+The sharpness of the corner appeared as the Black Corvette swerved into the other lane, obviously trying to make it around this twist without going over the cliff. The wheels above the black pavement leave black tire mark streaks across the surface of the rocky road way, while a vibrantly loud screech is heard. The pitch of the noise was so high that it could have shattered a wine glass while it’s contents try to escape from the frequency. Red wine - or REDRUM if you prefer.+

+The car continued on up the small slant of the curve, barely able to keep it’s self from flying through the air . The mountains and rocks surrounding the car bellowed and echoes of the vehicle could be heard, ringing off the rocks and bouncing from mountain to mountain. After successfully making the curve the car sped up. With the speed of the car along came distance, and now not far off in front of the corvette was a tiny spec on the road in front of us, getting closer and closer. This speck turned into another car, a green Jaguar. The corvette attempted to get closer now that it had hit a straight away road, where speed was inevitable.+

Tyler Blood‘s Thoughts: No chance in hell that I’m going to let you stop me from going 2 - 0. This battle will never end. This race for the gold will not end. I will pour my heart and soul into more so now than I ever have before, and I WILL NOT STOP until the gold is in my hands. This race is far from over. Even when the gold is finally in my hands the race will still go on. The stipulations may change, the weapons might get bigger, the blood may drip faster; But this race…………………………….

………………Will never end!

I will hold my head up high and rise to the occasion of the world in which we live today! Courage has always been more than just a feeling to me, it’s been a passion. I have pushed myself to the test and extended my horizons of…Well, Life. The stars are an amazing object, in fact the entire universe is something words cannot even describe. This race, and this universe has a lot in common, especially the fact that neither of them…………..

………………Will never end!

+The car in front of the corvette has now fallen from his 1500 yard lead down to 500 yards being in between bumper to bumper of each car. The gap was getting smaller as the corvette raced forward, faster. Just a little faster. along the sides of the mountain sorrowing the vehicles were hundreds…thousands even, possibly a million dead and burned trees due to the heat of the sun impacting like a magnifying glass on a bug. Obviously the forest fire had been pretty ferocious to have done so much damage to have burned the entire past four minutes of landscape to the ground.+

Tyler Blood: look out babe, I’m coming not far at all from behind you, your going to have to try harder if you plan on keeping your lead.

Stephanie: oh don’t you worry about a thing Mr. Blood. Bring it on. I’m dying to see your soon-to-be failed attempt at breaking the distance between us.

+Stephanie’s voice was so full of passion and lust, it was almost distracting; mesmerizing. The battle pushed on, getting higher into the mountains as the journey continues.+

Tyler Blood’s Thoughts: “The better man” must always be determined. That’s the funny thing about the human race. You prove yourself to be the better man, and if you can keep proving it day in and day out, then they keep you around. If you fail to entertain them then will chuck you right back to the streets…right back to hell. This Is the reason we invented “the gold”. it is used to symbolize authority, power, and…courage. “The gold” is all we have to fight for, that is what we devote our lives to. However sometimes in a race for the gold something will happen, or someone will try to get in your way. Not just the holder of the gold himself, but a third party who just as much as you, would love to get his hands on “the gold”. So what do you do with that third party when It does get in your way?………………….

+With that said a giant “McDonalds” truck appears from out of know where, like it evolved from the rocks In the mountain. Only 300 yards is all that remains between the two vehicles. Unfortunately there was still just enough room for the truck full of greasy french-fries to jump in right in front of the Corvette and almost cut the car off. Luckily the car managed to once again keep control in this hazardous situation. The vehicle cranked hard to the heft and picked up speed as it did. In a matter of a few short seconds the corvette had blown past the truck and pulled back into the lane of the road. The truck honked it‘s horn but it could barely be heard over the blasting music coming from the corvettes dashboard.+

Tyler Blood’s Thoughts: When the third party steps into my way, I take them down. I use my courage to squash them like smashing a pumpkin with a sledge hammer. Somewhere in there things will get a little rocky given the speed...given the distance. This is the point where your veins will become think as if they are about to explode right out of your body. Your grip becomes stronger and you begin to feel unsafe. However when I get that feeling, like I’m losing control I just keep pushing forwards. I tell myself that “the gold” is there, and if I want it i have to go get it, weather or not “the gold” touches the tips of my fingers at the end of this race - this battle - I tell myself that I must go on, because going backwards is unacceptable. The thirst for blood…..

………………Will never end!

+A new smell has added to the air. Tyler’s nose picked up on it instantly, he loosens his grip on the wheel ending a crisis of stress. Tyler Blood looks out of his driver side window and - as if in slow motion - watches the tinted passenger window of jaguar go past him. The nose of the corvette appeared no longer behind the jaguar, but now, almost a full 5 feet in front of it!!! Almost there - almost the feeling - almost victory.+

Tyler Blood’s Thoughts: [I]That smell! YES! Do you know what that smell is? That is the smell of success. Victory. That is the smell of me taking the lead moments before we hit the finish line. Victory. ……………………………….


