+They exit the building.+

+Now we see it as just an empty space, the shattered building in Edmonton Alberta. We are currently looking downwards from somewhere up high, starring at the dusty cement floor which looked like it hadn’t been swept in months. This is Probably true given the age of the building and the condition it stood in today. The roof of the building is high, except for the one side of it which was almost completely caved in. All the lights in this building appear to be smashed, and the ones that still contain whole bulbs have been completely burnt out. Now, with no light in the building the blackness matches the blackness of the current night sky. The time is approximately just after 2 o clock in the morning.+

+There are only two things inside this building which take up some of the empty space; A video camera sitting up on a tri pod stand, and a big chunk of marble slab which is currently squishing the helpless man beneath it. The only sound that can be heard is that of the man under the piece of slab, sending out the odd shriek of pain and fear.+

Voice: hahahahaha……………scare him? SCARE HIM?!?

+the camera scurries around the room to find out where this voice is coming from, someone else is here…but where? Finally the camera comes to a stop and zooms in on the black shaped figure of a man. We are now no longer looking down from the roof of the building, this time we are starring up towards the sky. Rafters. The man is sitting on the rafters at the roof of the building. It is almost impossible to see the man given the amount of light in the building - or should say lack there of. The man is wearing a baggy black sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head. Ever if there was light in this building it would still be impossible to see the mans face as he hangs his head down, covering his face beneath the hood and the straggly black hair. In the mans right hand he holds a flashlight and a baseball bat. With his thumb he flicks the switch of the flashlight and raises his head. He pushes the hair away from his face but he keeps the hood pulled over his head.+

Voice: this is my fucking city!!!

+He raises the flashlight up to his chin, similar to the way people hold the flashlight in front of their face when telling a ghost story. And now the mans face is revealed…+

Tyler Blood: HAHAHA! Mr. FUCKING Crowley? Who do you think you are? The best wrestler on the planet? HELL NO! I will strongly disagree with that. In fact I just proved that last week at Violent Ambitions. I, Tyler Blood was the first person in the AWR to take away your god-dam winning streak. I put it to an end, much like one day I plan on putting your career to an end, and maybe even your fucking life!!!

+Tyler laughs and pulls out a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of his sweatshirt. He snatches out a smoke and shoves it between his teeth. Like magic a lighter appears in his hand and the flame flickers in the darkness. He touches the fire to the tip of the cigarette.+

Tyler Blood: You see Mr. Crowley now that I have officially broken your winning streak, and beaten the living hell out of you, it’s all down hill from there. You were doing great here in the AWR when you began your career…up until the minute you came face-to-face with your worst fucking nightmare….the devil…….TYLER BLOOD! You have lost to me once Crowley, and your going to lose to me again! On Wednesday September 24th We will step into to that ring yet again! And much like the past, there will be weapons…or as I like to refer to them - toys! Object that make me happy. And why do they make me happy? Because they make YOU bleed!!! Now as for you Samuel, you honestly think you main man “Tore us apart”? BAHAHAHA! I can’t really speak for Big Viscous, considering his involvement in the match was basically just to spread his own blood all over the ring.

+Tyler takes a drag as the grey smoke spreads through out the small portion of light shinning from the flashlight.+

Tyler Blood: Samuel, Obviously you were not paying attention to the match. Obviously you missed the part when I beat the living hell out of Mr. Crowley with that steel chair! Crowley, your lucky you can still even walk from what I did to you last week at Violent Ambitions. So I will give you some credit for that, you managed to avoid the hospital…..for now…..

+he grins devilishly and smirks into the camera. Another puff of the smoke…+

Tyler Blood: See Samuel, you missed it all. You were probably too busy shoving your fat face with some more food…you fat fuck!!!

+Tyler laughs hysterically….+

Tyler Blood: However, maybe that’s a good thing that you were too busy being fat, because if you were stupid enough to get yourself involved in the match, you surely would have ended up dead. Mr. Crowley is a trained professional, he knows how to take the pain. But you Samuel, are not a trained professional. And had you - or IF you get in the middle of me kicking the shit out of Mr. Crowley, you will feel the pain, and you will wish that I end your life. Which is exactly what I will do!………

+he takes a drag of his cigarette and ashes it out on the plank on which he was sitting. He flicks it away and follows it with the flashlight, down…down….down….landing on top of the slate. After watching the cigarette butt hit the ground, He turns the flashlight off and we go into complete darkness once again…+


+With the flick of his thumb one more time the flashlight shines on again. Tyler Blood is no longer sitting near the roof of the run-down building on the planks. Instead he is no standing on the cement ground, a few feet away from the marble slab which sits on top of the helpless man. He pulls the hood off his head and pushes the hair out of his eyes. With the flick of a lighter smoke begins to fill the air and Tyler let’s out a big puff of the newly lit cigarette. Still holding the bat in one hand, and the flashlight in the other, he stands there starring at the piece of slab. He notices the video camera that Mr. Crowley had recently left standing there on the tripod and he walked swiftly towards it. A faint sound of footsteps can be heard by Tyler.+

Helpless man: h…h…h…h..ello???…is…is…someone there….is someone there? Oh god!….p….please help! Somebody please!!!

