+The room is dark. There is a small portion of light glaring through the small bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Wooden planks hold the lights up, which barely light up the room. The floor is made of grey cement. It is cold and clammy to touch. The four walls spanning approximately 22 square feet are a faint dirty white color. One stroke with a finger would fill the room with dust from the walls. Not a sound can be heard beneath the 4 structures creating this dark and damp room. With that said, a “skitter scatter” is heard somewhere in the room. The camera scans around with speed until coming across one of gods nastiest creatures - A rat!!! The rodent scurries across the plans of the ceiling, most likely in search of food and friends. The closer we look at the rat and the plans on which he sits, we notice the first sight of color in the room…the color of red…something red and wet, was dripping from the entire ceiling, slowly changing the color of the grey cement on the floor - to red. “Drip, Drop” “drip, Drop”. Rats and blood…what is going on? Where are we? What is this room? And where did this blood come from?…………+

+A “piddle, Paddle” sound can be heard off in the distance, and it was getting closer…faster…louder….unfortunately the lights were not bright enough to completely see the other side of the room, however considering the lens of the camera has adjusted to the darkness, we can now see the shape of a door on the other side of the room in the middle of one of the four clammy walls. The door swings open as the muffled sound of the piddle paddle becomes more clear. Through the open doorway we can see a mirage of something - or someone - the object steps into view but we are un able to make out anything except the shape of what could possibly be a human being………………………………...................+


+The camera cuts scenes. We are now inside what appears to be a stadium. Glancing around, we can millions and millions of fans. There are banners hanging all over the building with the “AWR” logo plastered on them. The fans are quiet as nothing seems to be happening, possibly a commercial break. There’s a wrestling ring set up in the center of the arena. The fans await patiently to see what will happen next here in the AWR……………………………….+


+The scene cuts again. Back to the dark room with the faint light. The mirage of what now is clear to definitely be a person is slowly moving towards the camera. The door closes behind the 6”1’ person as he slowly becomes more visible to the camera. The man weighing approximately 190 pounds steps one foot at a time in the direction of the camera. His long black hair flowing side-to-side as he walks. Blue jeans become visible, followed by a black T-shirt with the band logo “Led Zeppelin” plaster on it. The man gets closer and closer. His head is down, causing the black straggly hair to cover his face, making it next to impossible to see who this person is. He gets to the camera and continues to walk. Spinning around, the camera now focuses on another door, this one being on the other side of the room. The blood continues to drip from the planks of the ceiling. The rat now becomes two…three…four…a family of rodents scurrying around the room in search of food. The man places his right hand on the knob of the new door and twists with his wrist. The door swings open as more light pours into the room. Through the doorway, and past this character, we can see a long bright hall way. The man steps into the hallway as the camera follows close behind. The door closes as the dark room becomes no more. Down the murky hall way with the smell of sweat, the man walks with the camera behind. It is still unclear who this character is. After about a minute of walking we see doors on both sides of the tight hallway, with the names of all the AWR superstars written on them. Finally, more life enters the scene. Wrestlers and staff getting on with their lives and preparing for the next match. When our new character becomes visible to the people, everyone stops what they are doing and stares at the man. To the camera, and the surrounding people, it is still unclear who the hell this person is. Up ahead we see a set of 5-6 stairs, leading up to a black curtain. The man gets to the stairs and stops dead in his path. He looks back at the all the blank faces just starring at him, wondering who he is, and where he is going. He turns around again and puts his left foot up on the first step………………………..+


+The scene cuts once again. Back to the stadium. The fans still awaiting to see what is going to happen next, as it is always a surprise here in the AWR. Just then the lights flicker on and off as Pyro’s comes blasting from the roof, to the floor. The entrance ramp fills with smoke, and then “one by one” By the Foo Fighters hit’s the PA system. The fans send out a mixed reaction, as no one knows who’s theme song this is. The music blares as the smoke begins to clear. A loud “BANG” is heard throughout the arena as the character we have been following all along steps into view. He stops at the top of the ramp and pushes back his hair. Mixed reactions continue from the audience. The man paces down the ramp, with a giant grin across his face. Now that the hair is out of his face, we can see a pair of tinted Oakley’s covering his eyes. He walks down the ramp and jumps between the ropes of the ring. He does a front roll on the matt of the ring and then pounces to his feet. Someone from outside the ring tosses him a microphone and he snatches it up with his right hand. He stands in the middle of the ring for a moment until the crowd dies down, and becomes almost completely silent. Then, for the first time, the man speaks…+

Tyler Blood: Hello everyone…for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tyler Blood. I recently signed a contract here in the AWR, and I am here to kick some ass. I have spent years training under many different wrestling stars, and I have come here to begin my career. I have come here to dominate the AWR…I have come here to spill some blood!!!

+The crowd gives mixed reactions again. The air is faint. Tyler takes a deep breath and continues on.+

Tyler Blood: I heard that you have a bunch of pussy wrestlers here in the AWR. Some doughboys who think they are hot shit. Well, I am here to prove them all wrong. I will one day climb the latter to the top, and become the biggest fucking name this federation has ever heard. As a matter of fact, sometime in the near future, I will make sure that you the audience - and all the shitty wrestlers backstage - will never forget my name. I have noted that there are three championship AWR belts. Currently they are changing hands from ass hole to ass hole. But soon enough they will all become mine. The name Tyler Blood will not only be feared by the stars, but it will be loved by you…

+He points with his left finger around the ring at all the people in their seats. Mixed reactions fill the air again+

Tyler Blood: Frankly I could care less what any of you think about me. You see, I like blood. I like it a lot. And I will do whatever it takes to plaster the blood cells of the entire roster, right here inside this ring. Stains of red will cover the white matt beneath my feet. Years ago I lived a happy life. With joy, and with a wife. But after some fatal incidents, I was banished to the fiery depths of hell. Because of the fact that I was too much for the fucking Devil himself to handle, he banished me to heaven…And that is where I became “Heavens Devil”! After corrupting the lovely place called heaven, I broke free and fell back to this disgusting place called the planet earth. And now that I am here I have vowed to reek havoc all over the world. Spilling the blood of others and watching them go through hell and pain. BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED!!!

+Mixed reactions from the audience again+

Tyler Blood: Now that I have made my introduction, lets talk about Wednesday Night Justice: This week, on August 13th I will be stepping into the AWR ring for my first match. And that is when I am going to draw my first drops of blood! And what a better way to make an introduction as my first match, then a 6 man tag team event!!!

+The crowd cheers, instigating that they love the idea of the 6 man tag team match up.+

Tyler Blood: Unfortunately I have yet to meet anyone around here yet, therefore I cannot speak on the behalf of my two team mates, or my three rivals. But I will tell you this: I don’t care who you are genetic perfection. I am the new face around here. Weather or not Loin heart or Dave Michelson chooses to watch my back, or get in my way; I plan…I mean, I WILL walk away from this 6 man tag match with my first ever AWR Victory. Now, I have been doing some research on my team mates, and I do have to say that I am excited to have them both on my side….and I’m excited to be the person who gets to draw the blood from underneath the skin of Rage/Chaos/and ACE…it will be more than a pleasure for the three of us to leave Genetic Perfection with their Genes splatter all over the fucking ring!!!!

+Tyler Blood gets an evil fiery look in his eyes as he lets a big chuckle, similar to the chuckle Heath Leger uses as his role as the Joker in “The dark Night”+

Tyler Blood: With all that said, I look forward to my first AWR match, and I will see you all on August 13th…………………..

+”One by One” hit’s the PA again as Tyler drops the microphone and exit’s the ring. The scene fades out as he walks up the ramp and out of sight…+

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