AUGUST 25TH 2008

+the scene opens inside a room, approximately 1600 sq/ft by 1600 sq/ft. surrounding the inside of the room are small round tables scattered here and there. Four chairs at each table and a white candle flickering on each table. Some of the seats at some of the tables were occupied by older gentlemen playing chess and conversing, and one table consisted of four young gentlemen sipping away at the necks of the beer bottles in their hands. The time is 8:00 PM. Aside from the tables, there is also a long bar stretching from one wall to the other near the front door of the room. There are stools tucked underneath the bar, aside from the stools being occupied by customers drinking beer. Yes, we are inside a bar, called “friars pub and eatery”. there are maybe a maximum of twenty people sitting in the bar on this Monday night. The weather outside is cool and calm, as the sun begins to set. There’s an older drunken gentlemen sitting at the bar. He has a white beard and white hair, he must’ve been around the age of 70 years old. He is having a drunken mumbling conversation with a younger gentleman wearing a black suit, sitting beside him.+

Drunken old man: I just don’t fucking get it! The fucking politics today make no god-dam sense. No on can make up their stupid crazy minds. And they call me crazy!

+He raises his glass to cheers the gentleman beside him, and then he takes a sip as most of the beer spills down his chin and misses his mouth.+

Younger Gentleman: yepp. I agree. It’s all bullshit.

+The younger gentlemen pounds back the last sip of his drink and places the empty bottle on the bar. Moments later he drops two twenty dollar bills under his bottle, and the gets up off the stool.+

Younger gentleman: well frank it was nice talking to you tonight. But I gotta get outa here, the wife’s waiting at home for me. Have a good night.

+he shakes the drunk old mans hand and then heads towards the front door of Friars pub, leaving the old drunken man - Frank - to wallow in his drunken haze. As the younger gentlemen swings the door open to exit the bar, a beautiful young lady appears from the outside world. She is wearing a sexy long red dress, showing inches of her ankles before connecting with the shiny red high heels strapped to her feet. She has long flowing blonde hair, hanging down past her shoulders. She is wearing a pair of big dark sunglasses, as well as a pair of silver, circular, dingily earrings; barely touching her shoulders. Her beauty can be described by the fact that the second she walked in the bar, everyone in the room spun their heads around like owls to stare in awe. She had a smell that was unstoppable, J’ Dour perfume. She walked up to the bar and pulled out a stool a few seats down from Frank, who had his eyes glued to her beauty.+

Bar Tender: Hello, mam, what can I get for you this evening?

+The bar tender was a younger fellow, probably in his late twenties. His was short and black, styled similar to Gorge Clooney.+

Beautiful lady: I’ll take a spiced rum and coke please…

+the bar tender poured the girl her drink and set upon the bar in front of her. She squeezed the lime into the drink and then gripped the glass with her firm hand with bright pink nail polish painted perfectly on each finger nail. She lifted the glass to her lushes red lips and took a sip. When she set the glass back down on the bar a noticeable rim of red lipstick around the tip of the glass.+

Bar Tender: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you here before miss. And I have a generally good perception of remembering faces, especially one such as beautiful as yours.

+The girl in her early twenties smiled and tried to cover her blushing by putting her head down. She laughed a little and then spoke.+

Beautiful Girl: haha. Yeah, I actually just moved to town. My mother owns a house here and she’s getting to old to manage it on her own, so I have come to live with her here and help out a bit.

Bar Tender: interesting…

+the bar tender gets sidetracked from the conversation as the bell on the front door jingled, signaling someone new entering the room. The man stepped in from the outside and wiped his feet on the black mat placed on the floor. With his right hand took off the Oakley sunglasses covering his face and hung them on his black t-shirt with the band logo “thrice” written across is in big bold white letters. He wore baggy blue jeans. He headed towards the bar and took a stool opposite the end of the bar as the beautiful girl, setting the old drunken man in between him and the beautiful lady.+

Bar Tender: Tyler! How the hell are ya man? Oooohhhh that’s a brutal looking bandage on your head there…

+Tyler Blood crawled onto the stool as the bar tender as well poured him a spiced rum and coke, obviously Tyler is a regular at Friars Pub as the bartender didn’t have to ask what he would like. The drink came sliding across the bar as Tyler snatched it up and took a big gulp. During this time the beautiful girl at the other end of the bar searched her brown leather purse for her pack of export blue cigarettes. She stuck one between her lips and lit it with her small red lighter. Atop of Tyler’s forehead just below his hair line was a big white square bandage, covering what must have been a cut of some sort.+

Tyler Blood: How’s it going Luke? Did you see the match last week? My second match in AWR to be exact, the 6 man tag team?

+We now no that the bartenders name is Luke. Tyler followed suit with the girl at the other end of the bar by lighting a cigarette of his own. The bar tender placed an ash tray in front of him, to the right of his drink in which he took another sip.+

Luke: as a matter of fact I did see the match. Is that were ya got that brutal head shot?

