AUGUST 28TH 2008

+the scene opens in pitch darkness. It’s quiet, but not too quiet. The chatter of voices can be heard throughout this room…or building…or wherever the hell we are. Unfortunately due to the blackness of this place the voices cannot only be heard and not at all seen. After another 30 seconds of darkness and the chatter f invisible-ghostly voices, the lights begin o flicker on and off, similar to the sort of thing that you would find at a RAVE full of drug addicts wasting away their cracked out minds and tripping from the crazy flickering lights. HOWEVER, instead of drugged up teenagers, we can see the short glimpses of an audience as the lights continue to flicker. It now slowly becomes clear that we are in some sort of arena. The camera zooms round the room, as we see millions and millions of fans sitting the seats surrounding the arena. It has now become clear that the voices are not caused by ghosts, but by all these people.+

+Where are? That is the question. Zooming around in circles the camera freezes on the middle of the arena. Here we see - although it is tough to completely make it out as the lights continue top flicker - what appears to be a wrestling ring. After another minute of flickering lights and the audience getting a little louder, a huge explosion is heard…..the black and white flickering now stops and becomes solid light. The audience get louder by the second. The explosion can now not only be heard, but seen as well. There is a ramp leading from the backstage hallways, out to the ring. Following the ramp of from the ring the camera zooms in on the entrance way to the arena, where we can see flames and smoke. Following the loud bang of the explosion, the titan tron begins to play a video, while “one-by-one“ by the foo fighters begins to play loud and clear through the P.A system.+

+The camera rises up and zooms in this time on the screen of the titontron. It is completely white at first, but slowly the color of red begins to cover the white. Coming from the top of the screen, the red color is in the form of blood, drizzling down the screen until the white is completely gone. A loud voice is head somewhere in the arena but is not visible where it came from…+


+Everyone scrambles in confusion as this voice has never been heard here in the W.A.R. seconds after this voice is heard and the music continues to play, the words ”TYLER BLOOD” appear on the screen of the titontron which the blood red has completely covered. Dave Cobain and Kurt Cook come into view sitting at the announcers table.+

Dave Cobain: What the hell? What is going on here Kurt? I’ve never before heard this theme music before, and I’ve definitely never heard the name Tyler Blood…..what’s happening here?…

Kurt Cook: I don’t know Dave…this is crazy talk…who is this Tyler Blood Character, and where the hell is he………….


+Meanwhile while the world waits to see what is going on out in the WAR games arena, the camera cuts scenes. We are now in what appears to be a hallway. The lighting is dim and there is a faint smell of B.O filling the hall. The walls are painted white brick. The carpet is a grey murky color and looks like it hasn’t been vacuumed weeks, which is probably true. Glancing around, we see some people come into view…just the usually backstage crew, and staff employed by the WAR. Glancing back down the empty hallway, someone…or something comes into view….this new and unusual character is wearing a pair of old beaten grey sneakers with black socks. Just above the rim of the socks are a pair of blue jeans which are ripped and torn from top to bottom. Scrolling up from the ground, we see a black sweatshirt; scrolling even higher hoping to get a glimpse of a face and discover whom this character is, we seem to be disappointed. The character has the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head, and he sulks his head downwards towards the floor, making it impossible to see a face. However the one thing that we can see through the lens of the camera is black straggly hair pouring out through the gap of the hood. Thus far that is all that can be said about this interesting new character.+

+Slowly but surely, the character moves towards the camera. Into view comes a set of 5 stairs, no more then a 3-4 feet in front of this character. He continues to walk as everyone in this backstage room freezes when he comes into view. Their mouths drop and their eyes widen in confusion. He takes a couple more steps and then stop just before raising his foot to the first of the five steps. He looks left, then right, noticing all the starring staff members. Avery quiet chuckle can be heard coming from this character…………………..+


+Without any further ado, the camera flashes scenes again. Back out to the arena.+

Kurt Cook: Well, where the hell is this guy……for gods sake what the hell is going on here?

+The music continues to play in the background as short video clips of wrestling matches appear on the screen. These are not just regular matches, as most of them appear to involve weapons; tables, chairs, ladders, stop signs, trash cans….human bodies being tossed and beaten around by a man with long black straggly hair……+

+while the music and video continue to play, another loud bang is heard as we see fireworks come falling from the roof of the building with great speed, and crashing into the ground just in front of the entrance ramp. More smoke…more music…and then, out of know where, he appears…….+

Dave Cobain: Hey wait a minute! I think I see someone…yes….there’s someone….or something there hidden in the fog of the smoke….

Kurt Cook: But…but who Dave? Who is it?

Dave Cobain: I don’t know! I can’t make it out…it must be this Tyler Blood Character?

+Finally the form of a human comes full into view, in fact it appears to be the same human we saw just moments ago in the backstage area. The smoke clears and we now see this person standing at the top of the ramp. No movement, just frozen at the top of the ramp, like a statue. He takes off the hood as we hope to see his face…but still we cannot see the face of this man as the long black straggly hair covers it, as well as a pair of big Oakley, brown-tinted sunglasses. He stands there for a moment, glancing around the arena at all the people. The he shoots a stare in the direction of Dane Cobain, and Kurt Cook…+

Dane Cobain: What the…what was that look for? Did you see that Kurt? He just gave us a very evil glance!

