AUGUST 30TH 2008

“How do you feel?”

+Thus is a question burning through mind of AWR’s up and comer, Tyler Blood while he stands with facing towards a punching back stitched with black felt. “How do you feel?” the question repeated over and over again inside his mind, until finally taking control his subconscious. We are inside the basement of Tyler’s home where he has a big enough room to support an almost life sized wrestling ring, along with other things used to train in the art, punching bags; swingers; a trampoline; weights; Stairmaster…etc…basically, over the years Tyler Blood has built himself his own personal Gym and Wrestling facility. “How do you feel” the question repeated again as he took a massive swing with his right arm, sending dust flying off the bag in front of him and causing it to sway back and forth. This right arm was followed by a left moments later, which led into rapid fire with both hands. Luckily Tyler was wearing Black leather gloves over his hands, otherwise the blood would be pouring from his knuckles by this point.+

Tyler Blood: How do you feel? HOW DO YOU FUCKING FEEL? Mr. Crowley, How do I feel…How Do I Feel About Losing My Match To You Last week?…

+More punches from Tyler, and a grunt of frustration+

Tyler Blood: I feel like hell. My biggest battle thus far in AWR and Mr. Crowley takes the win?!

+he punches the bag again and continues to ramble to himself. The lighting down here in the basement made it feel dongeonous. Dark and gloomy. The walls were made of cement, ad was the floor in which Tyler stood on. The room was very gray, it gave off a murky vibe.+

Tyler Blood: I took the enjoyment of brutally damaging the life of that useless official for what? To lose? OH HELL NO! I did not deserve to lose that match, I worked my ass off to take the victory…but still, I somehow ended up walking away with a loss! Personally I think the staff of the AWR felt sorry for you because they figured you would cry like a little fucking baby when your stupid perfect winning streak came to an end. I deserved that match Crowley, NOT YOU!

+another punch and more dust flying through the air. Tyler‘s rage filled eyes begin to simmer as he has taken out most of his aggression.+

Tyler Blood: OK Crowley, I’ll admit one thing: that was one hell of a fight. It was a good battle from both ends…but I still feel I should have been the one standing when the match was finished. I should have been the one with the one-two-three.

+He takes a deep breath and heads over another portion of the room where we find a rack filled with weights of different shapes and sizes. Placing one knee up on the bench beside the rack of weights, and keeping the other leg solid on the cement, Tyler snatches up one of the weights reading 110.lbs and starts doing curls with his right arm.+

Tyler Blood: But like everything in life, there is no re-doing the past. However, I have high hopes, and no doubts that this is not over between us Crowley, our paths will cross again someday in the AWR, and I assure, when they do…your going to wish they hadn’t!!!

+He laughs devilishly to himself considering there is no one else in his surroundings+

Tyler Blood: but I have had enough of your disgusting face for Now Crowley. It is time that I move on to bigger and better things. At least, I was hoping that’s what would have happened. But in my situation that doesn’t exactly seem to be the case right now. Brandon and Teej have scheduled me for my fourth AWR match up, taking place at the twentieth event of Justice.

+after twenty five reps with his right hand he sits down on the wooden bench beside the weights and takes in a few deep breaths+

Tyler Blood: When I noticed that the card for Justice 20 had been posted I got really excited, who will it be this week? Big V? Dillon Dillinger? Maybe Jake Rage? Why not another 6 man? But no. nothing like that. Nothing of some sort of challenge to myself. Nothing impossible. So Of course when I saw the card for this weeks justice I almost peeled over on the spot, laughing my guts out, bringing true meaning to hip internet term “ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing)”. in fact I laughed so hard I almost felt the previous day’s breakfast cereal spewing from my nose.

+He laughs silently to himself and grasps the weight again, only this time with his left arm. The curls start again, as does his speaking to himself+

Tyler Blood: So you stick me in a match with 5 other guys…twice in a row. And then you give me a perfect match - Mr. Crowley - and then what? Haha. The mother fuckers stick me in a match with the newb?!?!? What is this, some kind of test of his survival? Because I can guarantee that Julian Norris won’t be alive at the end of this weeks Justice. This must be some attempt by the AWR staff to get him off the roster, Because even if the little guy manages to continue breathing - which I will do my best to make sure he does not - he’s still going to end up in the hospital for days….weeks….months….hell, Julian will be in the hospital for a long time, because it’s going to take forever for the world blood service to receive as much blood as he is going to lose.

