AUGUST 14TH 2008

+the scene opens up in what appears to be the family room of a house. There’s posters on the white walls of play boy stars and rock gods. There’s a big bay window looking out into the nicely kept yard, connecting to the sidewalk; then the street. Inside the family room there is a chandelier hanging from the roof, currently producing no light. The reason for that is because it is 2 in the afternoon and sun is shinning brightly into the room through the big bay window; thus lighting up the room better then the chandelier ever would. There’s a fire place in the corner of the room, with a big screen television sitting just beside it. Surrounding the room, with the focus of the fireplace and the T.V. as the centerpiece; a couch, loveseat, and a big lazy boy. Hanging above the fireplace sits a black and white picture of possibly one of the greatest musical legends; Kurt Cobain. He’s got an acoustic guitar strapped over his shoulders and a cigarette between his lips. A man who is now a legend to our time and our century. All of the furniture is made of green leather, except for the lazy boy which is made of some sort of super fluffy and very comfy fabric. It also has a built in massager in the back rest, as well as built in speakers. The camera focuses on the window and stares outside for a moment. Shortly after the camera begins to zoom out, as more of the room becomes visible. And then we see the back of someone’s head. The long black straggly hair dangling just past the shoulders. The man becomes more visible. His name is Tyler Blood. And this is his house. He stands in front of the camera glancing out into the yard. The trees, the grass, the bright clear sky. And then he sits down on the couch. With his right hand he snatches up a remote control from the glass coffee table in the middle of the room. He aims it at the VCR and pushes play. Seconds later the screen of the T.V. flashes on and this is what we see…+

+Michaelson kicks out of the count and punches ACE in the stomach. ACE has the wind knocked out of him, and Michaelson quickly capitalizes by tagging in Blood. Blood goes for a quick clothesline but ACE ducks away, taking advantage offensively. ACE drives Blood into the corner and splashes into Blood. Rage tags in and begins to manhandle the smaller Blood. Blood has a hard time establishing offense against the World Champion. Rage power slams Blood and goes for the pin…+

Tyler Blood: That was it. What the hell? What a terrible way for me to start off my first match here in the AWR. I get the tag and instantly almost cause my team the loss. It’s that god dam ACE. You got in my mother fucking way. I feel that this was a terrible display for me in my first match. I was hoping to at least walk out on top. However, I guess this is the best way to start, take some punches, and then build your way up. Climb the ladder to the top…On the plus side I did manage to kick out of that one…

+The video clip of AWR’s Wednesday night Justice carries on.+

Tyler Blood: And then I get a cheap shot from Chaos…

+Lionheart crawls to Blood and tags him in. Blood enters the ring as Lionheart rolls outside to go fight Rage with Michaelson. ACE sees the commotion outside of the ring and gets up, running towards the outside. He vaults over the top rope into the pileup, but as he’s vaulting, is tagged by Chaos. Blood, who sees ACE crash into the pile and takes all the men out, doesn’t realize Chaos is the legal man. Chaos kicks the unexpecting Blood in the midsection and delivers The Equalizer and quickly goes for the pin.+

Tyler Blood: He came out of nowhere! I feel embarrassed to be of witness to this match, and even more embarrassed to have competed in it. I want to send out an apology to my two other opponents from the other night; Lionheart, and Dave Michealson. I am sorry for costing you guys the match, after all you did do all the work. I was a little un prepared for what the AWR has to offer. However that is the great thing about the AWR, we’ve got some incredible talent. This brand has begun to make a very good name for it’s self in the wrestling business. With guys like Lionheart and Michealson as great people to look up to, and learn from. I must ay, I did have an awesome time being teamed up with those two. And maybe in the future as my career here builds, maybe I will have the opportunity of clashing with thm again, as team mates…or enemies.

+Tyler grins into the camera.+

Tyler Blood: so I have had my first match. My training. I have witnessed it not from a T.V. Screen, but from the center of the ring. From the edge of the pileup. The brink of destruction. I was there. And I plan on being there more and more as time goes on. I plan on even tually rising to the top, to the point where I will Genetic Perfection kissing my feat and begging me not to splatter their FUCKING brains all over the ring!!!

