SEPTEMBER 13TH 2008 2008

+”Ronnie Rocker”. The name running through the mind of Tyler Blood=

Tyler Blood: Ronnie Rocker….

+On the patio we sit. The surface below is made of wood, the typical house deck. When the contractors had built this specific deck, they claimed that it was the biggest one they had ever built. It had a span of 10 feet long from the house. It circles the entire house like a mote around a castle. The sides of the house contains a lot of blank space, but the front and the back are loaded with tables, chairs, hammocks, and swinging love seats. So here we are, sitting on the deck with Tyler Blood. In his right hand he holds a lit cigarette with smoke bellowing Into the hot sunny air. With his left hand he holds a bottle of beer, and currently is seen taking a chug.+

Tyler Blood: Finally I obtain my first WAR win. What a good feeling that is! And now, Ronnie Rocker…

+A white van pulls up in front of the green lawn, which leads up to the deck, and then to the front door of Tyler Bloods house. Out of the shiny painted vehicle three men step out carrying all sorts of equipment. Tyler Blood catches view of these people and then glances at his watch+

Tyler Blood: hmm, three-thirty on the dot. Good timing…

+The three men and their equipment stroll up the sidewalk and join Tyler on the patio, where he sits in a lawn chair around a big glass table. Seconds later from the van another character arises. A beautiful blonde female! She strolls up towards the gentlemen on the patio and receives a pretty warm welcome…+

Tyler Blood: *Whistle whistle*

+The girl blushes and then smirks…While all this is happening the three men scramble around with their equipment; unfolding stands, testing microphones, warm up video shots, etc…+

Miss Kittie: Mr. Blood, I thought I told you once before that I NEVER mix business with pleasure…

+As she speaks, Tyler takes a chug of his beer, but he shortly spits it all back up due to a random mess of laughter+

Tyler Blood: haha. And I thought I told you Miss Kittie, to call me Tyler.

+Miss Kittle blushes again+

Miss Kittie: Alright, fair enough. Let’s keep it at that.

+Tyler takes a drag of his cigarette and then butts it out in the ash tray+

Miss Kittie: Alright, just gives these boys another minute or two and we can get this intervie…..

+Tyler gets up from the chair and walks away. He enters his house and shuts the door…+

Miss Kittie: What the hell? Uhhhhhh……ok guys, what the hell just happened there? Did I say something wrong?…

+The door of the house opens up and Tyler Blood returns to the scene, carrying two cans of beer in each hand. After dispersing them to each of the people joining him on the patio, he pulls out a chair and signals for Miss Kittie to take a seat. She accepts the offer and he pulls up a chair on the opposite end of the table.+

Road Crew #1: Alright Miss kittie, we’re ready to rock and roll………………………..

+Miss Kittie holds up three fingers and drops one at a time as she counts backwards from three to one.+

Road Crew #2: And were Rollin…

Miss Kittie: Hello everyone! My name is Miss kittie, and my friend across the table from me here goes by the name of Tyler Blood.

+The camera gets a close up on Tyler’s face and then zooms out to get the whole scene+

Miss Kittie: We are here today with Tyler Blood, to get the official low-down on his brand new career in the Wrestling Action Revolution! So Tyler, the good news is that last Wednesday night at WAR Games you walked away with your first ever WAR victory. How do you feel about your win, and what are your thoughts and opinions on the subject of your match last week?

+Miss Kittie cracks open the beer can.+

Tyler Blood: Last week? Hmmm…

+Tyler ponders for a moment trying to think back to the week prior to this one+

Tyler Blood: last week?….OH YEAH! Shit, I’m having troubles here…what was the name of that no-body’s ass that I kicked? I just can’t think of it right now…

Miss Kittie: James Assassin???

Tyler Blood: YES! That’s it! Thank you Miss Kittie, it’s all coming back to me now. Not that there really is much to go back too. I know it’s not completely proper of me to speak about him in such a low fashion as I have only been here a few weeks myself. I just find it funny how easily I beat him. It took me no time at all, I didn’t even break a sweat! I made a wrong assumption. I thought that he had some prior wrestling experience, and I assumed he was going to put up a fight. I got all prepared, and then I whooped his ass. End of story. However, there is one thing that I don’t understand - Why the hell was Mr. Ass placed in a #1 contenders match for his first AWR match? I’m not complaining, it just doesn’t make sense.

Miss Kittie: Shouldn’t you be asking yourself a very similar question Tyler?

Tyler Blood: Well, once again I have only been here a few weeks myself…but at least I’ve shown the WAR Roster what I am made of, and I think I have proven to be more than worthy of competing for the mercenary title. When I first stumbled across the WAR one of the biggest things that opened up for me to apply was the Mercenary title itself. As I explained to you last week Miss Kittie, I am very big into the hardcore department of wrestling. Weapons are my specialty. And I think I did a pretty good job of proving that to the WAR…or at least to James Assassin.