+Tyler gets to the video camera and pushes the “Record” button, he aims it towards the marble slab and then walks back towards the helpless man, still gripping the baseball bat in his left hand. +

Tyler Blood: Well what do we have here?

Helpless man: yes! Somebody is here! I new it! Please help me! I don’t want to die!!!

+Tyler chuckles to himself and takes a drag of the cigarette+

Tyler Blood: Help you?! What in the world makes you think that I want to help you? Listen boy, you attacked Mr. Crowley. You got yourself into this mess, there for I have absolutely no reason to help you out. Now, you have to deal with his wrath. Don’t worry, I’m not here to kill you, I’m just here to say some words about my main man….Mr. Crowley…..You see he has brought you here specifically to “Scare” you, and use you to send a message to me. He’s going to use you to “Spread the pain” HAHAHAHAHA! And I must say, you are most definitely lucky that they have given you a few more hours to stay alive due to the fact that the fat ass Samuel forgot to bring the chainsaw….

+the helpless man begins to sob+

Helpless man: chh…ch….chhhain….chain saw? NOooooOO!!! Please god no! HELP ME!!!

+Tyler laughs out loud and takes another drag+

Tyler Blood: Only YOU can save yourself now…….Just like this G-unit character called X Factor. ONLY HE can save himself, and the best way for him to do so is by not showing up to our match this week at Justice. Mr. Crowley and myself have had a raging battle, back and forth for the past few weeks now, and every single time someone gets involved and tries to be the big man, the only end up finding themselves sprawled out face down on the matt with blood pouring from their fucking skulls!!! JUST LIKE WHAT”S GOOING TO HAPPEN TO THAT MOTHER FUCKER X FACTOR! Mr. Crowley seems to think he’s going to be able to manipulate X Factor into joining forces with him to take me out. HAHAHA, the reason for that is probably because Mr. Crowley has realized that I can’t be stopped! I am heavens devil! I have ended Crowley’s winning streak and now he’s……SCARED! Bahahahahaha! And so, his fear has driven him to claiming that he’s going to NEED the help of X Factor on his team in order to win this match! But what Mr. Crowley fails to realize is two things: #1 - X Factor is a useless piece of shit, and #2 - Even with him on Crowley’s team, I will still be the one who walks away with the fucking victory!!!

Helpless man: OK….but what does any of this have to do with me???

+Tyler blood slams the baseball bat with full force down on the cement just inches away from the helpless mans face. The man lets out a loud scared shriek+

Tyler Blood: am I not making myself clear? Mr. Crowley doesn’t take shit from anybody, and if you’ve gotten in his way then your going to fucking pay! He needs to “Scare” you for his enjoyment to piss me off. But it doesn’t really bother me, maybe his opinion will change when he watches this video tape and notices that instead of helping you out, I just made things worse………………………..

Helpless Man: what do you mean…made things worse???

+The man waits for a response and then, into the beam of the flashlight Tyler Blood pulls a machete out of his pants and the hot silver shines in the light.+

Helpless man: What is…..oh god nooo…NOOOO! Please no! god help me!….

Tyler Blood: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I hope your watching this Crowley, because this one is for you…

+Tyler kneels down by the man and grabs his right hand. The man lets out a loud scream and tries to struggle, however with the giant piece of slab he is unable to move a muscle. Tyler curls in all of his fingers except his middle finger, leaving it erect. He points it clearly at the screen of Mr. Crowley’s camera and then places the middle finger down on the cement. With one hard slice the middle finger goes rolling across the floor. The man screams and yells in pain! Tyler picks up the middle finger and uses the end where the blood is pouring out to write something on the baseball bat+

Tyler Blood: I wish you the best of luck you helpless ass hole…and Mr. Crowley - I will see you soon!!!

+Tyler drops the finger, the bat, and the flashlight which remains turned on, and he exit’s the building. The man screams loud in the background. When the baseball bat hit’s the ground it lands in perfect position of the camera to read the words in which Tyler wrote with the helpless mans blood…..on the bat, written in blood, we see “Mr. Crowley is a dead man”……………………………....................................+

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