AUGUST 26TH 2008

+The scene begins with a short repetitive nightmare. This image: [I]The official’s smirk goes away and he begins murmuring something. Mr. Crowley then walks over to the official, and lifts him into a crucifix. The official begins to scream.[/I] plays repeatedly, over and over again inside the mind of the AWR official who recently received a brutal cheap shot by Mr. Crowley, trying to get his point across.+

Background voice #1: sir…sir….are you OK?…

+the dream continues, similar to the movie “the never ending story”. it doesn’t stop! Laying there completely helpless, wrapped from head to toe in white bandages, the only skin visible was that of his eye lids and his lips. Twisting and rolling around, the official tries to wake up and break the curse of this haunted nightmare, hoping to wake up and have it all come to an end. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home……+

Background Voice #2: I think he may have a very bad concussion…we need to watch him and make sure he doesn’t go into a coma….

Background Voice #1: I’ll stay with him until he wakes up. I have some questions I need to get answered…I was the won who caused this in the first place anyways. Leave me with him until he wakes up…

+the official lightly makes out some of the background noise being made out in the real world. The words become more clear and he begins to wake up, shaking his head and slowly opening his eyes…+

AWR official: Who….who….who are you…..where…where am I?

+He stares up as the blur from his eyes becomes more clear. He has now obviously realized that he is wrapped from head to toe in bandages. He glances around and recognizes the hospital room. And then the man standing at the side of his bed becomes clear. His long black dangly hair and the Oakley sunglasses…The official struggles for air…+

AWR official: t…tyl…t…..Tyler Blood…..What are you doing here?

+another struggle for air.+

Tyler Blood: shhhhh…calm down sir, your obviously in a lot of pain. Don’t waist your breath. I came here as soon as I heard about what happened. That piece of shit Crowley!!! I’m so sorry he did this to you sir!

AWR official: call it off Blood! Trust me, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. Mr. Crowley is a very dangerous man. PLEASE, for the sake of your own life, please call off the match! You can’t face Crowley! Don’t do it…

Tyler Blood: I’m afraid it’s a little too late for that now Sir.

AWR Official: no! listen to me, you cannot beat Crowley! Please call it off! Look what he has done to me, and my family, and my friends, and my life…….

+Tyler pulls the Oakley’s off his face and rests them on top of his head.+

Tyler Blood: that’s the difference between you and me sir. I have family, I have no friends, and I live my live on the edge. I might be just a lonely soul, but this lonely soul is going to promise you that Mr. Crowley WILL, I repeat, he WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!

+Tyler gets an angered look in his eyes as his pupils become blood red+

Tyler Blood: You see I have nothing to lose, and the whole world to gain! I know now after witnessing what that prick has done to you, I know what I must do…I must get my fucking revenge. Ya know, I had nothing but the utmost respect for Crowley, and I told him that I would not break his trust, and I would not turn on him….and what does he do? He bends me over and tries to FUCK ME!!!

AWR Official: NO! that’s not how it was at all….

+the official clenches in pain+

AWR Official: Mr. Crowley did not mean to cause you to lose the pin. It was an accident, he told me himself, he did not mean for Lauber to stumble over your pin…it was an accident! Please just let it go and call off the match!!!

+Tyler grins and then laughs devilishly…+

Tyler Blood: Obviously your concussion has made you to delirious to realize who your talking to sir. I am Heavens Devil. I am a legend. I am GOD! It sounds to me like your telling me that you think I’m a shitty wrestler…

+Tyler’s face lights up like the devil, filled with rage and evil!!!+

AWR Official: stop! That’s not what I mean…

+Tyler gets pissed off and lifts a wooden chair off the ground from beside the hospital bed. He raises it over his head and pulls it down on top of the AWR official, causing the chair to shatter like glass on the abdomen of the official. He screams and struggles in pain,…+


+Tyler opens the drawer beside the bed and pulls out a rolled up pair of the officials socks. He takes the socks and jams them down the mans throat, causing his words to turn into mumbles. The rage grows bigger and bigger inside Blood….+

Tyler Blood: it’s my fucking turn to send that ass hole a message…

+Tyler glares into the camera+

Tyler Blood: Mr. Crowley, this is far from over. You think hurting this poor man is going to stop me? Well your wrong buddy, it’s just making things worse for your case. I was going to go easy on you, I was going to hold back my rage, but now you’ve gone too fucking far and you’ve pissed me off! The devil has risen and he wants your blood Mr. Crowley…he wants your fucking useless soul! HE WANTS YOU DEAD!!!

+He laughs hysterically and creepily at the same time…+

Tyler Blood: I hope your watching this Crowley, because what I am about to do is just a preview of what your scrawny little body is going to go through in two days at Justice. That’s right, I said two days….so enjoy those two days Crowley because after the heavens devil is done with you on the 27th, hell will become your new fucking home!!!

+He laughs again and the walks to the end of the bed. He grabs the bed as the official struggles to get the socks out of his mouth and call for help. Blood grabs the bed and begins to pull it away from the wall. Then he gives one hard push as the bed rolls straight into the wall on the other side of the room….the official bounces out of the bed and falls face first on the floor with his body flinging every direction. Tyler walks over and stares down at the helpless man+

Tyler Blood: Muhahahahaha! Crowley…………………this is for you….

+Tyler lifts up the bed and smashes it down on top of the AWR official. The bed laying upside down, and the struggling bandaged man slowly going into another deep sleep of pain…+

Tyler Blood: I’ll see your ugly ass at Justice Mr. Crowley!!!

+Tyler exit’s the room as the echo of his devilish laugh bounces off of the walls, leaving the official out cold…+

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