Now in regards to how my victory itself, it felt wonderful! I love Victories, in fact it was my good friend Tony who said it best………..THEY’RE GGGGRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAATTT!!! And now I am officially underway in the WAR. My career has begun, I have made it through the shitty ass try outs, and now I’m standing on the bottom rung of the ladder.

+Tyler lights up another cigarette and takes a big puff. Miss Kittie takes a chug of her beverage.+

Miss Kittie: Well I must say there isn’t nothing better then a good cold beer with a hot sun like this.

+Everyone cheer’s, takes a sip, and then Miss Kittie carries on with the interview.+

Miss kittie: So the bottom rung? Is that so? Because last time I checked, anyone competing for the WAR Mercenary title is more then just low class! In fact anyone competing for any title should be considered at least, competent. In my personal opinion I think your really better then you think you are Tyler, and You’re a little further up on the WAR food chain that you realize.

Tyler Blood: Well when you put it that way, it does make a little more sence. I mean, look at the facts, I have only been here for two weeks and I’ve already accomplished great things. Sure, I might not have been victorious in my first match at Sixth Sense, but deep down inside it was a victory. Besides, If Lucas had kept out of the way, maybe we would have truly won that match. In fact I think I would have been better off with out him from the start…

BUT that is besides the point. You, along with my fans don’t give a shit about the past. It’s all about the future…and the future is Blood! Not just Tyler Blood, But Ronnie Rocker’s Blood as well

+Tyler laughs mysteriously+

Miss kittie: that is correct. The past is a bore. However you hit a name that is not a bore, you mentioned Ronnie Rocker. Now from what I understand you are officially the #1 contender for the Mercenary title, and if my facts are right - which they generally are - then that means that Ronnie Rocker is the current WAR Mercenary champion.

Tyler Blood: yes, Ronnie Rocker. Oh yes. The holder of MY title. You see Miss Kittie you are right about one thing - at this very moment you can say Ronnie Rocker IS the mercenary champion - But in less then one week you are going to have to change that saying to Ronnie Rocker W A S the WAR mercenary champion.

Miss Kittie: wow, you seem to have a lot of courage to be speaking those word Tyler. Are you aware that Ronnie has been with the WAR since the middle of June? Which means he’s got over three months of experience in the WAR compared to you.

+Tyler takes a big drag of his smoke+

Tyler Blood: That you are correct. But it does not matter how much longer he’s been in the WAR, that means shit all to me. What matters is the fact that I don’t think he knows how to swing a chair. I don’t even think he’s got the mussel power to lift up a chair to tell you the truth. Yet, he is somehow the Mercenary champion? That title is about pain. Not just giving pain, but taking it as well. And that is one of my best qualities, I can dish it out, and take it in. I’ve seen him running around doing a poor job of representing a title that specifies hardcore, when he can’t even spell the word hardcore. Everyone knows that Mercenary title belongs to me. It’s been calling my name since the second I stepped foot in this joint. I remember watching Ronnie Rocker win the title for his second time, at Sixth Sense, And I watched how poorly he did it. I even watched his to a terrible job of defending it last week against Tommy Gun. Mind you, Tommy Gun isn’t much of a competition at all. Tommy gun reminds me of….oh shit now I’ve forgotten that losers name again, the dumb ass who I beat last week………

Miss Kittie: James Assassin?

Tyler Blood: Right, Tommy reminds me of James. End of story. Now more importantly, I have a big match coming up this week at WAR Games 14. I know that after I walk away with the title around my waist and another victory behind me, I’m going to feel a little bit bad. You see, Ronnie’s only had the title for a couple weeks…But I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad considering that two weeks is a lot longer then the when he only held it for one week back a couple months ago. And the funniest part of it all is that he lost it to TYLER LUCAS! What a joke….not the situation, I mean Tyler Lucas. I can’t believe Ronnie let Lucas beat him for the title! That makes me happy. And now, even if Rocker tries to stop me from taking the title from him, I’m still going to win it, because that’s just the way things are. I am the new face of WAR Hardcore, I began to prove that last week when I wiped my ass with James Assassins face, and I’m going to continue to prove it when I become victorious this week at WAR Games 14. That title is as good mine. You are looking at the new face of hardcore……………….

+The camera zooms in on Tyler Bloods face+

Miss Kittie: Interesting opinion….

Tyler blood: ha, opinion? No, it’s plane old FACT!

+Tyler finishes his beer as Miss Kittie and her road crew do the same. She glances at her watch…+

Miss kittie: uh oh…Sorry To cut it short there Tyler, But we’ve got another call to do before the day ends. We best be going now. You’ve got thirty seconds to give me your final words of this interview…

Tyler Blood: hmmm…final words? Well, I just want to send out a little word of advice to Ronnie Rocker: When you step into the ring with me this week at WAR Games 14, and put your mercenary title on the line………………..

+he takes a puff of his smoke and blows it out into the air and then glares into the camera+

Tyler Blood: DON’T FUCKING BLINK!!!!!

+The camera fades out…+

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