+The scene begins tonight in a room with no windows. A small room with not much in it. The walls were made of think cement with what looked like scratch marks from fingernails running up and down the walls. This room looks similar to the jail cells you would find in the county prison. Old dried purple blood stained the walls in some spots, like splatters and splash marks. Along the ceiling were drain pipes, in which were soaked with red blood, fresh and dripping. “Drip, Drop” as it pattered on the cold hard surface called the ground. There’s a stingy smell in this room, the smell of old rotten dead bodies. Speaking of rotten dead bodies, all four of the corners in this square room contained either variously mutilated bodies, or piles of bones from what appear to once have been that of a man. Looking closely at one of the corners we see a skull. Through the eyes, the nose, and the mouth, we can see a live breathing snake hissing and twisting. When the camera zooms in on the snake he opens his jaw and snaps it down, revealing his fangs, dripping with acidic venom.+

Voice: that night draws near…..

+there must be at least 30-40 rats, ranging from all different sizes and shapes, scurrying as well through the dissembled flesh of dead corpses, and running across the drain pipes above.+

Voice: That night of fear…..

+also, hanging from the drain pipes with see a man with no face. He’s hanging by an extension cord which is wrapped around his neck, and then wrapped around the drain pipes in the ceiling. Thus leaving a one foot gap between the floor and his feet, as well as a one foot gap between the tip of his head to the roof. Obviously the man was dead, no one can be hanged and survive.+

Voice: On that night I have one ambition…………

+in the middle of the room there is a cage. Inside that cage there is a chair. On that chair sits a man. The mans name is Tyler Blood. Beside the chair sits a giant, red, octagonal shaped sign; with the word STOP in big white letters. He sits on the chair with his head down and the hood pulled over it. The camera circles him before stopping dead in front of him. His head pops up slowly as his eyes are bloodshot red, full of rage and hate. He glares into the camera, but not at the camera. He appears to be looking past the camera, so, we zoom around and find a Television a few feet in front of Tyler. The TV is on, but only showing static. The fuzz. Black and white. For about 30 seconds the static continues while Tyler just stares. Eary…spooky….+

Tyler Blood: VOILENCE!

+After a minute of silence and no movement, the TV cuts from the static and begins to play a vidoe. Tyler doesn’t react to the video, instead he just continues to stare. The video shows scenes of all three men - Mr. Crowley, Big Viscous, and Tyler Blood - wrestling against each other. The video plays for a moment and then it cuts to the latest promo from Mr. Crowley. The one where he beats up the AWR Road Agent. Mr. Crowley is currently giving some speech about how Tyler is lucky that it was his Road agant taking the beating, rather than Tyler Blood himself….Tyler pauses the video and begins to laugh+

Tyler Blood: HAHAHAHAHA! Good job Mr. Crowley, you have gone and injured another innocent poor soul. You moron! That wasn’t my road Agent, because Tyler Blood works alone! BAHAHAHAHA! That means, you just tortured an innocent soul, once again. You see Crowley we might have a lot in common. For example, we both like to beat the shit out of people and make them suffer. HOWEVER, the difference is, you pick on the useless, the scrawny, and the innocent. I at least target souls that deserve to be targeted for their bad behavior to this planet. You need to be taught a lesson Mr. Crowley. It’s time for you to start picking on someone your own fucking size! You might have gotten lucky a couple of weeks ago when you managed to walk out of our match victorious. But that’s ok, I can deal with that, and y u ask can I deal with that?

+He takes a deep breath and then presses play on the TV. The video of Crowley now transfers over to a picture of Mr. Crowley, Big Viscous, and Tyler Blood, standing in front of a cage full of weapons and toys.+

Tyler Blood: Because Crowley, that was just a warm up match. That was a build up to the next time we step in the ring. And that will be on September 10th Mr. Crowley, At Violent Ambitions! But this match will be a little different than our last. You see this time I’ve got all the weapons I need, all the toys that will help with the spilling of your blood!!!! OH AND THERE WILL BE BLOOD! Your worst nightmare will be coming true Mr. Crowley. I hope your prepared, because I promise you that I will put up more of a fight then any of these whimp ass AWR staff members that you enjoy beating up. I’m better then them….stronger then them…..and scarier then them. You see, you can’t scare me with your tactics of harming the innocent Mr. Crowley, that doesn’t bother me. Instead it just builds up my incentive to want to kill you more!!! Yes that’s right, I said KILL….because that’s exactly what I intend on doing come Violent Ambitions.

