+The scene begins inside what appears to be a locker room. The air is murky and smells of horribly bad body odor. The walls are a dim white color, and made of brick. They look as though they had not been maintained for years and all the soot has collected and built a layer upon the bricks. Inside the locker room is a shower, a sink, a couple of lockers, some hangers, etc…the same sort of set up used by any active sports superstar. However, there are three things in this locker room that tend to set it apart from all the rest. In one corner it does not look like a locker room, but merely more like someone’s living room; there’s a big green leather couch with a glass coffee table in font of it, followed by seventy-two inch screen television in front of the glass table+

+The television is turned on and a video of some sort plays on the screen. Wearing a pair of baggy ripped up blue jeans, and a black t-shirt with the band logo “In Flames” in big white gothic letters written across it, Tyler blood sits in the middle of the couch, with his feet off the ground and resting on the coffee table before him. He sits on the couch patiently watching a promo video put out by Daniel Mathews. Tyler laughs quietly to himself as Mathews speaks about how he is going to win his up-coming match at Lethal Injections.+

Tyler Blood: Daniel Mathews? Ha, what a waste of time.

+He holds a remote control to the television in his left hand, and when the promo comes to an end and the screen goes to white fuzz, Tyler pushes down the “power” button and the TV goes to a pitch black screen. Sitting on the coffee table a few inches away from Tyler Blood’s right foot is a pack of cigarettes. Tyler reaches over and snatches up the box of smokes. He slips one between his lips and then with the black lighter also sitting on the coffee table, he ignites the flame and touches it to the tip of the cigarette. He takes a long relaxing puff and lets out a mouth full of grey smoke.+

Tyler Blood: Daniel Mathews. The man who thinks he has it all in the palm of his hands? Haha. Not likely. You see Mr. Mathews you claim that I am just a rookie, a noob, nothing special. But that is where you are sadly mistaken my friend. I have been in this wrestling world for years. It all began when Stu heart took me in as a mere child and raised me, hoping that one day I would become the best. I made a promise to him that I would one day make history, just like two of his sons - Owen and Brett. It was years ago when the day came that Stu heart released me out into the world on my own. He said to me “Tyler, I have taught you anything and everything you need to know to not just be the best, but be better then the rest. I have shown you the way, and pointed to the door. And now, you must walk through it.” I will never forget that day, and I will never forget the day when I won my first championship match. Stu was there, watching front row, as I became victorious in the XWL and proved that I was the most hardcore superstar there was. The hardcore title was passed to me as everyone cheered.

+a drag of the cigarette and more smoke filling the air.+

Tyler Blood: You see Daniel much like you, as a kid I had dreams as well. Over the years in my wrestling career I have accomplished many of the goals I set out for myself, and even more that I didn’t plan on accomplishing. Over the years I have gone on to maintain and retain many different types of title belts. However there are still two final goals that I have had for myself that I have yet to accomplish. One of those goals was to make history. And the other of those goals was to become a world champion. Both of which I have not done yet, but as of this Saturday at lethal intentions I have been given the opportunity to do both - make history as the first ever Full Force Pro World Champion. Accomplishing two dreams at one time.

+he takes another puff and flicks the black ashes into the ashtray also sitting on the coffee table.+

Tyler blood: Daniel Mathews, you have made one big mistake here in the FFP, and that mistake was having respect. You don’t even know me Mathews, how could you have respect for me. Respect is something that should be earned. I did not earn your respect, I didn’t even ask for your respect. In fact that’s the last thing I want from you, or any of these sorry ass wrestlers on the FFP roster. I am myself, and I will do whatever the hell I feel like. Fuck your respect. Now as for my interference last week with the match between Mathews and Blood Reign, I am going to tell you the whole truth of this story. You see when I first stepped for into the FFP I heard a lot of things about this Blood Reign character, and I decided from day one that he was going to be my worst enemy. I wanted this because I love a challenge, and at that point and still to this day, the only person who threatens me and scares me in the slightest way is Blood Reign. So, knowing this I decided to step up and introduce myself last week at Sadistic. It just so happens that he was facing you Mr. Mathews. And now that you’ve pissed me off with your words of stupidity, I am more then glad that I got myself involved and cost you the match. You should know never to step into my line of fire. Your biggest mistake last week was trying to get in the middle of mself and blood Reign - the two best superstars in the FFP - And as fate tells the rest of the story, you not only lost the match Mr. Mathews, but you got an ass whooping at the same time. AND THEN you have the guts to attack me. Hahaha. Bad move my friend. You should have left it at that and back down. But now not only have you attacked me, but you’ve also made a huge mistake by begging the boss to put you in our match.

