+The scene begins inside friars pub and eatery. Not much of an exciting bar, a couple of pool tables, three dart boards, and a buck hunter machine. Itís 8PM on a Tuesday night, one night before AWRís Violent Ambitions. Of course being a Tuesday night the bar was pretty empty. There was an older couple playing a game of pool, an older gentlemen throwing darts, and there was a table of six younger gentlemen celebrating one of their friends eighteenth Birthdays. The sounds of them hooting, and hollering, and drinking, from the yougens was about the only excitement coming from the bar tonight.+

Tyler Blood: Ya know Luke, I miss those days. When I first turned eighteen, the drinkin, the parties. It was good times. Nothing to worry about, no job, just about finished school. Those were the best days of my life.

+Luke rested on the other side of the bar from the stool Tyler was sitting on.+

Luke: yepp. Well, it only goes down hill from there my friend. And your only twenty-two, what the hell are you complaining about boy? Your still just a child.

Tyler Blood: Good pointÖI guess thirty is getting up there hey old manÖ

+With that said they share a laugh as Tyler pounds back the last sip of his fourth drink and Luke slides him a fresh one. And then, Frank, the drunken old regular appears out of know where and pulls up on the stool next to Tyler.+

Frank: ya know, you two are sitting here complaining about being old, missing the younger days, the parties, etcÖ.look at me god dam itÖ

+looking at the guy, we see that he is very old. There wasnít much for hair left on his head, and what little there was left had completely turned to white, the same color as the snow that was falling from the sky and covering the green grass tonight. Franks skin was shriveled like a raisin, and his glasses looked like they came from the seventies.+

Frank: Iím, 72 you young fellers. It was 50 years ago when I celebrated my eighteenth birthday. Hell, aside from the Alzheimerís I canít even think that far back. But I do know we had some good times. Of course now you gots all this fancy high-tech internet bull crap. We had to find other ways of having fun.

+Tyler light sup a cigarette as the old drunk continued to yap away beside him.+

Frank: Back then this beer would have cost me four cents, instead of four dollars like it does today! How the world changes, itís really quite amazing I must say. Back in my day I had to work my hand to the bone just to make a decent coin.

+Tyler laughs+

Tyler Blood: You see, I resent that. My job entitles me to work my hands to the bone, day in a day out.

Frank: Oh yeah, and what exactly is it that you do young man?

Tyler Blood: Well, Iím a trained professional wrestler. My job is to beat the living snot out of anyone who gets in my way as I make my way to the top of the world, and become the world champion! The position which is strived for by many, but only given to those who are worthy, those who prove themselves.

+Frank laughs hysterically as the bar tender pours him another scotch. Tyler takes a drag of his smoke+

Frank: You call that working your hands to the bone? Bunch of bumb blasting men on roidsÖ.oh wait, did you say working your hands to the bone or with the bone?

+Frank laughs loud, Luke laughs too but tries not to let Tyler see it from him.+

Tyler Blood: Excuse me? I resent that! I put myself through pain every night. I work my ass off. And for the record I donít use roids, and I do like women.

+Frank continues to laugh as Tyler gets a redness in his eyes, a evil look, a look of deathÖÖ..+

Frank: OK then boy, just keep your perverted hands away from me. My bone is ok for right nowÖ.

+He bursts out laughing his ass off, but the problem being Tyler Blood did not take to kindly to the words of the old drunk making fun of his professionÖLuke notices the deadly look on Tylerís face and attempts to shut frank upÖbut itís too lateÖ+


Luke: Tyler no, heís just joking aroundÖÖ

+Tyler jumps up from him stool, chugs back the last of his bottle, and grips it by the neck. Seconds later he smashes it on against the bar, revealing the jagged edges of sharp glass. He kicks the stool out from underneath frank as he falls to the ground, unable to defend himself or cling on to anything to hold himself up. Tyler grabs him from the collar of the shirt and tosses him a across the room. Frank flyís through the air and lands right in the middle of the table surrounded by the six young boys. Tyler rushes over to the table as Luke trys to stop him in the background+

Luke: Dammit Tyler, not here, not now. Save it for AWR!

