. Seconds later a gun shot is heard from behind Tyler Blood. He spins around just in time to see the guy who was sitting in the driver seat of the white van, pointing the barrel of a double barrel shout gun directly at the face of Tyler Blood….+

Driver of Van: Don’t fucking move…

+this third character was dressed the same as the other two bank robbers. Unfortunately this little hand gun was no match for the double barrel shot gun being aimed at his head, so, Tyler instead points his gun at the head of the man on the ground, the man is holding his right hand in pain.+

Driver of van: Drop your weapon! Do it, do it now….

Tyler Blood: hahaha,,,,,I’m going to count to three…and then I’m going to pull the trigger of this gun…and your going to watch your stupid friends head explode….so no, I will not drop my weapon, but you have to the count of three to do that for yourself………………..

+the driver looks at his partner, and then back at Tyler Blood….+

Tyler Blood: 1...

+Tyler takes a puff of the cigarette that he has somehow managed to keep grasped between his fingers the whole time…+

Tyler Blood: 2...

+Sweat drips from the ski mask of the mans face, everyone is so silent that you can hear the drop of the sweat hitting the cement after leaving the guys sweaty face…+

Tyler Blood: 3.………….


+Although Tyler was expecting the driver of the van to drop the shot gun and let his friend live, instead he was met with two bullets to the left shoulder, delivered from the shout gun being pointed at him….+

Tyler Blood: SON OF A BITCH………………


+Blood pulls the trigger just as he said he would and the head of the bank robber explodes, spraying blood EVERYWHERE! This gives Tyler enough time to tuck and roll out of the way of two more bullets being fired at him. He rolls across the cement and pounces back to his feet. Tyler raises the pistol in his hand and pulls the trigger…”BANG”…the bullet connects with the driver of the vans knee, as he falls to the ground, making sure not to release the weapon….”BANG” more bullets flying at Tyler, luckily he dodges and pulls the trigger again…..”BANG”….the bullet exit’s the hand gun and connects with the middle of the drivers right hand! He lashes out in pain as the shot gun hit’s the ground!!! Tyler walks towards him with the gun pointed at his head.+

Driver of the van: OH god, please don’t kill me! I don’t deserve this, I don’t need this, I just needed some extra cash for my sick and dying daughter…I didn’t mean anyone any harm….

+The driver of the van starts weeping and praying for Tyler not to blow his brains out. His hand gushing with blood, as Tyler licks his lips and snarls at the guy.+

Tyler Blood: I’ll tell you what. I won’t tell anyone that you were involved in the scene of this crime. However, your going to come with me and help me with a little experiment. I won’t kill you….at least not yet any ways………………


+After the scene goes black for thirty seconds, we find ourselves now no longer outside on the streets of Edmonton. We find ourselves instead somewhere in a room. The ground is made of cement. In the middle of this room sits a wrestling ring. Outside of the wrestling ring, surrounding it from all sides are many different things, clutter to most, but weapons to others. Baseball bats, stop signs, tables, chairs, ladders, buckets of nails, staple guns, leather gloves, whips, chains, etc…+

+in the middle of the wrestling ring there is a chair. Upon the chair sits a man. In fact, it is the same who we just saw wielding the double barrel shout gun while attempting to rob the bank. The driver of the van. His hands are behind the chair and taped together, and his legs are duct taped to the legs of the chair. He still wears the ski mask on his head. There’s a huge gash in his knee, caused from the bullet in which he received in his earlier gun fight. Blood is gushing out of his knee and pouring all over the wrestling ring. The man screams in pain, and calls for help…+

Driver of the van: HEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME! Please help, I don’t deserve this, I didn’t ask for this…please help me…oh god help!!!!!!!

+the man screams and cries, hoping that someone will hear him scream and come to help him. Moments after tears and whimpers, another person appears in the scene, his name is Tyler Blood. He walks through a door and enters the room, keeping his eyes glued on the man in the middle of the ring…+

Driver of the van: oh god please don’t kill me! Let me out of here!!!

