+The scene begins at approximately 2:13 PM. Tyler blood was currently not at home. Tyler had been infused into the idea of taking advantage of the last few summer days before the rays of sun became clouds of grey. These depressing clouds would soon began to paint the city shiny white with the falling of snow. When the snow covered the ground it would become his last opportunity for the next few months to be outside enjoying the fresh air and the big blue sky above.+

+With a fifth and final lap around the park on the newly cemented walking path, Tylerís high paced jog began to slow, and eventually become a walk. Then he stopped. He pushed the button on the light post, signaling for the pedestrian light to walk across the street at the lights. While waiting for the lights to change from green to red so he could cross Tyler noticed SOMETHING just above the button on the post. It was a flyer of some sort being held to the post with a couple of small pieces of duct tape. He glanced at saw a big square wrestling ring with red ropes and a blue surface. The background was a purplish black color and there were silver lightning bolts shooting from dark clouds in the sky. In big white letters inside the wrestling ring read ďFULL FORCE PROĒ and then there was a sub heading underneath the ring that said ďThe next big thing in the wrestling world - order your tickets now!Ē he smiled when he saw this poster as it made him happy to see news of the fed was getting off the ground and the place was attracting eyes all over the world.+

+With the honk of a car horn Tyler blood zoomed out of his trance of the poster and realized he had almost completely missed his opportunity to cross the street. The driver of the beat up car on the road gave him the finger as he dashed to the other side. Tyler just laughed and mouthed the words ďFUCK YOUĒ. Once he reached the other side of the street he stopped in front of the mail box and opened it with his key. And took out only one letter, concealed by closed envelope. Before tearing into the paper Tyler Blood noticed two kids - they looked about 10 years old - jumping on a trampoline pretending to be wrestlers.+

Kid #1: OK you beat me. So now Iím going to be someone new. How aboutÖÖÖ..OHHH! I know! I want to be Tyler Blood from Full Force pro!

Kid #2: NO! thatís not fair! You ALWAYS get to be Tyler Blood! I want to be Tyler Blood for a change

+Tyler obviously took that as his cue to enter the argument. He opened the gate and stepped into the backyard. The grass in this yard was smothered with orange leaves from the two towering trees in the yard. Hardly any green could be seen.+

Tyler Blood: NO!!! I want to be Tyler BloodÖ.

+As he raised his sunglasses to the top of his head and pushed the straggly hair out of his face the two kids stopped shouting at each other and stood in a blank stare at the man who had joined them. They looked stunned as if it was a dream come true to be meeting Tyler Blood in real life.

Kid #1: WOW! Tyler Blood! I canít believe itís really you! Here! In my own backyard!

Tyler Blood: yes, I am Tyler Blood.

Kid #2: Your like my hero Tyler! Can I have your autograph?

+Tyler agreed as the kids got off the trampoline and he signed there t-shirts with a black jiffy marker which he generally carried around in his pocket specifically for this exact reason. Tyler was always a hit with the kids and with his fans.+

Kid #1: I was so sad last week when Daniel Mathews beat you for the world title! I couldnít believe it! He doesnít deserve the title, YOU DO!!!

Tyler Blood: Thanks kid, I should have won that match, I do deserve that title more than anyone in Full Force Pro. But in the end Mathews somehow managed to come out on top. Itís sad yes, but thatís ok. Iíll have my chance again someday. Hey, you kids want to know a little secret?[/b]

+There faces lit up as they sat attentively listening to what Tyler Blood had to say.+

Tyler Blood: now donít hold me to this because there is not yet a 100% gaurentee that itís going to happen, but Iím pretty sure that sometime in the very near future I will be competing in a match for the crowning of the first ever Full Force Pro Cruiserweight championship!!! And this time, I will not lose. This time, if and when I get in the match, I WILL walk away with that title around my waist! And Iím going to do it just for youÖ

+He pointed at the kids sitting with huge grins on their faces, Obviously super excited to be face to face with their wrestling hero, Tyler Blood. And then, one of the kids who had obviously done his homework stumbled onto the topic of the up-coming Sadistic Saturday Night. Tyler was pleased to see the smiles on their faces from ear-to-ear, in hopes that someday he might even have some children of his own+

Kid #1: YAY! Thatís so cool! I hope you get scheduled for that match! And you totally will win Tyler, I have faith in you! The cruiserweight title is way more cool than the boring world title anyways. The cruiserweight title actually means something. Oh man, I hope you get it!

Tyler Blood: Me too kid, And I donít see any reason why I shouldnít win. But like I said, there is not guarantee that Iíll be in the match yet. We just have to wait and see.

Kid #2: Hey, donít you have a match this weekend at Sadistic Saturday Night, against Christopher Morgan?

