+the scene opens with laughter+

Tyler Blood: muhahahahahahahahaaaÖ

+here we in the backstage portion of the AWR just two days away from the big pay per View event from St. James Park, Newcastle in England. Sixth Sense! Everyone has been running around hog wild trying to prepare for the event; the staff with the setup of the arena, and the wrestlers preparing for the matches in which they are scheduled for the event. Speaking of the PPV, we are here inside the locker room of the newest member of the AWR. He has been tossed randomly into the PPV due to the fact that Tyler Lucas was at one point without a team mate for his tag team match. Being a good man, even though it Is his first match, Tyler Blood has decided to step up and take the opportunity to be the other member of Lucasís team for the tag team glass tables match.+

Tyler Blood: Sixth Sense! Wow. What a show this is going to beÖ

+Tyler is seen sitting on his black leather couch, with his feet up on the coffee table, which sits in front of the T.V. In his right hand he holds a bottle of Sleemanís Cream ale, and with his left he holds the clicker of the television, the remote control. Tyler is in the middle of watching the promos in which were created a few days ago by the other three wrestlers competing in his match.+

Tyler Blood: hmmmm.Ö.interestingÖ.

+just then a knock is heard on the door of Tylerís dressing room ďRat tap tapĒ Tyler yells from the couch without bothering to get upÖ+

Tyler Blood: Sorry, We donít want any cookies. Get outa hereÖ

+He waits in silence expecting the knocking not to happen again as he goes back to the videos on the screenÖĒRat tap tapĒ+

Tyler Blood: GOD DAMMIT! I said go the fuck away!

+The knocking continues for the third timeÖ+

Muffled Voice from the other side of the door: Excuse me Mr. blood? Sorry to bother you on such short notice. Iím here on behalf of the WAR, Iím here for an interview. If youíve got a few minutes to spare that would be great.

+The voice was definitely a womenís. It sounded soft and sweet. Tyler ponders getting up and opening the door. If it had not been the voice of a female on the other end of the door he probably would have pretended that he wasnít there, or made up some excuse about not having the time. However, Tyler Blood can always make a few extra minutes for the ladies, and so the door in front of the lady opened wide. There stood Tyler standing in front of her. The girl had long flowing straight blonde hair and big lushes red lips.+

Tyler Blood: Wow, your pretty cuteÖ.

+The girl blushes and smiles+

Miss Kittie: Hi there Mr. Blood. My name is Miss kittie. I am an official interviewer here for the WAR. Itís a pleasure and an honor to finally have the opportunity to meet and to speak with you Mr. BloodÖ.

+Tyler cuts her off there+

Tyler Blood: Please, call me Tyler. I aint no fucking Mister, or Sir. Just Tyler. And I must say Miss Kittie was it? It is a very big honor to finally get to meet you as well.

+Tyler softly and lightly grabbed Miss Kitties left hand with his right and bent over to lightly kiss the back of her hand. She blushes again and giggles a little, before quickly snapping her hand back.+

Miss kittle: Iím sorry Tyler, Iím not much for mixing business with pleasure.

Tyler Blood: fair enough. Well, come on in then and take a seat, Iím sure youíve got lots of questions to ask, and to be honest Iíve got a lot of shit to say.

+He jesters to the couch as they both take a seat. Tyler lights up a cigarette and offers one to his new friend who turns it down.+

Miss Kittie: Well for starters Tyler, how have you been enjoying yourself here in the WAR thus far? How have the people - staff and other wrestlers - been treating you?

Tyler Blood: Well, Iím enjoying it so far. The fans are kind of up and down, but Iím sure as I start to climb the ladder to the top of the roster, the fans will get a little better. The other wrestlers here a pretty ass hole-ish to tell you the truth. Instead of making me feel at home, there trying to push me away. I havenít exactly gotten to fitting in yet around here, but with time that will also come. However the staff have been doing a great job of making me feel well. I mean come on now, they in someone as beautiful as you to get the inside dirt of me.

+Miss Kittie blushes again and continues with the questions+

Miss Kittie: thank youÖand Iím glad your liking it here so far. It is a pretty great federation to be in, itís one of the top rising wrestling corporations today. Now, Iíd like to talk about your first up-coming match! Iím sure your pretty excited to be having your first match at the Sixth Sense PPV.

+A drag from the cigarette+

Tyler Blood: oh yes. Very excited. What a great opportunity to make my debut match. i canít wait! And do you know what the best part of it is? Itís not just any ordinary tag team match, itís a mother fucking glass tables match!!! One of my top 5 favorite types of matches. Thatís the best part, especially for my debut. Haha. I canít wait.

Miss Kittie: What do you think about having Tyler Lucas as your partner?

Tyler Blood: Well actually i was just watching all three promos from Lucas, Snow, and Styles. now letís start with Lucas as you brought him up. I thought he was going to be a nice guy and give me the same respect that Iíve been giving him. I was hoping that maybe this match wouldnít just be a one time thing, and maybe we could team up again here in the WAR sometime in the future. I was hoping Tyler Lucas would be-friend me as I was trying to do with him. But guess what - he decided to be a stuck up bitch! He said he doesnít care about meÖ.or our opponents for that matter. Well thatís a great attitude, working against each other is really going to get us the win there Lucas you retard! If you want this win then we have to work together to fuck up these bitches!!! Tyler is worried about me getting in his way? Worried about picking up my slack?! HAHAHA! Donít make me laugh Lucas, Iíve been in this industry a long time, and the way I see it, one of our opponents is a chick, and the other is a flaming homoÖ.and your worried about losing this match? Oh donít you worry about a thing Lucas, Iíll stay out of your way as long as you work with me. And by that I mean, you take that ass Hole styles, I want the fucking slut!!!

+Another puff of the cigarette+

Tyler Blood: I think Iíve said enough in the past about Ronnie Styles, I really donít have anything else to say about that douche. But Iíve got a new sense of words for Miss Snow! You may be pretty cute, but that aint going to stop me from walking all over you. Youíve said some things that have pissed me off, youíve raised my anger level, and when I get in that ring with you on Wednesday night, Iím going to tear you apart. You said you like my last nameÖweather you were being sarcastic or not, Iím going to bring my last name to life A ND SPILL YOUR FUCKING PRETTY RED BLOOD!!! Iím going to bash your fucking skull through the glass of those tables! Iím going to make sure that you wonít be walking out of that ring because Iím going to break every fucking bone it your scrawny little legs, and leave you in a pool of blood with pieces of glass stuck between your fucking teeth! Youíre a little bitch, and thatís exactly how Iím going to treat you at Sixth sense - AS MY FUCKING BITCH! - this may be my first match here, and I canít wait to show the world who I am by ripping you to pieces Miss SnowÖMUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

+Blood laughs devilishly with a fire in his eyes+

Tyler Blood: With that said, I will be walking out of sixth sense with my first ever WAR victoryÖwith or without the help of Tyler Lucas. I WILL WIN THIS FUCKING MATCH!

Miss Kittie: Wow. Interesting. I know I would personally hate to be the one stepping in that ring with you on Wednesday night. And I can honestly say Iím glad Iím not. Thank you for your time Tyler but Iím running a little behind schedule. I want to wish you the best of luck in your first WAR match at Sixth sense. And I hope you get that victory that you just promised your going to get.

Tyler Blood: no no, thank you for your time beautifulÖ

+Miss kittie blushes one more time. Tyler takes a long puff of his cancer stick and then blows a cloud of grey smoke into the lens of the camera as the scene fades outÖ+

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