+When he gets to the table still clutching the broken bottle, the eighteen year old boys all back away. Tyler leans over and stares frank right in the eyes.+

Tyler Blood: NEVER insult my profession again. Iíll have you know that Iíve seen, been put through, and put other through some pretty fucking crazy shit in my career as a wrestler. Iíve seen more then enough blood. Iíve killed more then enough ass holes who have pissed me off. So keep the jokes coming grandpa, and Iíll make sure you never see the outside of this bar again!!!

+A shoulder touches Tyler as he spins around and realizes itís just Luke trying to control him.+

Luke: Listen man, I will apologize on his behalf. We donít need that shit in here. At least take it out side. Now, I want both of you to sit down at separate sides of my bar and Iíll give you each a free cold one on the house. Either that or get the hell out of my bar and never show your face around here again!

+Tyler takes a deep breath and a drag from his cigarette. He then spins around and whips the half broken bottle at the dart board. It hits on impact and shatters all over the place, leaving shards of glass poking out of the dart board. Both men take their seats on opposite ends of the bar and receive their free drinks+

Tyler Blood: Listen man, Iím sorry about that. Iíve been extremely edgy the last few days. Iíve got this big match coming up in the AWR, me vs. Big Viscous vs. Mr. Crowley. Itís my biggest match thus far in the AWR, and I intend on winning it! Iím sick of that ass hole Crowley making me look like a fool. Itís time for me to show him how itís done.

Luke: Donít worry about it man, I understand. So tell me more about this match.

+Tyler butts out his cigarette into his ashtray+

Tyler Blood: Well, Crowley and I have been feuding for a few weeks now. Itís been good, lots of funÖlost of blood! I think between the two of us weíve put half the planet in the morgue or in the hospital with this feud going on. Heís been walking away victorious every time! Iím sick of him running his mouth about heís undefeated with five wins in a row. Itís not that big of a deal, back in PrYde Wrestling I went 14 matches undefeated with the anarchy championship wrapped around my waist. But I have to admit, Crowley has definitely put up more of a fight then any of the low lifeís from PrYde. Heís given me a challenge. Which is what I love, but at the same time, Iím sick of looking up to him after he beats me over and over again. So this time, tomorrow night, itís my turn! I will walk away, and I will leave both Big Viscous and Mr. Crowley laying side by side in a pool of each others blood!!!!!

And speaking of Big V, ever since the day I joined the AWR Iíve been watching him. Heís got talent. He has impressed me. I hoped, and still hope that someday we can team up together and dominate the AWR! But for now I have more important things to do! And those currently involving beating the shit out of Big Viscous tomorrow night at Violent Ambitions! Big V might be a big part in my roll model system here, which is why itís pretty exciting for me to able to step in the ring with him in a hardcore match!

And the best part of the match is, there will be a fucking cage surrounding us. The only space we will have available to us is the space inside that cage, and the toys which we bring with us. Iím actually going to head out to the junk yard here tomorrow morning and pick up some interesting looking objects, things that will skin, and make my opponents bleed. I need this match, this is very important to me! I plan on walking away tomorrow night as the greatest hardcore wrestler here in the AWR. itís an accomplishment that I am going to prove to the world. CROWLEY IS FUCKING DEAD!!!!

+With that all said and done, the bell above the front door of the bar jingles and the door swings open. The darkness outside is covered by the beautiful angel walking through the doorÖ+

Tyler Blood: Holy shit! Itís herÖagainÖ

+The gorgeous blonde with the red dress that Tyler had seen a couple of times over the last couple weeks entered the bar and sat a stool in between both Tyler and the drunken old man at the other end of the bar. She orders a drink from Luke pulls out a cigarette. She glanced over at Tyler for a split second and gave a small innocent smile.+

Luke: Címon buddy, make a move already!

+Tyler decides itís time to work up the courage. He gets off the stool and walks over the beautiful girl who is currently rummaging through her purse to find a lighter. Within seconds Tyler Blood appears with a lighter already out, and he sparks up her cigarette, as well as one for himself.+

Beautiful Girl: Thanks so much! Thatís so sweetÖ

Tyler Blood: No problem miss. By the way, my name is TylerÖ

Beautiful Girl: Itís nice to meet you Tyler, Iím Stephanie. Have a seat.

+She gestures to the stool beside her as Tyler snatches up his beer and takes a drag of his cigarette. The two of them begin to talk, and that is where our story ends off for the night, an d for the week for that matter, as Tyler has one more day to mentally prepare himself for a HUGE up coming match at Violent AmbitionsÖÖÖÖ..+

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