+”SLAM!!!” Tyler Blood pulls the bottle of slemans cream ale from his lips as gravity and force bring it pounding down on the table beside the Motocross Simulation Game. Luckily the force wasn’t enough to shatter the glass, just crack it down the middle in two pieces. He finishes swallowing the sip in his mouth and then thanks himself for finishing the beer in the bottle before cracking it all over the floor. He jumped up off the bike with his hands in the air.+

Tyler Blood: Hells yeah babe!!! Championship!!! I told you last time that you weren’t going to beat me, but you didn’t believe me. I told you this time as well, and you still didn’t believe me. That’s exactly what is going to happen to David Lee Townsend on Wednesday night! I guess that makes me the next best thing right?

+Stephanie laughs innocently+

Stephanie: I guess it does.

+They move away from the arcade area of the bar and take a seat at a small round table with one chair on either side. Tyler orders another drink for both of them and then stares for a moment at her beauty. The beautiful blonde hair and the big blue eyes. Stephanie smiled at him and winced.+

Stephanie: So, are you prepared for your last AWR match?

Tyler Blood: of course, when have I not been ready. Two weeks ago I went head to head with David lee Townsend, and I practically wiped him off the map. We fought for the opportunity to go for gold. Looking back, if I remember correctly I beat the living snot out of DLT. Unfortunately I got a little too carried away when I went head to head with Chris Chaos for the title. But boy did it feel good, to finally be playing with the big boys in AWR. On one hand, I am glad that I had the opportunity to face chaos for the title, it helped me open my eyes to where I am headed in the AWR - or the future PWR. I may have lost this time Chaos, but now I have an opportunity to look to the future, and what do I see? I see Chaos Vs. Blood, one more time for the freestyle championship. That’s what the world wants to see, and they also want the decision of the stipulation to be in my hands, let me decided how it’s going to be. But before I get too far ahead of myself with the freestyle championship, I must first repeat what I did two weeks ago -fuck the shit out of David Le Townsend! I have been busting my balls here in the AWR…I’ve been beaten down and caused to bleed, but at the same time I have caused others to bleed, and feel pain. PIAN like they have never felt before, and pain that they will never feel again unless they get in my way.

But for some stupid reason David lee Townsend thinks he can handle my furry and my rage, he has decided that it would be smart to face me again. That’s what Mr. Crowley thought the first time I beat him, he said it was all flue, and luck…so I did it again, I beat the shit out of him. I proved that it was not just luck on my side, it was skill and talent. That’s what I’ll do this Wednesday night when I step into the ring, face-to-face once again with David Lee Townsend. I guarantee that the AWR has not seen the last of Tyler Blood, in fact, what they saw last week against Chris Chaos was just the beginning. Everything up until my match last week with Chris, that was all just practice, me making my name known. AND now, now that I have climbed up another rung on the ladder to the top, everyone knows my name, and everyone tastes the fear on their lips. In DLT’s case, this Wednesday night it will not just be fear drizzling down his lips, this time it will be BLOOD! I didn’t get the chance to make Chris Chaos bleed last week, a very depressing moment for me in my career. But that’s ok, because now I get to take all that anger and aggression and feed it to David Lee Townsend. He will not just bleed, he will cry, scream in pain, and beg for fucking mercy. He will regret stepping into the ring with me, and I will use his as my test subject.

+The waitress appears with a tray in her hands and both Tyler’s and Stephanie’s drinks on the tray. She places the drinks down on the old wooden table on top of the cup holders in front of each of them.+

Stephanie: Test subject for what exactly?

+Tyler takes a chug from the beer bottle and then smiles, an evil looking smile…+

Tyler Blood: my test subject for the future…and what does the future hold? My guess is, my future holds a war between myself and Chris chaos, and when that war begins, it WILL NOT end until I have that freestyle championship around my fucking waist. The way I see it, there is no one in the AWR of Phoenix that deserves to fight for the freestyle title, other than me. I am next in line to scratch my name into the face of the freestyle title, and when that happens, my name will remain for ever…Because after I beat chaos, I think there are only two other people who would be worthy of beating me for the title…Scott Rage and Jinx - Both of which are currently fighting for the glory of the world title, they don’t care about chaos and the freestyle title, and they won’t care about me after I destroy him. SO, that title will remain with me, until the next best star comes around and thinks he can defeat me.

But once again I am getting a little ahead of myself. I must first tare apart DLT and make him FEEL the pain that he didn’t even think he had. AND I WILL NOT STOP fucking him up until every drop of his blood exits his body through the multiple wounds that I will endure. Blood is not just my last mane DLT, it is my profession. It is my career. It is my lifestyle, not my blood, but the blood of others…the blood of everyone who gets in my fucking way…I AM HEAVENS DEVIL! Even the devil himself could not stop me, he banished me out of hell because he was afraid that I was going to steel his thunder and his crown. EVEN THE DEVIL himself tasted my fear - the fear of losing control of hell. But it’s too late for the devil to fear his space in hell, because as far as I am concerned…I AM THE FUCKING DEVIL! I own his soul, and his power. AND NOW, this Wednesday night I will use that power to gain another victory in the AWR, and move up to whatever stands in my way for the future. It is going to be a sad day on Wednesday when the AWR says good buy, but it will be a whole new beginning when we collide with phoenix. This merge will give me more blood to spill…FRESH BLOOD!!! This is only the beginning of Tyler Blood - the beginning of something that…………………………….

………………Will never end!

+The scene fades out as Tyler and Stephanie continue drinking their beers and laughing. Love is in the air.+

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