Tyler Blood: you betcha kid! And Iíll tell you one thing, Morgan better not be planning on bringing his Caleb newstead out to the ring with him, otherwise it might be smart for me to keep Ricker informed to be prepared for the worst. However Iím not too worried about getting in the ring with Morgan. From what Iíve heard about him he seems like a pretty honest guy and I donít see any reason - unless heís afraid of me - that he should be needing the aid of his team mates to help him out in this match. This is my one opportunity to prevail and make up for the horrid loss I had last week. On Saturday night, October 4th I will walk into that ring with my head up, and walk out of that ring VICTORIOUS! The time is now, and the time is mine. I am heavens Devil, Tyler Blood, the greatest professional wrestler to walk the face of this planet and to step into the FFP. And if anyone out there doesnít believe me, well Iíll just tell them to come and talk to the two of you. You guys will back me up right?

Kid #1: YEAH! We have your back tyler. No one is going to put you down! You truly are the best wrestler ever, thatís why your our hero! And so Iím going to keep practicing Tyler, and one day Iím going to be good enough to be in the FFP and the rest of the wrestling world. And then I will be the best! And then we can make a team, me and Tyler Blood. We would be unstoppable! ďSimply the bestĒ Wouldnít stand any chance against us!

Kid #2: hmmm hmmmm! Excuse me! What about me? I want to join your team too! I want to fight Christopher Morgan, and Blood Reign, and Daniel Mathews

+Tyler laughs to himself as he watches the two kids jump for joy with dreams of someday being wrestlers, just like there hero - Tyler Blood. Another person enters the scene, it appears to be one of the childrenís mothers, she was standing on the back porch with a bell in her hand> She shook the bell and then shouted out to the boys.+

Mother: Kids! KIDS! Itís dinner time, come and eat. Donít forget to wash up! You better not being doing those wrestling moves again, I told you that is dangerous!

Kid #1: Coming mother! Donít worry, were being careful. Were on our way in now!

Tyler Blood: Well kids, I guess Iíll be seeing you in the future. Keep dreaming boys, and keep practicing, regardless of what your mother says. Iím not trying to be a bad influence, but I didnít get to where I am today by doing nothing. I had to rebel against my parents and strive to be the best there is, and the best there ever will be. And here I am today, some odd years later. Keep dreaming kids, and stay goldÖ.

+With that said the kids exit the nice hot sun and run inside to where the smell of a nice turkey diner was being cooked, and moments away from being devoured. Tyler put his shades back on his face and exited the backyard. He glanced down at the envelope still clutched in his hand and realized that he had gotten so caught up with his fans that he had forgotten about his mail. He tore into the envelope and pulled out a sheet of paper. The sheet of paper now in his hand was another one of Brandon Walkers columns for the FFP. He glanced at it and readÖ+

ďAnyway, I was surprised to see Brandi Moore nail Logan Christopher with a kick to the balls, and help Caleb Newstead win the match. So it looks like Caleb, Brandi, and Christopher Morgan are a stable...called Simply the Best. Well put. They are the best stable in FFP.Ē

Tyler Blood: Youíve got to be kidding me. Best stable in the FFP? Thatís a load of crap! I know for a fact that no one is better then Extreme Existance! We are the new dominant force in the FFP and we are going to take over the world! I mean really, how could ďSimply the bestĒ be considered the best stable in the FFP when theyíve got that douche bag named Christopher Morgan> If it was me, I would be embarrassed to be on his team!

+he continued to readÖ+

ďSo here are my official picks for this Saturday. I bet I beat The Masked Columnist again! Violence Party beats the Red Neck Trash, Fire Fox wins the Women's Title, [b]Christopher Morgan beats Tyler Blood,[/b] Robert Torborg wins the Newbie Battle Royal, Caleb Newstead beats Robert Torborg to retain his titleÖ.Ē

Tyler Blood: Seriously? Christopher Morgan beats Tyler Blood? Well, I think my newly found young friends here would tend to disagree with that. In fact I myself also disagree. Thatís a load of bull shit! Iím really not found of this Brandon Walker character. He seems to have it out for me or something. But thatís ok. Put me down as much as you want Mr. Walker, because come this Saturday night I will be stepping into the ring, face-to-face with Christopher Morgan and I WILL NOT fall to him. I WILL NOT lose this match. I need another win on my back, I need to get myself involved in that cruiserweight title match. Christopher Morgan better be prepared when he steps into the ring with me this weekÖDONíT FUCKING BLINK!

+The camera begins to fade out as we see Tyler Blood walking down the sidewalk towards the Gym where he was on his way to prepare for this weeks Sadistic Saturday Night.+

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