+The scene begins. We are here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 16th 2008. Looking down on the world, last if from somewhere high up in the sky we see a big field filled with many old tall trees. The ground of which used to be bright green, juicy grass has now become an ocean of oranges and browns. The giant leaves make the world look gloomy, even though the sun still shines ever higher above us. The wind gives an invisibly cold feeling upon the human skin , but the heat of the sun soon over powers the chill.+

+After skewering the field of orange from top to bottom we come across road. The grey cement spans the distance of two lanes. At the end of the road is a sidewalk which connects to a building. Not just any regular building, this is an arena. The camera moves downward towards the big double doors of the front of the building where people are seen coming in and out. Down further, with more momentum, picking up speed for every second that we decline. Moments before entering the building, the camera hits light speed and we watch the inside of the building fly past us like dust.+

+The camera comes to a stop. Glancing around the room it is clear that we are now inside the arena. There are thousands of seats surrounding the middle of the arena where we see the Full Force pro wrestling ring all set up. The crowd is silent as they await to see what will happen next here at the FFP. Rumor has it that there’s a new star in town and he is set to make an appearance some time soon, possibly even tonight if the cards are played out right. A lady climbs into the ring with a microphone in her hand. She goes by the name of Courtney Sanchez…….+

Courtney Sanchez: Welcome back everyone to Full Force Pro! Now as most of you know the FFP is set to have the second edition of Saturday night Sadistic taking place this weekend right here in this very ring!!!

+The crowd cheers loud! Courtney smiles while they applaud and strolls around the ring until she receives silence again.+

Courtney Sanchez: That’s right everyone, I am just as excited as you are. And now that we’ve got that out of the way I have some very important news to inform you all tonight. The FFP has recently signed a new member to the roster! I don’t want to steal his thunder, but let’s just say he’s more than just a legend in the wrestling world. He’s more than god - he’s better than god….He is “Heavens Devil”! Now with out any further ado, ladies and gentlemen allow me to be the first to introduce you to the one…the only……….TYYYYYYYYLLLLLLLEEEEEEERRRRRR BBBBBBLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!

+The crowd gives a mixed reactions, curious to find out what this Mr. Blood is all about. With that said we witness an explosion of fireworks coming crashing down from the roof to ground. The explosion created a fuck load of smoke which in turn smothers the entrance to the arena, making it invisible to the naked eye. The Titan Tron shows a white screen with blood slowly trickling down it as if recently splattered on a white wall. The name “Tyler Blood” flashes across the screen a few times while our ears are filled with music from the speakers. “All My Life” By The Foo Fighters plays loud and hard.+

+As the music plays and the smoke in front of the entrance begins to clear, a mirage in the shape of a man appears at the entrance. The man stops and waits for the smoke to completely clear. He is wearing a pair of baggy ripped up blue jeans and a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head. The camera zooms in on Tyler Blood’s face but we are sadly disappointed by the Oakley sunglasses covering his face, which are also hidden behind long black strands of straggly hair. This is Tyler Blood. He glances around at the audience from side to side, and then begins to strut down the ramp towards the ring. About half way to the ring he stops, high fives two little kids on his left side, and then turns his strut into a jog…which becomes a run…he gets himself to the while building up momentum and he soars through the air and between the ropes; Landing into a summersault and then back to his feet on the mat of the wrestling ring. He paces the ring for a moment and then poses un the turnbuckle. Courtney Sanchez tosses him a microphone and the crowd goes dead silent, anticipating what this new character has to say…+

Tyler Blood: Well hello there Full Force pro.

+A silent cheer+

Tyler Blood: not a very energetic group we have here tonight now is it? Or are you all just shy? You afraid of me? You afraid of Tyler Blood?…

+He pauses, takes a breath, then carries on+

Tyler Blood: Well it’s time to get used to it, because I am fucking here! You heard the lady, my name is Tyler Blood. Yes, she is telling the truth, I am somewhat of a legend in the wrestling world, my life has revolved around the game for the last ten years of my life. Of course I’ve had a break or two for a couple years here and there, but I have devoted the last ten years to this business. It’s not just a pay check to me and it’s not just a hobby…this is my life style! Now your probably wondering to yourselves, why am I here of all places? A brand new fed? When I could go hit up something like the VWF, or PTC….Well, the answer is simple. I’m starting to reach the end. I need to move on with my life, so I thought I would take it easy and instead of burning myself out I’ll join a couple of new leagues and help them get started. That way I can do it strictly just for fun, just for personal enjoyment. And then, when the time is right, my career will take a leap off the earth.

+the crowd remains quite as he takes a big breath and paces around the ring+

Tyler Blood: I went hunting for the specific fed I wanted to be in, somewhere that I can live by my rules and do my own thing. I stumbled across Full Force Pro almost by accident, and I fell in love. What I have seen thus far considering the newness of the FFP, it’s a pretty happening joint. So I figured that this would be my best bet. This is where I want to watch my career twiddle away and come to an end. This is where the devil shall fall and all of time will disappear.

So now that I’ve given you all a little history lesson on my life, it’s time to begin and get on with my new life here at the FFP. I’m not sure if anyone else has read the column by Brandon Walker, it’s his predictions about This weeks up-coming Saturday Night Sadistic. Now as I do have a lot to say about my opponent and my match, I want to say something about the main event match. You see, with all do respect to you Mr. Walker, I want to quote a little something from your column: “I don't think there's anyone in the FFP right now that can defeat Blood Reign. He'll come out the victor...and probably be FFP's first World Champion.” I resent that statement, as I know for a fact that Blood Reign has nothing going for him if you stack him up beside me! Sure, I might be nice enough to allow him to become the first FFP World champion, but I can guarantee that I will do whatever I can in my power to take it away from him! Even if that means ruining his career!!!

+The crowd cheers at the sound of Blood Reigns voice, and boos Tyler Blood+

Tyler Blood: Go ahead and boo me now. I’m going to take those boo’s and turn them into FEAR! I’m not going to wait for my opportunity to destroy Blood Reign to do it, Instead I’m going to do it This Saturday night at Sadistic! That’s right, I am going to take my first opponent - What’s his name? Ted? Ned? Fred? I don’t know, something stupid like that. It’s that big tough low life who prepares for a match by getting drunk. Not that getting drunk is a bad thing, I’m just saying that this Jed character should be saving his beer for after the match, so he can stop the fucking pain! I am heavens devil!!! This is my first match in the FFP and I intend to make it my first victory as well. I will be walking out of the ring on my own two feet with Jed’s ugly fucking skull hanging from a stick, dripping with blood!!!!!

+The crowd cheers for Tyler this time, and boos Jed.+

Tyler Blood: Listen up Jed…

+The camera zooms in on Tyler Bloods face with a look of evil, and a glare of death…+

Tyler Blood: Since I’m a nice mother fucker, I’m going to give you one little piece of advice. When you step into that ring with me this Saturday night, and all eyes are on you, the spot light shinning down when they call your name……………

+He takes a deep breath full of rage…+


+He drops the microphone as the scene slowly fades out…+

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