+The time on the golden Rolex watch reads 2:38 PM. The outside world is bright and sunny, warm. There is a small breeze, just enough to cool off the overpowering heat from the sun high in the sky. The grass is fairly green, however the trees today do not match the green of the grass. The trees have started to turn a brown and yellow color, obviously signaling that the fall season is just around the corner. Some of the leaves had already fallen from their branches and added the yellow color to the green of the grass. From the big bay window of his house, Tyler blood stood starring out into the outside. He had a small remote control in his hand, with a couple of keys hanging off of it. He pushed a button and aimed the remote at his pitch black 1965 Corvette. The car roared with furry. Moments later Tyler Blood strode over to his front door and put on a pair of cheap wall-mart sneakers. The front door of the house swung open as he walked out to the car and slid into comfortably to the drivers seat.+

Tyler Blood: another day is upon us. Yippee. Just another typical day….

+Once in the car Tyler pulls away from the cement driveway and heads off in one direction or another. “Monkey Wrench” By The foo fighters begins to play inside the car and Tyler glances down at the cell phone on the dash, ringing away. He snatches it up and flips it open as the ring tone stops playing.+

Tyler Blood: Hello…

+Tyler listens to the voice on the other end of the phone call. It’s a woman by the name of Roxanne Reynolds, one of the AWR’s best interview staff.+

Tyler Blood: Well I was going to go do some grocery shopping, how about we meet for coffee and lunch and I’ll save my shopping for later. See you shortly…


+There she is, sitting outside on the patio of the local coffee shop sipping away at the glass mug. There is another mug of coffee sitting on the table, currently untouched. She’s a pretty girl, very preppy, but also very sophisticated. She sat in silence awaiting for someone to join her, that someone being Tyler Blood. The silence of the scene comes to an end with the loud “vroom vroom” of the black corvette, as it pulls up into a parking spot in front of the coffee shop. Tyler cuts the engine and the drivers door opens. Tyler Blood steps out of the car and into the sunlight. His hair swaying from shoulder to shoulder, as he takes the Oakley’s off his face and rests them atop his head. Roxanne Reynolds gets to her feet and sticks her hand out in front of her, signaling for a hand shake. Tyler accepts the hand shake and returns it with his connecting his own hand. Moments later both of them take a seat around the table on the patio.+

Roxanne Reynolds: here, I bought you a coffee for taking the time to see me today.

+Tyler blood accepts the coffee that she offers and takes a sip.+

Tyler Blood: Well lets get started shall we? What can I do for ya Miss Reynolds?

Roxanne Reynolds: Well, it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve had an opportunity to sit down and do a formal interview with you. Obviously you’ve been too busy with Mr. Crowley that Myself and the other staff have started to lose track of you. So I am here to get the down low on the life of Tyler Blood. What’s new? What do you have planned for the future? And all the rest of that fun shit.

Tyler Blood: Well for starters, what’s new? What’s new is the fact that I have finally dominated over Mr. Crowley. I beat him twice in a row, both of which were fair fights. Mr. Crowley thought that he could scare me with his little “message”? hahaha! I proved him wrong, I’m not scared of jack shit. That is what Crowley failed to realize over the last few weeks. I have shown the world that I am the most fucking hardcore wrestler in the AWR, and I CANNOT be stopped! In fact, I dare anyone in the AWR to step up to the plate and try to prove me wrong. Try to be more Hardcore. Many have tried, and they have all failed. Thus far in the AWR I have competed in six different matches, against more then one opponent almost every single match. I have managed to win three of those matches and lose the other three. Putting me at a consistent 50/50. However I’m getting tired of adding losses to my record. I have quite enjoyed the last few wins that I accomplished, and I plan on winning even more. Currently I am sitting at a 2 win streak. It’s time to take that streak and make it bigger. So hence forth, I will do whatever it takes to win my next match in the AWR.

Roxanne Reynolds: Justice 22, you versus David lee Townsend.

Tyler Blood: Exactly! DLT is someone I have yet to cross paths with here in the AWR. DLT is a man who I have yet to defeat. DLT’s blood has yet to have been spilled. But that’s all going to change. Justice 22, I will prevail and walk away with my third win in a row. Now, there are a couple of things about this match that have gotten me really excited and even more intent to win.