Now, one thing I have yet to mention today is the third character who will be involved in our match…Big Viscous! BAHAHAHA! What a joke. Mr. Viscous? Are you kidding me? The card for Violent Ambitions says that this match involves the three most brutal men in AWR today….but I don’t get it, who’s the third? Because you sure aint got nothing Big V, nothing at all. Your going to be the first person out of this match, right from the beginning. Were going to leave you bleeding on the side while the two of us have a very dangerous match. I know that you like to think your top notch in hardcore Big V, but you need to take a lesson from someone who knows what there doing. For example, pay very close attention to Mr. Crowley. He thinks he’s pretty hardcore. Which is true, when compared to yourself V. But when it comes to AWR and hardcore, I am the best there is. Neither of you poor snobs is gong to stand a chance of staying alive at Violent Ambitions. I will be walking out with a victory in which I will deserve. Hardcore is my specialty. Weapons are my toys.

And do you see what the best part of it all is? THERE IS NO WHERE FOR YOU FUCKERS TO HIDE! I’m going to bash both of you skulls in with a fucking 5 iron golf club! This match will determine the toughest son of a bitch in the AWR….AND I WILL WALK OUT VICTORIOUS! I’ve had enough of you trying to stand up to me Mr. Crowley, so come Violent Ambitions, there will be no more Mr. Nice Blood!

+He laughs devilishly and then lights up a cigarette.+

Tyler Blood: Don’t you fouls get it? I am heavens Devil. Crowley, you said your going to send me back to hell? BAHAHAHA! Don’t make me laugh, I was born and raised in hell, in fact I got kicked out of hell for being to evil….for shedding TOO much blood. Now who would’ve thought that there was such a thing as too evil and too bloody in hell? So go ahead Crowley, send me back, and watch the devil himself come after your ass! You will feel a lot of pain on Wednesday night, and your blood will spill. I intend to change the color of the matt of the wrestling ring from that white, to MR. Crowley’s blood red!!! The problem is Mr. Crowley, you don’t have a heart. You can’t tell right from wrong…and in three days, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to tell up from down anymore either. There is no place for me in this hell you speak of Crowley, but they may have some vacancy for you. However, that would be way too nice of me, sending you to hell, where you belong, where you will fit in…maybe I should call upon an old friend by the name of GOD and see if you will take you in!

And as for you big viscous, you will have no where to run and escape the horror of which you will feel, AND witness as I keep you alive long enough so you watch what I’m going to do to Crowley. And then, when I leave him to bleed and pass on to another world and another life time, I will turn back to you, and I’ve got a stop sign with your name on it………..

+With that said Tyler snatches up the stop sign and lays it across his lap, face up. He takes a big long drag of the cigarette, and then with the cancer stick he uses the ashes to scribble something on the stop sign. The words “BIG VISCOUS” appear, followed by a stick figure of a man with a knife through his heart. All of which was drawn in grey ash from the cigarette. He plops it back in his mouth, takes another drag and then holds the stop sign up in front of the camera.+

Tyler Blood:…The only thing is Big V, When I turn to you…I WON’T FUCKING STOP!!! Look around at my collection boyz…

+he gestures around the room, pointing at the skulls and bones, and the flesh ridden cadavers.+

Tyler Blood: I need some more participants to help keep the fresh smell of dead flesh and moldy intestines alive. And I’ve decided that The two of you - Mr. Crowley, and Big Viscous - Are going to help me out with that. You see this gentlemen here…

+He points to the guy hanging from the ceiling by the extension cord. The man with no face…+

Tyler Blood: You should have heard him scream while I ripped out his fucking eyes with my middle finger. But he didn’t scream long because I cut out his sarcophagus! But he still tried to struggle! So I said to him, I said “Sir, the more you struggle, the more it’s going to hurt”….so what did he do next? He struggled even more! So, there was only one thing left for me to do…

+Tyler reaches into his pocket and pulls his hand out in a fist. He opens his fist, revealing the matching nose to the hanging body.+

Tyler Blood: I stopped his breathing. Seconds later he went into shock…BUT THE MOTHER FUCKER CONTINUED TO STRUGGLE!!! So I had to let him go….but he tripped, and “accidentally” got himself wrapped up int the extension cord. So I couldn’t just leave him lying there, I thought he would make a perfect Christmas decoration…

+Tyler points at the cadaver again+

Tyler Blood: That was two years ago….he’s starting to bore me. So I’m going to un-bore myself this week at Violent Ambitions!!! It is time for me to step up here in the AWR and show you all the true side of Tyler Blood. My rage has finally been filled. No more games, no more laughter………..just blood…………

+The scene goes to a static screen, similar to the one we saw earlier on the television screen….+

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