AUGUST 17TH 2008

+”Knock - Knock - Knock”…the rattle of a fist pounding rapidly - but shortly - on the old, murky white colored door. On either side of us we can see a hall way stretching for miles, Like there is no end. The carpet beneath our feet it a gross grey color. Looking at the door we can see some sort of sign - or rather a big yellow shaped star. Inside the star is written the name of one of the greatest AWR superstars around. This would OBVIOUSLY be the name of the man himself, Tyler Blood! In quotation above the star the words “Heavens Devil” are printed.+

+On the outside of the door - The man connected to fist of which is pounding on the door in front of us - stands AWR’s geekiest of interviewers, Edward Richards.+

Edward Richards: Hullo…anyone alive in there? Hello? Mr. Blood? Hello………………………..

+With that said the old door slowly creeks open. Standing in front of us is the man himself, Tyler Blood. He looks at Edward with drowsy eyes, and his long straggly hair dangling in his face.+

Tyler Blood: Yeah what do you want….

+Edward begins to speak but only manages to get out one word…+

Edward Richards: well Mr. Bl…………

+Tyler rebounds with the interruption.+

Tyler Blood: Before you answer that, I have a better question: Who the hell are you?…

Edward Richards: My name is……….

Tyler Blood: listen you scrawny little bitch! I don’t give a rats ass who the hell you are. Alls I know is that you woke me up from my nap after a big work out preparing for my upcoming match this week on justice. Now, judging by your hideous appearance there’s obviously no way you’re a wrestler. Thus is a good thing for you my friend, as it gives me incentive NOT TO KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS.

+Edward gets a scared look on his face. He adjusts his glasses and attempts to get out of there.+

Tyler Blood: But, you did come knocking on my door, and unless your stupid and you can’t read, you would have seen that sign…

+Tyler points to the sign on his door with his name in it.+

Tyler Blood: …which clearly has my name on it. Therefore, you must be here for a reason. Now tell me again, what did you say your We -Todd-Ed name was?

+With a bit of a scared stutter, Edward tries to get a sentence in, hoping not to get yelled at again.+

Edward Richards: My my-my-my name is ed-ed-Edward Richards. I’m so so-so-sorry for waking you Mr. Blood sir. I can leave and-and-and come back at a better time when your more awake…or on second thought I don’t even have to come back at all…that would probably be best…sorry for…

+Tyler grins and then with his left hand he flips the black hair out of his face and over his shoulders. Shortly after he grabs his Oakley sunglasses and takes them off his face, and then he placed them on top of his head. Revealing his entire face to the camera and Mr. Richards.+

Tyler Blood: Hey wait a minute. I think I heard about you, aren’t you an interviewer for AWR?

Edward Richards: Yes sir that is correct…

Tyler blood: Well how about this dude, I’ll make you a little offer: I will envite you in and give you the interview you obviously came here for, as long as you stop calling me Mr. Blood, or sir…

+Edward looks speechless for a moment as Tyler extends his right hand for a hand-shake+

Tyler Blood: The names Tyler. Put her there punk…

+Edward thinks for a moment before accepting the handshake and the invite for an interview.+

Tyler Blood: I apologize for being a little rude there. I’m always grumpy when I wake up…especially when I am woken up. Come on in. I’ve got lost to say, and I’m sure you’ve got lost to ask…

+Eddie walks into Tyler’s dressing room as the camera man follows close behind. Inside it looks nothing like what you would expect to see in a typical dressing room. Instead of a couple of benches, the bad smell of B.O, white brick walls, a nasty shower and a toilet that have not been cleaned in years, etc… - instead the walls are spray painted with graffiti of different tags, and some of Tyler’s favorite band logos. There is a shower and a toilet, but they appear to be well taken care of; like they were fit for the queen. On the other side of the room is a decent sized television, which is surrounded by red-shag fabricate couches. The floor is not just plain old cement, it is made of hardwood. Nice and shiny.+

Tyler Blood: Have a seat and let’s get started.

+He gestures to the couch as all three men take a seat and Edward begins.+

Edward Richards: Alright well to start, obviously your very new to the AWR Tyler. I want to say it is a privilege to be here with you, as the first person to get in on all the action. The first person to get the words straight from you. So lets begin shall we?! First question: other than the fact that you walked away with a loss, how was your first match last week here in the AWR?

Tyler Blood: Well, I can honestly say it was fun. I was a little un prepared as it has been a couple months since I’ve stepped in the ring. After PrYde wrestling closed down I almost decided to hang up the gloves and start a new career. Maybe something in music, my band s doing very well right now. But I soon after realized that no matter what I do, I will always have a secret hidden pleasure for the wrestling world. But not just that, more so just for the causing of pain on others. Reeking havoc. That’s the main reason I do this - Because I fucking can! Many have tried to step up to me in the past, and most of them have been spilled…spilled of blood! Yes, there have been few that have been lucky enough to pull off a win against me and take me down, but not without walking away bleeding!!! MUHAHAHAHA!

