+The scene opens with three people sitting around a table inside bar. Two males, and one female. FFP’s favorite stable team, Extreme Existance. Tyler Blood is currently chugging back the last sip of his beer waiting for his turn in the friendly game of “Go-fish”. It’s currently Ricker’s turn in the game, and he has only two card left in his hand.+

Ricker: Miss Kizz, do you have a 4?

+He waits for a response as she checks over her cards, seconds later the 4 of hearts lands on the table in front of ricker.+

Ricker: Thank you! One more to go…hmmm…lets see here…

+he glares at Tyler and smiles, Tyler lights up a cigarette and takes a puff, blowing smoke in Ricker’s face.+

Ricker: Mr. Blood…Do you have a 6?

Tyler Blood: FUCK ME!

+Tyler Blood plops the 6 of spades down in front of Ricker, signaling the end of the game.+

Ricker: HAHA! Winner! Thank you very much guys! I am the king of go-fish! I cannot be beaten!

Tyler Blood: haha. Good game guys. King of go-fish? Cannot be beaten? That’s sounds about right, much like Extreme existence! Ya know, I cannot wait until Saturday night, this two day spectacle is going to be loads of fun. I mean, look at the facts, to start the show off we’ve got the crowning of the first ever Full Force Pro Cruiserweight championship! Out of the three matches that I’m competing in for this event, the cruiserweight match has to be my favorite. Not just because it’s for the cruiserweight championship, but because it’s a fucking ladder match! I lover ladder matches! I mean really what’s better then 5 guys climbing ladders and beating the shit out of each other?

Ricker: ummm…me winning go-fish?

+They all have a little laugh at that comment.+

Tyler Blood: Caleb Newstead v.s. John Peterson v.s. Mikey v.s. Patrick McCoy v.s. Tyler Blood. Lets start with John Peterson. This guy thinks he has what it takes to put all four of us in the hospital? NO FUCKING WAY!!! He’s going to break my leg? Haha, good luck buddy, in order to break my leg your going to have to get me down, and I guarantee that it’s going to be a lot harder to do that than you think. C’mon dumbo…can I call you that john? I mean really, look at the size of those ears…and the shine off the baldness of your disgusting head. You think you really have a chance of winning your first FFP match up? I think not! Look at the facts john, You might be able to take on Mikey, that’s not hard at all…and you can Probably take on Patrick McCoy as well, there going to be the first two people unconscious outside the ring during this match. But you see, when it comes to guys like Caleb Newstead and myself, you don’t stand a chance. Your just a low life who thinks he’s top gun with his pussy ass x-rays. Ha, keep talking big Mr. peterson, because that’s just going to fuel my flame to want to destroy you even more.

Now as I was saying, Mikey doesn’t stand a chance in this match. Oh no, you’ve been hit with chairs and ladders and tables before Mikey? You know how to take the pain? Ha! When you step into this cruiserweight match, I’m going to give your disgusting body a whole new level of pain…a degree of pain that you have never felt before, and your going to wish you never had to feel. But it’s too late now, you’ve already taunted me, and now I will tare you apart.

Now, I’m getting really sick of these god-dam soul assassins running their mouths, I will get to the tag titles in a minute, as the soul assassins will be one of the teams we will be facing. But right now I want to mention Patrick McCoy. Much like Mikey, and John Peterson, you would be better off not showing up to the cruiserweight match. You see, it’s going to be all about me and Caleb Newstead in this one, we are the only people in the cruiserweight match that actually have any talent…and for Caleb, that’s a bigger compliment then he deserves. Speaking of caleb, this guy honestly thinks he deserves to be the face of the FFP? HA! You can think that all you want Caleb, but when I am finished flying around the ring and kicking your ass - as well as the asses of the other three - I WILL walk out of that ring with the FP cruiserweight title. I had my chance at the world title, and I lost that match….but I will not lose this one. The world title means a lot to the FFP in terms of representation…but the cruiserweight title means a lot to me. I have spent my entire career wrestling in the cruiserweight division! That is why, all my hard work is going to pay off this weekend at the FFP two day spectacle, that title is mine!!!

+he takes a drag of his cigarette while Kat shuffles the cards, and Ricker takes a sip of his beer.+

Ricker: Also speaking of caleb, he said something earlier about how Simply the best is taking over the FFP. In order to take over the fed you need EVERY title behind you, but I don’t see how this is possible when like Tyler just said, you won’t be winning the cruiserweight title. Also, when day two rolls around, there is no chance in hell that simply the best is going to walk away as the new tag team champs. I’ll admit - even though there not actually the best - Simply the best will be our toughest competition for those titles. Lets look at the kings of the trailer park and The Violence Party….both of these teams are just a bunch of hick ass lunatics who drink beer and fuck each other in the bum all day. That’s why it does not matter which team advances to the tag team title match, because I guarantee that they will be the first team out, because they will be too busy jacking each other off while we whoop their ugly asses!

Like you said Tyler, The soul Assassins are pissing me off. That is why they will be my main target in the tag team match. We will run all over their asses and rip them limb from limb.

Tyler Blood: Exactly, and the same goes for simply the worst….I mean best…..I guess we truly will see who is ‘simply the best” when we step into that ring…the thing is, I already know who is the best, Extreme Existance!!! I know we both had a rough week last week Ricker, but this week we will put our heads together and be crowned as the first ever FFP tag team champions. Christopher Morgan, I am making you my main target in the tag match, because I really don’t like you. You got a lucky win over me last week, but luckily it was just a plain old match. This week, I’m going to actually put effort into kicking your ass, and I will be walking away with one of the tag titles, plain and simple. Extreme Existance are the next FFP tag champions, I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone says! And the same goes for the cruiserweight title….after this weekend, it will be strapped around my waist.

And then we move on from all the tag team, and cruiserweight excitement, to my third match of the two day spectacle, Justin Case….what a loser…his name says it all…his forehead has dumb ass written all over it. Your just a nobody, much like John Peterson and Patrick McCoy! I think after winning the cruiserweight title and the tag team titles, I might need a nap…so Justin, I’m going to be easy on you, and I’m going to kick your ass while I sleep. No sweat. Extreme Existance is going to make a big impact at the FFP two day spectacle, as a team, and as singles. Good luck everyone…see you this weekend…

+Fade to black+

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