+pyros hit the floor in the dark, but not so silent arena, smoke and flames fill the air. The all state arena in Chicago appears to be sold out, as every seat is filled with millions and millions of dedicated Full Force Pro fans. Everyone is quiet now for the time being as “All my life” By the foo fighters hit’s the PA system and fills the arena with sound. The fans begin to give a mixed reaction, some of them being big fans of the star who is on his way to the ring, and others being the haters, the non believers. The lights go out and the arena goes to pitch blackness. Smoke smothers the air, now filling the lungs of the fans. As the music continues to play, tan explosion is heard from inside the ring, as flames go rising from the center of the ring, all the way to the roof of the stadium! The lights come back on and the darkness ends. The camera zooms in on the middle of the ring where we now see him, “Heavens Devil”, Tyler Blood he holds a microphone in his hands and rocks out to his theme song moments before it comes to an end. He then raises the microphone to his lips.+

Tyler Blood: I am heavens devil!!!

+Strapped to his waist is of course his newly won FFP Cruiserweight championship. He un straps the title and jumps up on the turnbuckle, he raises the championship over his head as his theme song dies out. He snatches the microphone up again and begins to speak some more.+

Tyler Blood: hello everyone. Welcome back to the FFP.

+he paces around the ring for a moment and then comes to a stop, dead center.+

Tyler Blood: As you all witnessed last week at the big event, the FFP 2 day spectacle, I walked away with a victory. But it was not just any regular victory like those that I have had in this past. This one was different; different because when I left the ring on Saturday night, I left with glory…I left with the FFP Cruiserweight championship.

+he raises it over his head again to show the title off, and then he places on his shoulder and raises the microphone back to his lips+

Tyler Blood: I must admit that it was a pretty intense battle to crown the first ever FFP Cruiserweight championship. But in the end, only man can come out on top, and last weekend it was I who became that one man. It took me a lot of work to win this title as not only did I have 4 other people standing in my way, but it also involved me climbing to the top of a ladder to get it. Every single one of us involved in that match definitely put in a good effort, and I think that at one point every single one of us managed to at least get our fingerprints on it, at least until I proved myself worthy, and I was the one who snagged it from up high on that ladder.

Now if I remember correctly there were actually a few times that I was almost certain Patrick McCoy was going to grab the title and steel my opportunity to win. However, lucky for my Caleb Newstead made dam sure that McCoy wouldn’t grab the title, as Newstead had hopes of winning it himself. It’s really too bad Caleb, you put up a pretty good fight…but you see this… +He raises the title above his head once again+

Tyler Blood: You see this Cruiserweight title Mr. Newstead? IT BELONGS TO ME!!! It’s kind of funny actually, because there was one other person who was in that match last week who in my opinion was the toughest competition for me. John Peterson. This man put up an incredible fight for the title, and to think that I counted him out just days before the match. I labeled his as the least of my worries. I guess I fueled his flame, and he targeted me from the first second we stepped into that ring. If anyone deserves to be standing here with the Cruiserweight title around their waste - other than me - it’s John Peterson. However, much like Caleb Newstead, Mikey, Patrick McCoy, you also came up just a little short John. And now, I have been crowned as the FIRST EVER FFP CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!

+A big, yet evil grin scrolls across the face of Tyler Blood as he pushes his long black hair out of his face.+

Tyler Blood: I have made history here in the FFP, and now because of the fact that I was the first person to scratch my name into the gold, the name Tyler Blood will live on FOREVER! But you see, last week at the two day spectacle was just the beginning. Sure, we may have lost the tag title match, but that’s really OK with me, because the tag titles are the least of my worries right now.

Back to John Peterson. I’m assuming it was because of your incredible display of courage last week that has now given you the opportunity to step into the ring for a re-match for the cruiserweight title. Although you might be worthy of this rematch, I can tell you for dam sure that there is no way in hell that you are worthy of beating me. Things are going to be a little different this weekend john. Instead of 5 men and one ladder, this match will consist of two men, and no ladders. Sure, this will now give you the opportunity to face me one-on-one, as I’m sure you have a lot of hard feelings due to your loss last weekend. But just because you’ve got your re-match does mean that your going to get this title. It ‘s going to take a lot of work for you this week if you hope to walk out as the new champion. The reasons for that are simple, #1: I am a way better wrestler than you, and #2: THIS IS MY FUCKING TITLE!!!

+he raises the title over his head once again to show it off, yet trying to brag too much at the same time. The fans give a mixed reaction to Blood, and then begin to boo when the hear John Petersons name+

Tyler Blood: I came out here tonight for three reasons - the first was to express my feelings about the two day spectacle, which I have done - the second begin to taunt john Peterson, and inform him that HI WILL NOT beat me this weekend at Sadistic Saturday night - And number three is to say this:

As of this moment, I hear-by issue a challenge to anyone and everyone on the entire FFP roster to step up to the plate and ATTEMPT to steel my title away. The more competition the better. Now the reason I am issuing this challenge is simply because I KNOW that I cannot be beaten, and I know that there isn’t a dam soul on the FFP roster who has the courage or the stamina to defeat me - not even that sorry ass Caleb Newstead. I am the mother fucking Cruiserweight champion, and I plan on keeping it that way for a loooooong looooong time!!!

+Mixed reactions from the audience as Blood paces again for a moment before speaking.+

Tyler Blood: So there it is, my three reasons for being out here. Remember, I said ANYAONE, who thinks they have what it takes to earn this title, bring It the fuck on!!! Now before I leave here tonight to go and prepare for my upcoming match at SSN this week against John peterson (not that I’m going to need to prepare), I have one last thing to say. Mr. Peterson, I want to send out one piece of advice to you, when you step into the ring this weekend at Ssn with me, one-on-one for MY cruiserweight title………………………………..

+He stares into the camera as it zooms in on the evil look on his face, the huge devil grin. His eyes fill with horror and rage….+,/i>

Tyler Blood:…………….DON’T FUCKING BLINK!!!

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