+the scene begins inside an industrial kitchen sized freezer. A very weird place to begin a scene, put that’s the where we are none-the-less. There’s a man inside the freezer all bundled up in a big over coat with puffy rims around the hood, which is also pulled over the top of his head, thus making it impossible to see who it is. The man holds a steel baseball bat in his right hand which is covered by a heavy duty ski glove, matching with the glove on his left hand. Hanging in the middle of the freezer is the Wrestling Action Revolution Mercenary championship, swaying back and forth from the hook on which it hangs.+

Bundled up man: Finally, I have accomplished something in the WAR. I have put my name in the books. For the first time I have the gold. What a beautiful piece of work you are.

+He motions at the WAR Mercenary title and then runs his hand down the belt. after that being said it becomes clear that this is none other than Tyler Blood, considering that if you look in the books it is him who currently holds the WAR Mercenary title.+

Tyler Blood: Ronnie Rocker, what a fucking joke. Right from the start I was running his ass. Hell, I almost had the three count no more than 5 minutes into the match. And he brags about being the best in the business? I think not Mr. Rocker, the best in the biz would not fall so easily to someone like me. Hahaha. I mean really, shortly after that he even attempted to pin me…but he didn’t even get to the count of one. Y? Because Ronnie Rocker is a fucking joke! Plain and simple.

+Other than Tyler Blood and the bat in his hand, and the mercenary title, there are three other object in the freezer with him: three ice sculptures, each one is carved into the face of these three men - Ronnie Rocker, Tommy Gun, and Alkali.+

Tyler Blood: What really pissed me off the match though was the fact that it was called a “Hardcore” match. Hardcore means weapons…hardcore means…BLOOD!

+Tyler smirks into the camera as his lips are practically the only part of his visible skin, due to the coldness of the freezer.+

Tyler Blood: But you see, Ronnie Rocker was too afraid to step up and play with weapons. However maybe that was smart on his part, because he knew exactly what would have happened if he had…

+Tyler paces towards the ice sculpture of Ronnie Rocker and with the bat he takes a big swing. In seconds, little shards of Ice shatter into the air and scatter across the floor of the freezer. Tyler laughs devilishly+

Tyler Blood: The Mercenary title is means hardcore. However, how am I supposed to prove that I am the most hardcore when Ronnie doesn’t even give me a chance to make him bleed? Well I guess that’s ok though, considering that I am officially the Mercenary champion, that means I get another chance to prove my hardcore skills. I get another chance to make someone else bleed. Recently I received news that I will be stepping into the WAR ring once again, this week on WAR Games. And yes, of course, MY mercenary championship will be on the line. For the first time in my WAR Career I will have the opportunity for my first ever title defense, and I will walk away with my first ever WAR title defense victory. That might sound a little cocky, but it’s also very true. Look at who my opponents are this week, the two new-comers….

+he uses the bat to point at the remaining two ice sculptures…+

Tyler Blood: Tommy Gun and Alkali!!!

+He laughs hysterically for a moment and then carries on with his speech.+

Tyler Blood: HAHAHA! I was expecting somewhat of a challenge this week, after my walk in the park with Ronnie Rocker last week. However, instead of giving me more of a chalenge, I’ve been placed against two of the newest losers in the WAR. Hell, The two of them together won’t even equal out the chalenge of Ronnie Rocker….and that is fucking sad. It looks like I’m going to have no problem retaining the Mercenary title this week. However, I hope that I actually get to define the meaning of hardcore this week, hopefully I get to use some fucking weapons. I’m sick of this pussy shit.

Now, Tommy Gun? Interesting name. I do have to give you credit, you’ve have some experience wrestling in Japan, and that’s pretty cool That actually kind of frightens me a little. However, it doesn’t mean that your going to beat me. It doesn’t mean that you know how to swing a bat, or set up a table, or shatter a stop sign….etc… means your good…but not good enough.

+Tyler walks over to the sculpture of Tommy Gun, and much like Ronnie’s sculpture, he sends tiny shards of Ice flying through the air and crashing to the floor.+

Tyler Blood: And now, on to battery boy! “Here to neutralize my ass” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’ve got to be kidding me. And I thought Ronnie Rocker was a joke, But Alkali makes him look talented. BAHAHAHAHA! Alright battery boy, you think your hardcore enough to take my title away? Because I sure as hell don’t think Mr. Gun is going to do it. So basically all I have to do is use up all your fucking energy and you’ll stop working, correct? BAHAHAHAH! What a fucking joke.

+He walks over to Alkali’s sculpture and shatters it with the baseball bat, leaving all three sculptures remaining only as shards of scattered ice.+

Tyler Blood: You see boys, this is my fucking title….

+he points to the mercenary title hanging in the center of the freeer+

Tyler Blood: And I intend to keep it that way this week at WAR Games. So come prepared boyz, because I assure you, this is not going to be some walk in the park. This is going to be…….BLOOD…..

+The scene fades out+

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