+Tyler chuckled to himself+

Tyler Blood: Well, I was doing just fine. The three of us were kicking some ass! Mr. Crowley was viciously beating up Keith Lauber, while Chris Dunbridge was knocking some sense into Johnny Slayer, and I was causing Luke Daniels to drink his own blood! All was going well in the 6 man tag match. We had complete control from start to finish. I didn’t think either of our opponents managed to even get a single punch in on us. Of course, the three of us kept to one man each and made a pact to stay out of each others way……

Luke: Yeah I saw that. If that’s the case where did that cut come from? You said they didn’t even get a shot in on you guys…

+Tyler smiles and takes a big puff of his smoke+

Tyler Blood: as I was saying, all was well, we had the match won, until….Well, I went for the pin on Daniels. He was walloping in his own blood, barely breathing, I thought that he had enough> So I went for the pin, and the win…..until that mother fucker Crowley threw Lauber in my direction, causing him to trip over me half way through the pin fall, and break it up!!! I HAD THE MATCH WON!!!!!! But No, Crowley wouldn’t let me steal his thunder of getting the pin. Or at least that was my thought during that point in the match…so, instead of trying the pin again I got pissed off and overwhelmed with rage! Crowley got in my way and I wanted revenge! Thus, I picked up Daniels and tossed him at Crowley, sending both of them flying out of the ring, smothering Crowley in Daniels blood!!! Because of the distraction, Slayer and Lauber snuck up on me and began to beat me down. Luckily Dunbridge jumped in and knocked Lauber out of the ring as well. Leaving Dunbridge and myself beating on Slayer. Moments later Dunbridge went for the pin. While the ref was counting to three and declaring us the winners, Mr. Crowley the son-of-a-bitch appeared back in the ring and he came straight for me!!! As the bell rang, the two of up went at it. Neither of us had the upper hand…no one else attempted to get involved. Dunbridge and our three opponents left us alone in the ring. The ref tried to break it up but he ended up getting his stupid self knocked the fuck out.

+Another puff of the cigarette+

Tyler Blood: And so, when Crowley had the opportunity he ripped open the turnbuckle, revealing the steel post, and what do you think he did next? HE BASHED MY FUCKING FACE INTO IT!!

+Tyler slammed his fist down on the bar in anger! He took another puff and another chug of his drink to calm himself down.+

Tyler Blood: Honestly, I don’t remember what happened after that, aside from waking up in a hospital bed. That mother fucker Crowley did this to me! He created this cut on my face, and NOW HE IS GOING TO PAY!!!

+Tyler pounded back the rest of his drink as his hands shook in anger, he slapped the empty glass back on the counter of the bar and almost shattered it with his rage. He finished his smoke and lit another one after stabbing the old butt into the ash tray; trying to control his anger for Mr. Crowley+

Luke: wow, that sounds pretty nasty!!!

+At this point after a few deep breaths, Tyler’s jaw dropped to the floor as he just now caught sight of the pretty girl at the other end of the bar in the fiery red dress. He sat there for a moment and stared in awe, before taking a drag from his newly lit cigarette and receiving a fresh drink from the bar tender. The lady caught Tyler’s stare and followed suit with a stare right back at him. She smiled and blushed and ashed out her cigarette.+

Luke: So how’s that new hot tub treating you Tyler?…..Tyler?……….

+Blood did not respond right away as he was too busy starring in amazement. After a few seconds he shakes his head and gets control of himself, now feeling calmed down from his Crowley rage. He took a big gulp of the rum and coke followed by a long puff of the smoke.+

Tyler Blood: are you…are you aware that there is an incredibly beautiful girl sitting at your bar Luke?

+Luke laughs+

Luke: hahaha, took ya long enough!

Tyler Blood: Sorry, I was too enriched with my anger that I didn’t even notice. But she is beautiful. Amazing! I’ve never seen someone so incredible before in my life! Who is she, and what the hell is she doing here? She doesn’t look like she belongs here.

Luke: I have yet to actually catch her name. She said something about being new to town. I think she’s helping take care of her mother or something like that….

+Tyler ashes out his smoke and switches topics back to the AWR.+

Tyler Blood: interesting……Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah…so after our battle at the end of the match, Brandon has decided to put us in a match up together, one-on-one! Me, vs. Crowley. Singles match! Haha. This is my opportunity to get my revenge on that ass hole for what he has done to me. And ya know what, I actually had respect for Mr. Crowley, I liked the guy, I even looked up to him! And then he had to turn around and fuck me over! Well, this is far from over, this week on justice I will be stepping into the ring with Crowley and shattering his godd-dam ugly fucking skull! That will teach him to screw me! That will be my revenge! The first thing I’m going to do is knock him down, and the second thing I’m going to do is refrain him from getting back up. Crowley will not be leaving Justice this week with his white skin, I will be dying it red with his own personal disgusting blood! Muhahahahahaha!!!!

+Tyler pounded back the rest of his drink and then passed the bar tender a twenty dollar bill+

Tyler Blood: Thanks a lot man, but I got some work to do, see you soon……………

Luke: Wait a fucking second Mr. Blood! Don’t you have something to attend to right now that potentially could be a very important thing?

+Tyler wonders what Luke is talking about+

Luke: oh come on man, there’s an incredible gorgeous girl sitting right over there…

+he points to the woman in the red dress+

Luke: …She has been starring at you since the moment you walked in here dude, get your ass over there and at least say hi…

+Tyler debates this opportunity but realizes that he is too shy to do anything about it…+

Tyler Blood: ya know what man, I’d love too, but now is not exactly the best time, especially with this war wound on my face…I do hate to pass this up, but I just can’t do it right now. More important things going on…

Luke: What’s more important then a beautiful girl………………..

+Before the bar tender has a chance to finish his sentence the bell of the front door rings as Tyler Blood disappears out of sight……….+

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