+he takes another long drag of the cancer stick and then pushes his hair back, out of his face.+

Tyler Blood: So now Daniel Mathews, you have officially put yourself on my “Endangered species” list. You are my newest enemy and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you DO NOT win this match at lethal Injections. I will tare you apart limb from limb and make you wish that you had never gotten involved with myself and/or Blood Reign. This match was meant to be one-on-one for the world title to prove who really is the best - Tyler Blood or Blood Reign. And now that you have gotten yourself into something you don’t realize was a stupid mistake, I’m going to have to take care of you first Mr. Mathews. But that’s ok, I’m not so much worried about you. It will be simple. I will take you out, and leave you in the corner of the ring in a mess of your own fucking red blood, while you watch as the true champion is determined - me or Blood Reign - And when I’m finished with him, when lay myself on top of Blood Reign and the ref gives me the three count, then I will be coming back for you Mathews…your helplessness, your blood splattered across the ring - and I will put to an end, your sorry excuse of a life!!! Now back to the videos I have recently watched you promote Mathews. You said that I seem to have been a little quiet about this match. I can explain, it’s simple really. While you have been running around yapping your stupid mouth and bragging about how you’re the best, with your flimsy saggy muscles, I have been in the gym, working out, getting mentally and physically prepared for this match. Your words mean nothing, anyone can talk big….but it takes a lot of skill to win big against me. And that skill is something you are currently - and probably always will be lacking Mr. Mathews. The time of heavens Devil has come. I understand that I have only had one match here in the FFP thus far, and not just my opponents at lethal injections have been doubting my ability to become the first ever FFP world champ, but so has president Matt Kraven, and that jack ass Brandon Walker. But that’s A-O-K, because this Saturday night, I W I L L Walk out of the ring with the Full Force Pro World Championship titls belt dangling over my shoulder! And I intend to keep it that way!

+He takes the last drag of his cigarette and butts it out in his ashtray.+


+Tyler gets an evil look in his eye and a big nasty grin across his face after he speaks the name of the other member in the match+

Tyler Blood: Blood Reign. I asume you as well are wondering why exactly I targeted you in your match last week against Daniel mathews. Well, the answer is simple really. I first came here to the FFP and what did I hear? “blood reign this, blood reign that, the most dominant force in the FFP, blah, blah, blah………….

+He leans forward with anger in his face and punds his fist on the glass table, almost with enough force to shatter the 5 inch thick piece of glass+

Tyler Blood: Well your all full of mother-fucking SHIT! You don’t scare me blood reign, in fact I am feeding off of you anger. Synn, you seem to think that Blood Reign is going to burry me in that junk yard you call a grave yard? Well I hope your prepared to be sadly mistaken. You better be prepared for the worst….BUECAUSE THE WORST IS COMING! On Saturday night at lethal injections, while Daniel mathews cowers in the corner wishing he had never stepped foot in the ring between you and I, I will bash your ugly skull into the ground and tare your insides out! I will do whatever it takes to keep you down! And when you start bleeding, and realize that your laying in a pool of your own stinky blood, I will continue to rip you limb from limb, until you lungs give out! And then when you stop bleeding I will slit your fucking throat, and not only walk out of the ring with the World title hanging from waist, but I will also have your head hanging from my machete! You blood will spill all over the matt. AND THEN people will look at you like the shameful piece of shit that you are. They will no longer fear you because you will be NOTHING to those people…if anyone around here has anything to fear, it’s me…HEAVENS FUCKING DEVIL! Your going to have to change your name after lethal injections, because Blood Reign won’t suit you anymore when you’ve got no blood inside you. I WILL BLEED YOU FUCKING DRY! You will beg for your life, beg for mercy, and I will make you scream my name and tell the people that I am the most dominant force in the FFP. I AM YOUR GOD! You want a fight, your going to get more than just a fight.

+Tyler takes a deep breath to calm himself do.+

Tyler Blood: Come lethal injections there will be fear, there will be pain, and yes, oh yes……………………..THERE WILL BE BLOOD! I’ve got one last piece of advice for both my opponents at lethal injections - Blood Reign and Daniel Mathews - When you step into that ring with me this Saturday night………………………………

+Tyler stares into the camera with the devil in his eyes, breathing heavily+


+Much like the TV screen earlier in front of Tyler, the camera goes to white fuzz…then to pitch black…+

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