+The scene begins as the song “the same” by Nonpoint finishes playing on the radio. Seconds later this message is heard coming through the radio…+

“Announcer:TK 101 is on the air, and in case you miss this, folks, We have tickets to see For the First time in 1 year, The Silencer himself.. For those who do not remember, He had been an extreme wrestler who we yet to know where he's from, but has gained guidance and has been out of the ring for some time.. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I have 2 BACKSTAGE PASSES that we can give out to you fans as well as 2 tickets to See WAR GAMES.. LIVE from England.. All you have to do is be the tenth caller..”

+This announcement is followed by a short silence as the radio then cuts to another song, it’s “Ever long” by The Foo Fighters. The song plays for a few minutes as the radio announcer stares out into the murky, rainy, and shitty weather. The sky is filled with grey clouds. There is a puddle in the middle of the road and every time a car passes by, the wheels cause a splash from the puddle, which lightly prays muddy water droplets all over the window of the radio studio.+

Announcer (not on the air, talking to himself): AW MAN! That’s disgusting. Dam rain! What the hell, completely ruin my plans for camping this weekend. I was really looking forward to some smores! Stupid weather!

+in-between cars droplets of fresh clean water create a splatter into the puddle on the middle of the road. The sidewalk is almost completely empty, very few people are walking the streets today, and those who are, are holding colorful umbrellas over their heads to keep themselves dry. +

+Inside the studio, the announcer gets ready to cue up another song as he awaits for the tenth caller. With that said, the phone begins to ring…+

“Ring, Ring, Ring…Ring Ring Ring…”

+After preparing the next song - “The Hell Song” By Sum 41 - The announcer snatches up the receiver of the annoying phone+

Announcer (Back on the air): Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to TK 101! That was the Foo Fighters with ever long. And now before we play our next song we’ve got our tenth caller on the line right now with us….So with that said let’s cut you Caller…are you there?

+Dead silence, no one replies…+

Announcer: Caller are you there?

+Silence again. This gives off an eary feeling. Another cars drives by as and splashes the window again. The announcer looks pissed off.+

Announcer: Alright well, looks like he hung up…so the backstage tickets will be going out to the next caller……………….

+Just before he hangs up the phone and waits for the next caller, something is heard over the phone line. It’s some sort of scratching sound, like a cat clawing at the couch.+

Announcer: oh wait a minute. I here something, caller are you still there? Hello caller………………

+The scratching stops…silence…then a voice….+

Voice on the phone: I’m here….

+the voice has a soft and scratchy sound, very mysterious….+

Announcer: Well that’s excellent, you are officially the tenth caller here today, and for those of you who have just joined us, this caller has just received two backstage passes to next weeks WAR games event! You’ll have an opportunity to meet all the greatest WAR superstars, Including “The silencer“ James Assassin himself!

+More scratching is heard…+

Announcer: So caller what is the name of the lucky man whom will be receiving these tickets?

+silence. Then the mysterious voice speaks again…+

Voice: My name…Is Tyler….

+Silence for a moment again.+

Announcer: alright Tyler well it seems to be your lucky day…

Voice: BLOOD!!!

Announcer: uhhhh….excuse me? What was that last thing you said?

+Silence….scratching…..more words+

Voice: Blood…my name is Tyler Blood….

+through the speakers of the radio rustling of paper can be heard…+

Announcer: Alright then, that’s an interesting last name, well then Mr. Blooooo………………..

+The announcer stops dead half way through his sentence as the rustling of the paper stops+

Announcer: Wait a minute…Tyler Blood? The Tyler Blood? As in WAR’s greatest up-and-coming talent? Well I’ll be dammed! It’s an honor to you have on the show today Mister Blood…

+The scratching noise on the other end of the line gets louder, and then completely disappears. Leaving us in dead silence…+

Tyler Blood: shut the hell up and listen. Earlier you were talking about Mr. James Assassin. And well, I’ve got a little message to send out to him…Mr. Assassin, if your listening right now, then pay attention! On September tenth you will be stepping into the ring for your first ever WAR event. Now lucky for you your opponent is evenly matched. Your opponent is me. And I have only had the opportunity of having one match in the WAR, which unfortunately I lost. I blame it on my ass hole team mate at the time, Tyler Lucas. But I’m not here to talk about Tyler Lucas, or Aurora Snow, Or even Ronnie Styles for that matter. I’m here to talk about this new mother fucker…..

Announcer: haahemmm…sorry to interrupt Mr. Blood But we cannot tolerate your language on the radio, please tone it down for the younger audience…

Tyler Blood: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT! Now as I was saying, there’s some new guy here in the WAR who thinks he’s got what it takes. He thinks he can run his mouth and not pay the consequences? HAHA well I’ve got news for you James….THERES ALWAYS FUCKING CONSEQUENCES! Lucky for you, your consequences are going to be very…very….PAINFULL!!!

+Tyler blood laughs divisibly on the other end of the phone line+

Tyler Blood: James, Your going to be stepping into the AWR arena for your first time, against me, and in my number one favorite type of wrestling match….

+silence for a moment+

Tyler Blood: HARDCORE FUCKING RULES MATCH!!! You see James, I’ve been wrestling in this business off and on for over ten years now. I’ve worked my way from the bottom, to the top. It all began when I was a kid. I grew up with a violent life on the streets, and that is why Hardcore matches are my fav. Weapons are not just weapons to me, but they are more like my toys. My adrenaline!!! Hardcore is my middle name, that’s why the call me “Heaven’s Devil”…Because I am a scary mother fucker! And did I mention I like to watch people bleed? And now, next week at WAR games I get to watch you bleed Mr. Assassin, fresh fucking meet!!! I have a goal, that goal is to someday rise to the top of this wrestling world and capture every championship there is. And while I’m at it I might as well spill the blood of anyone who gets in my way…and you James, are in my fucking way! When I beat you next week at WAR games I will become the number one contender for the Mercenary title, And then, depending on wheather or not Ronnie Rocker manages to retain the title this week at war games, I will be going after the champ….I will be going after not only his title, but also his fucking red blood! But first, I’m going to take care of you Mr. Assassin. Now before I hang up this phone, I would like to send out one piece of advice to james Assassin: When you get in the ring with me next week at WAR Games…..

+Silence for two seconds…+


+a click is heard, followed by the sound of a phone being placed off the hook…+

Announcer: Well there you have it folks, a little message from WAR’s Ttyler Blood, as he prepares for the up coming WAR Games event.

+the announcer quickly cuts to the next song as the scene fades out…+

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