#1, Falls count anywhere! That means I can drag the son-of-a-bitch out to the god dam parking lot and pin him on the rock hard cement road. I could even drag him out into the highway and toss his ass in front of a moving truck. There are no rules in this match, pretty much anything goes with a few exceptions. I think Brandon Watkins really likes me, because he continues to schedule me for some crazy events, and some risky matches. I think he’s trying to test me and see how far I am willing to go. So this week at justice I’m going to show him how far I am willing to go.

And the #2 thing about this match that excites me is what it will stand for. The winner of my match against DLT, will get an opportunity to go to next weeks justice, and compete for the AWR freestyle championship! This is very exciting for me as I have yet to win a title in the AWR. This is a huge opportunity for me and I DON”T want to pass it up. So like I said, I will show Watkins how far I am willing to go, especially if it involves gaining my first title shot. This is my time to take over and climb further up the latter. I’ve been making a decent name for myself around the AWR thus far, but it’s time to go higher. It’s time for a championship belt to be strapped around my waist!!!

+He takes a sip of coffee+

Roxanne Reynolds: So you are aware that IF you win your match against DLT, which I strongly hope you do, you will have to step into the ring with one of two people next week at Justice….

+Blood stops her mid-sentence…+

Tyler Blood: Chris Chaos and/or Jinx… Both of which are very good competitors and it would be an honour to be in the ring with each of them. Actually, I believe it was my first ever AWR match that I was in the ring Chaos. However, things are far different now then they were back then. Chaos has improved drastically, he’s gotten good enough to defend the freestyle title against Jinx. I’ll tell you the truth, I routing for Chaos in that match, because At least then I will have somewhat of a chance of winning the freestyle title next week at justice…But if Jinx wins, well, I’m going to have a hell of a hard time trying to beat him.

But that’s besides the point. More importantly I have a match this week that I HAVE to win in order to even start thinking about the Freestyle Championship. So DLT it is. A man who has been involved in the wrestling scene for a long time, much like myself. Our childhoods and our lives might be different, but in the ring I think we’ve got a lot in common, which should make for an excellent match this week. The only problem is, DLT WILL NOT WIN! That freestyle title WILL be mine soon enough and I will do whatever it takes to keep DLT down, and walk away with a victory this week on Justice. I have yet to wash my hands with David’s blood, and now I finally have an opportunity to do so. I will drag his ass all over Philadelphia And leave puddles of his sour blood on every door step. And then I’m going to a dump in the middle of the street and use his hideous face to wipe my ass!!! You think What I’ve done to Mr. Crowley was bad? BAHAHAHA! He was just my target practice, DLT is the real thing, and I’m going to give him the real thing. I’m going to see his blood drip from every poor!!!!

+Both of them take a sip of coffee+

Roxanne Reynolds: So what about this JuggaNaut character?

Tyler Blood: Yeah I’ve heard of him, what about him?

Roxanne Reynolds: Well I think that it would be cool to see Tyler Blood go head to head with the juggaNaut someday.

Tyler Blood: Hmmm…interesting. Well, that is definitely something I would love to get involved in eventually, maybe I’ll make him my first opponent for my title defense after I win the freestyle title. Who knows, the future is a mystery…..Except for that part when I beat the shit out of David lee Townsend…that’s just straight up fact.

+The foo fighters ring tone starts to play inside Tyler’s pocket. He takes out the phone and answers it+

Tyler Blood: hello…..yes….ok, I’m on my way………

+He chugs back the last sip of his coffee and extends his hand for a good buy handshake.+

Tyler Blood: I apologize Miss Reynolds but I have some very important business to attend to, were going to have to cut it short there.

Roxanne Reynolds: I understand, you’re a busy man> Thank you for your time Tyler, it’s been great to be able to catch up with you and get all the details. I wish you the best of luck at justice this week and I look forward to speaking with you again in a few weeks after you become the freestyle champion….

+She winks at Tyler and he gets up from the table and struts back to his car, the scene fades out….

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