+the man tries to struggle when he catches sight of his capture, but struggling gets him nowhere, it only makes things worse…..Tyler laughs devilishly…+

Tyler Blood: Well hello there Mr. bank robber. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tyler Blood. Yes, I am the same man who did that too you…

+Tyler gestures to the mans knee and walks closer to the ring, only a few feet away…+

Driver of the van: HELP ME! Please let me go!

Tyler Blood: unfortunately, you are in the basement of my house. These walls, are made of pure cement. NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM!!!

+Tyler grips the handle on the bucket of nails and climbs the stairs into the wrestling ring. The man tries to struggle again as he watches Tyler pours the nails and spread them out all over the matt of the ring. After the bucket of nails is empty he places it on top of the mans head as he tires to scream, but the scream is muffled…+

Tyler Blood: you sir, have helped in committing a terrible crime in this community. Weather or not you actually managed to go through with it!!! Luckily for you, I have chosen to keep you alive….

+The mans voice is muffled but these are the words we hear…+

Driver of the van: please just kill me now! What the hell do you want with me??

+Tyler laughs+

Tyler Blood: I told you, your going to be the victim in my experiment…..

+Tyler slides out of the ring, trying to avoid stepping on any nails as he does. Once outside, he tosses a stop sigh in the ring, and picks up a steel baseball bat. He glares into the camera and speaks before climbing back into the ring….+

Tyler Blood: Dear Mr. Crowley, and Big Viscous, I would like to send out a little message to you. And it has to do in regards to our upcoming match this week at Violent Ambitions. You see, the three of us will be stepping into that ring together at the AWR Paper view, and we will be using some of the weapons similar to the ones you see here…

+the camera glances around getting another shot of all the weapons surrounding the ring+

Tyler Blood: this is the small amount that I have personally collected over the years, and now I am going to conduct a little experiment for the two of you, and I am going to use this ass hole as my test subject. Now, when your watching this Big V and Crowley, I want you to imagine yourself being this guy right here…….

+Tyler climbs back into the ring. He picks up the stop sign and raises it over his head….+

Tyler Blood: I hope you like stop signs….you see, because STOP is what this gentleman should have done before he attempted to rob that bank tonight…

+Seconds later rage fills Tyler Blood as he brings his arms down and smashes the stop sign over top of the bucket in which the driver of the vans head was underneath! A loud scream is heard from the man as the sign shatters everywhere into a million pieces of wood, adding to mess on the matt of the ring. He then reaches over the ropes and pulls a small 6 foot ladder into the ring.+

Tyler Blood: this experiment I am conducting right now Mr. Crowley, goes out to you….this is just a sample of the shit I will be putting your scrawny little body through at Violent Ambitions……

+The man under the bucket screams his lungs out in pain, and he screams even more after Tyler rams the ladder into his chest over and over again; until eventually the chair tips backwards and the man now finds himself (still strapped to the chair) laying on a bed of nails and splinters of wood! Tyler slams the ladder down on the body of the man, and the screams get louder…+

Tyler Blood: And Big Viscous, this part of the experiment is dedicated to you….you see this bat…

+Tyler snatches up the steel baseball bat+

Tyler Blood: First I’m going to roll you around in these fucking nails, so your skin gets punctured all over the fucking place. Little droplets of blood will come pouring from your pours, and from the holes of theses pins…

+With that said Tyler kicks the man around as he rolls over nail after nail, the screams get louder and louder…+

Tyler Blood: And then Big V, I will introduce you to my steel bat….

+seconds later Tyler goes ape shit on the man, hitting him repeatedly with the baseball bat. He hit him so hard that you could hear bones cracking and shattering all over the mans body. After minutes of striking the poor man with the baseball bat, Tyler stops and stares into the camera+

Tyler Blood: Mr. Crowley and big Viscous, I want to give the two of you a little piece of advice for when you step into the ring with me at Violent Ambitions………………………..

+He bends over and rips the empty bucket off of the mans head. He lays there on the ground screaming and begging for help. Tyler holds the steel bat with both hands and raises it high above his head as he stares down devilishly at the man below him, with his big red devil eyes….+

Tyler Blood: …DON’T FUCKING BLINK!!!!

+As Tyler lets his arms fall with full force, the bat going directly for the mans skull, the camera begins to fade out……………………………….......+

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