+Tyler lets out an evil laugh+

Tyler Blood: one day my opportunity to take out those genetic jerks will rise, and that ill be the day of bloodshed. REDRUM! Or maybe Instead, ONE-BY-ONE I will come after each of you an cause you pain and struggling separately. Then when you come together as a team, demolition will be simple! “Let us die!” will be the words you scream at me perfection….But instead I will let you live. And I will let you feel the pain that I will endear, as I hand you a needle and thread and watch struggle to sew yourself back together so the blood stops pouring…………keep in mind, I like it when the red water comes out………..Your time will come genetic perfection. As will mine. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow. But shortly, I will take over, and become the new face of AWR, even if that means taking out Rage one-on-on for the title. Of course everyone has to pick on the newb in his first match, and make him feel welcome. Well, that display has taken place. But that is the only time this will happen. From now on I am going to be more careful. No one will get in my way again!!!

+Tyler gets bored of the re-run of AWR’s most recent justice, as he shuts the VRC off and switches on the machine beside it: the Wii. He snatches up the wireless Wii controller and presses start. Moments later two red boxing gloves appear on the screen as Tyler begins to punch his opponent.+

Tyler Blood: of course, this is always the best way to prepare for a match, as well as get all the anger and rage out of me…

+He hit’s the computerized character with an uppercut from the right. Yellow stars spin around the opponents head as Tyler backs off for a moment. After the star vanish Tyler begins to strike again. Left and rights, left and rights. The computer manages to get lucky and get one punch in. however the damage to Blood is minimal. This pisses Tyler off as he lets out a burst of anger and sends the opponent flying back into the ropes. Yellow stars again. Tyler grins and chuckles to himself.+

Tyler Blood: This one is for ACE…

+The opponent comes at Tyler as he sends him stumbling back a foot.+

Tyler Blood: This one is for Rage…

+the computer charges at Tyler as he delivers a left, followed by a fast right…stepping back again, the opponent has troubles keeping balance+

Tyler Blood: And this one is for CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+before the computer has a chance to regain balance and toss a punch, Tyler spins around as his character on the screen copies his move, after coming out of the 360 spin, Tyler receives enough moment to throw a very powerful fist directly between the eyes of his opponent, knocking his straight to his feet! In big gold letters on the screen we see “K.O.”…followed by this statement: Winner - Tyler Blood+

Tyler Blood; HAHA. Genetic Perfection better hope that they don’t get stuck in the ring with me again. Because they will receive what they deserve. Destruction! And I will get what I want - BLOOD!!

+Tyler releases the controller just as a ring is heard somewhere in the room. There’s a telephone on the little stand beside the couch. Tyler drops the Wii controller and snatches up the phone after the second ring. He raises it to his ear.+

Tyler Blood: Hello…?

T Jay: Tyler? This is T Jay calling from the AWR headquarters.

Tyler Blood: Well how are ya?

T Jay: fine thank you. I just wanted to let you know that we have posted the card for next weeks Justice…justice 18.

Tyler Blood: and…….

T Jay: Because of the fact that were so pleased with your display last week in the 6 man tag match, we have decided to stick you in another one, with a different set of wrestlers. Maybe you will have a better time with this one.

+Tyler sighs+

Tyler Blood: Alright. I’m not much of a fan of the 6 man tags, but I guess I’ll do what I gotta do to get my name out there. Who’s ass will I be kicking this time?

T Jay: We’ve decided since you’re a new comer were going to stick you with some even fresher faces….the match will be a welcome to AWR match. Your three opponents, all fresh faces - Keith Lauber, Johnny Slayer, and Luke Daniels.

Tyler Blood: interesting…some new names to knock around I see. I didn’t want you to make things too easy for me. I didn’t think my display last week was THAT bad. But carry on, please tell me who I will have the privilege of teaming with to show these newcomers what AWR is all about…

T Jay: We decided to stick you with some great AWR competitors: Mr. Crowley, and Chris Dunbridge.