+after twenty five curls with his left arm, he places the weight back onto the rack and exit’s the basement of the house…+


+The scene cuts. We are joining Tyler Blood as he is sitting out on a patio chair matching the set of three other chairs, and the big round glass patio table. There’s a coaster on the table, and upon the coaster sits a bottle of Sleemans Cream Ale. The weather is wonderful. Sunny and bright, this is a change from the dark and murky basement from which we left moments ago. The sun is hanging in the bright blue sky just over head of Tyler Blood. There are few clouds in the sky, just enough to make it a perfect day. The grass is green and the threes are ripe. Sitting on the driveway of Blood’s house is a black corvette dating back to 1970. The Patio of which we are on is made of stained wood. Tyler picks up the bottle from the table and takes a GIANT loooooooooonnnnng chug. The bubbles fizzle when he places it back down on the coaster.

Tyler Blood: What an excellent day, perfect for enjoying the finest of all brews.

+The camera zooms in on the beer bottle on the table. Sitting beside the bottle is a package of Export Blue cigarettes. Tyler opens the pack and snaps one of the cancer sticks in between his lips. Picking up the black lighter from the table, he flicks the flame and touches it to the tip of the cigarette. He takes a big drag and puffs out the smoke; followed by another sip from the bottle+

Tyler Blood: now where was I?….oh yes, Julian Norris….BAHAHAHA! Are you guys kidding me. This kid’s got no talent. Ok, I do think it’s kind of cool that he’s had the privilege of training under the great one, Chris beniot. That’s very much like my childhood experience of being raised and trained under Brett and Stu Heart. Unfortunately I did not get the privilege to work with Owen before his depart from this disgusting planet. Do you know the difference between Julian and benoit?…

+a drag from the smoke…+

Tyler Blood: Chris Benoit knows how to wrestle. And may his soul rest in peace by the way. The guy was a genius. Just because you trained under him as your manager Julian, does not make you anywhere close to as good as that motherfucker. To be as good as him is like being as good as god. And I met god once, after being banished from hell that was the only place for me to go. Unfortunately he did not take too much liking to me. He tried to change my soul. But he then realized the that there is no saving me. There is no stopping “Heavens Devil”. And now, Mr. Norris you get the lucky opportunity to get your ass whopped by me. If I were you I would be thinking two things right now: #1 - I get to step in the ring with someone as awesome as Tyler Blood…..and #2 - I get to die by someone as awesome Tyler Bloods hands. And I guess either way you look at it, it’s a win-win situation for your sorry ass! Yeah, you got lucky last week in your first AWR match…and by that I mean that you were given an easier opponent than yourself. I want to make it clear that that is the only reason you have a win in your AWR record book. And now, on September 3rd your going to get your first loss….TO ME!

+Tyler laughs hysterically and takes another puff of the smoke+

Tyler Blood: I did my research on you Norris and guess what? You have a knee injury! It’s been bothering you since you were just a kid. And now, I get to use you accident as kid to my advantage. I’m willing to bet the doctor saw a fair amount of blood when he cut you open years ago. But I can promise you that the day after this weeks Justice, the doctor is going to see soo much blood he won’t even know what to do with himself…other than vomiting all over your ugliness!

+Tyler laughs and drinks. When he goes to place the bottle down on the table again, something catches his eye in which distracts him from what he was saying, and throws him off track…+

Tyler Blood: What the….it’s her……..

+Looking out to the streets we see her. The woman in the red dress. This is the same girl in which Tyler caught sight of last week in the bar, two days before his match with Mr. Crowley. Tyler loses all train of thought as the beautiful blonde girl walks past his Tyler’s house.+

Tyler Blood: She’s so close…I should say Hi….No…I can’t…I just can’t do it….not now…

+Tempted to at least wave to attract the beautiful girl, Tyler decides against it and stays where he is, just starring. Starring at her beauty.+

Tyler Blood: it’s not the right time….

+he takes another sip of his beer and a puff of his cigarette as the girl strolls on by, completely paying no notice to Tyler Blood. She eventually gets to far away and disappears out of sight….._

Tyler Blood: oh well…shit happens. Now, back to Julian. I would like to send out one small piece of advice to Mr. Norris…….

+he takes his last drag and butts the cigarette into the ash tray. He lifts up the bottle of beer and sloshes it back, down his throat. Seconds later he pounds the empty bottle onto the table so hard that he causes the glass to break and crumble right inside his hand. Blood begins to poor from the newly made cuts in his right hand as he looks at the blood and stares devilishly into the camera, getting a close up of his face…+

Tyler Blood: When you step into the ring with me on September 3rd at Justice, Julian Norris……….DON’T BLINK!!!

+The camera fades out…+

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