+Tyler laughs devilishly as Edward shudders and moves further down the couch in the opposite direction of Blood.+

Tyler Blood: Although I may have lost, I thoroughly enjoyed my first match here. And even with the loss, I can promise EVERYONE right here and right now, that Genetic Perfection has not seen the last of “Heavens Devil”! Also, I had yet to get the chance to research my opponents and my team mates. Which was a big mistake on my part.

Edward Richards: ok, well I’m glad it went good, and you’ve decided to stick around for another match I see. And that’s the main reason I came here today - not to talk about genetic Perfection - but to talk about Justice! Now I’m not just saying any plain old regular Justice, I’m talking about Justice #18!

+Tyler grins and runs his fingers through his hair.+

Tyler Blood: it’s only two days away you know?

Edward Richards: Oh yeah it is sir….

+Edward doesn’t realizes what he has said until he notices the glare from Blood+

Edward Richards: …Sorry - I me-me-mean - Oh yeah it is TYLER. Now I heard that you got lucky, you’ve been placed in your second match up here in the AWR, and it’s not just any match, it’s ANOTHER 6 man tag team match. Now Tyler, that is the main reason I am here, I want to know every little detail about the thoughts running through your head, regarding the 6 man tag match coming up on Justice.

+Tyler lights up a cigarette and blows a puff of smoke into the camera.+

Tyler Blood: Well I wouldn’t exactly use the word lucky to describe it. In fact, I would more prefer the term “BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!”

+the fury builds in Tyler. Veins slightly begin to pop out of his neck. He sucks on the butt of his cigarette and takes in a nice big long drag before once again blowing it into the camera. Thus blocking our view for a few seconds, and giving Tyler a chance to calm himself before ripping the head off of Mr. Richards - or the camera man for that matter.+

Tyler Blood: now, it’s not that I’m against teaming up with people, but the fact that I have to compete in two 6 man tag matches back to back, as my first to events here in the AWR - it kind of sucks a little. But I’ll get over it. And how will I get over it you ask? SIMPLE! This Wednesday, the 20th of august, I’ll be stepping into the ring with my opponents being three new comers to the AWR. I am going to use Keith lauber, Johnny Slayer, and Luke Daniels as my mother-fucking punching bags! And then I’m going to toss their asses around the ring like a bunch of sissy raggedy Anne dolls! All of my built up anger about last week will be released! And I’m actually very happy that it’s not just against one newb, but three! Hahahahaha! v+Tyler laughs and takes another puff of his smoke. Before he has the chance to say anything else as he looks like he is about too, Eddie interrupts+

Edward Richards: so you’ve got the three newcomers (Keith lauber, Johnny Slayer, and Luke Daniels), and yourself. That makes four. Four out of six. What I really want to know, and I’m sure that the rest of the world is dying to find out as well, what are your thoughts on your team mates for this upcoming 6 man tag match?

+another drag…+

Tyler Blood: ha, now that’s an interesting subject. Mr. Crowley and Chris Dunbridge. Hmmmm…let’s start with Crowley: For starters, I have tons of respect for Crowley. I like the way he wrestles, and I like what I have seen from him during my short time here in the AWR. He has shown me many great things thus far, and I totally respect the incident from his child hood. But Crowley, get over it man. You’ve got rage, and I like that. But you said it yourself, what you lack is the trust aspect in this match. Which makes sense given the incident when you were a kid - But listen Crowley, I won’t screw you. I want to win this match just as much as you and Chris do. I’m not asking you - or anyone in this fed for that matter - to trust me. But I am asking you Mr. Crowley for a little support.

Now as for Chris, he as well has been speaking about the lack of trust in this situation. And then he has the nerve to insult me and call me inexperienced?!?!?!

+Tyler laughs and takes another drag from his cigarette+

Tyler Blood: You call yourself a bad ass Dunbridge? Your have a “Don’t-give-a-fuck attitude”??? HAHAHA! Don’t make me laugh. I may have respect for Crowley, but you on the other hand Chris, I have no respect, and no remorse! As a matter of fact, if this wasn’t a match involving 5 other people, I would turn my back on you and stomp your fucking face into the cement!!! I would take you life in my hands! You’ve pissed me off, so consider yourself lucky Chris: LUCKY THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO FACE ME ONE-ON-ONE!!! HOWEVER, given the fact that this is a 6 man tag match, and you are on my team, I will put up with you in order to win this match. But do me a fucking favor and STAY OUT OF MY WAY!

The same goes for the three of you who will be “attempting” to beat us…your blood will pour! Heaven will be touching the ring on august 20th 2008, and a devil will be born….”Heavens Devil…Tyler Blood!!!!

With that all said I want to wish everyone the best of luck this week on Justice. Because some of you…ARE GOING TO NEED IT!!!

+blood takes one last puff of the smoke. He ashes the cigarette in the clear ash tray made of glass, sitting on the wooden coffee table. Seconds later he blows the smoke into the camera, as we fade out into a white puff of smoggy smoke……………

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