+Tyler Blood’s face lights up+

Tyler Blood: thanks T Jay. This is good to know. I must begin training. Thanks for the call, see you at justice…

+”click” the phone conversation ends as Blood hangs up the receiver and smiles into the camera. Followed by a short evil laugh.+

Tyler Blood: Starting with the offence - the bad guys - the newcomers. None of which I know anything about. Being fairly new to AWR, I enjoy the fact that I get to take on some newcomers, and introduce them to the fed. Considering I have already received my introduction. And it was well worth it, even if I walked out with a loss. At least I had the privilege of wrestling with and against some great competition. Johnny Slayer? Haha, what an interesting name. it sounds like something from the combination of the movie “The Shinning” and the shitty ass metal band “Slayer”….The shinning is a great movie don’t get me wrong. But the only thing that will be slayed on Wednesday night is you Johnny. And as for Keith lauber…well, I also know nothing about you, but I don’t see you getting in the way at all. And you Luke Daniels….well, the same goes for you, I no nothing about you, but I do not feel threatened. Come to think of it, it doesn’t really matter who my opponents are for Justice, because I’ve got an incredible team to back me up.

+tyler jumps up off the couch and glances through the window again. Seconds later he struts over to the front door and steps on onto his patio. The patio is fairly big. There is a barbeque over in the corner, and taking up most of the room in the center of the patio sit’s a picnic table. On top of the table is an ashtray, and going through the middle is an umbrella. Tyler turns the knob on the umbrella as it begins to open, covering some of the death defying sunlight, which is currently giving of piercing rays of heat. Reaching into the blue jeans pocket, Tyler pulls out a pack of Export A cigarettes and a blue lighter. He pops a smoke between his lips and loses the pack. Back into his pocket, followed by the lighter after touching the flame to the tip of the cancer stick. After a big puff in, Blood lets out a cloud of smoke as he slides onto the bench connected to the table. He lets his body relax, as he takes another puff.+

Tyler Blood: Unfortunately I have yet to have the privilege of wrestling won the team of; or against; Mr. Crowley or Mr. Dunbridge. However I have been paying lots of attention to Crowley. He has done nothing but impress me since I stepped foot into the AWR. A very talented star, and it is an honor for me to be able to step into the ring with him. I have been following you a bit Crowley, and I like what I see. With you on my team we are ALMOST unstoppable…….

+Another drag of the smoke+

Tyler Blood: I say almost, because in order to create an unstoppable team we need the addition of one more person: Chris Dunbridge! Another man that I have been nothing but impressed with since stepping foot in the AWR. He has shown me great things. Look at the facts, he’s an ex UFC fighter. That’s talent right there. Personal opinion, the UFC is a lot rougher, and contains a lot more talent than any other form of fighting…except maybe luchados wrestling. However they definitely differ in style. It will be an honor to step in the ring with you Chris, I feel that I have a lot to learn from you. I will be watching your every move. Not only that, but we will be working together to beat the hell out of these three useless newcomers.

+Another puff of smoke, as he flicks the tip, sending the ashes into the ashtray.+

Tyler Blood: I don’t see any reason why the three of us should walk away from this match with a loss. In fact I don’t even see it lasting more than five minutes. We won’t even get our hands dirty. I don’t even have to show up in the ring and these newcomers will still be screwed. But I am honored to have the opportunity to be involved in this match. I am honored to be teaming up with two of AWR’s greatest superstars. Knowing that they behind me for this 6 man tag boosts my adrenaline. I can’t think of a better way to introduce these newcomers by causing them hell, and putting them through bloodshed!!!!

+He takes another drag+

Tyler Blood: With all that said, I will see you all on Wednesday night, August 20th, at Justice 18.….blood will be spilled…..death will overcome…………………………victory is ours…………………………..

+The camera fades out as Tyler blows a puff of smoke. Fade to black+

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