Kurt Cook: We don’t even know who this guy is! What the hell is going on here?

+The character at the top of the ramp grins and then glances at the ring. Obviously his destination. He takes a step forward, followed by another, and then another…etc….his pace quickens….down the ramp….faster and faster….closer and closer…he gets to a jogging pace when he reaches about 8 feet to the ring. After taking a few jogging steps he jumps up on left foot, now flying in the air. This man goes in between the second and third rope of the ring. He tucks, and shoulder rolls onto the matt. Seconds later he jumps up to his feet. During the time from which he appeared at the top of the ramp, till now, the crowd was giving mixed reactions. They begin to quiet down now as this new character snatches up a microphone and appears ready to talk.+

Kurt Cook: Alright lets shut up now. I think he’s going to talk…

+He holds the mic in front of his face for a moment as he waits for silence…during this time he takes off the sunglasses from his faces and pushes back his hair, finally completely revealing his face to the world. When the drop of a pin can be heard - other then the quiet chit chat we heard earlier - This new character begins to speak……..


+Mixed reactions from the audience…+

Tyler Blood: That’s right, my name is Tyler Blood. Some of you may know me from the past as I have been in this business for many years. Some of you may know me as CJ…or Geurnica….or Insomniac….As those are some of the ring names that I have gone by since the beginning of my wrestling career. It all began years ago when I stumbled across The father of the legendary Brett Heart - Stu - He openly accepted me and took me in under his wing. There I learned how to wrestle from the pros, competing in underground indie feds…about a year ago I decided to step up to the big leagues, and I’ve been rocking the world ever since! I recently stumbled across the WAR while channel surfing one say, and I highly enjoyed what I witnessed. Therefore I placed my application, and I was accepted on the spot.

Dave Cobain: interesting, a little background information on this Tyler Blood character. So apparently he’s part of the WAR now?

Tyler Blood: Upon being accepted, I have also been placed in my first match. Now that I’ve made my introduction to you people, I would like to talk about said match. ONE WEEK from now, I will be stepping into this ring for my first ever WAR match. And I’m pretty sure you all know what event is taking place next week, on September 3rd…………

+The crowd begins to chant: Sixth sense…sixth sense…sixth sense………+

Kurt Cook: NO WAY! Seriously? Haha, this guys seriously going to be wrestling his first match at sixth sense next week? Haha, shouldn’t this guy have a warm up match before jumping into the biggest show of the month?

Tyler Blood: Not only is my first match at this months PPV…it is also a tag team match….AND, to top it all off, it’s a mother fucking glass tables match!!!

+the crowd goes wild and chants for tables!+

Tyler Blood: hahahahahaha….now lets see here, my team mate for this match will be a man whose name is also Tyler…Tyler Lucas to be exact.

+The audience gives mixed reactions at the name of Tyler Lucas+

Tyler Blood: now since I am brand new here in the WAR I have yet to meet anyone at all. But I have done a little bit of research on both my partner, and my team mates in this match. Now, back to Lucas: I’ve read up that he dropped out of high school. Which is exactly what happened to me. Much like Lucas, I also got involved with the wrong crowd, and accidentally stumbled across wrestling. Lucas more so got into the martial arts side, but it’s all the same shit in the end. I watched a match or two with Tyler Lucas competing, and I was very impressed. Considering that we have a lot in common and he is a great wrestler, I’m more then excited to have in on my side next week at sixth sense. And Tyler, I hope that we can get along, and kick some major ass on September third.

+he takes a breath and paces the ring for a moment before speaking again+

Tyler Blood: Now onto my opponents for this match: the team of Ronnie Styles, and some chick named Aurora Snow.

+the crowd booos+

Tyler Blood: haha….ok, let’s start with the lady. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about this girl at all, except for the fact that she happens to be extremely hot. Hopefully that doesn’t work against myself and Lucas, hopefully we don’t get distracted by being in the same ring as a hot babe. Either way, no matter how hot she is, Aurora Snow, YOUR ASS IS GRASS!!!!

+The crowd laughs and whistles+

Tyler Blood: now onto the other guy…Ronnie Styles…

+the crowd boos and laughs as Tyler joins in the laughter+

Tyler Blood: are you for real Ronnie? BAHAHAHA! I mean seriously, first of all, you wear a fucking speedo, with hideous man tights! And you walk around with two of the biggest flaming-looking douches I’ve ever seen in my life - that is, next to yourself there Ronnie. You act like a king or something…well, you got that right, you are a king……KING OF THE FUCKING HOMOS!!!

+the crowd bursts out on laughter…+

Dave Cobain: oh come on now, be nice!

Tyler Blood: Yor from the city of Champions hey Ronnie? What kind of champions?……Bumb blasting champions? BAHAHAHA! You say that you demand respect….Well how about this, I’ll make you a deal: when you pull you puny little cock out of the ass hole of Rufus Longfell, then I MIGHT…yes, I said I MIGHT, give you a little bit of respect. Other than that, I don’t think a loser such as yourself deserves any respect! I saw your promo the other day Ron. And you said that I don’t stand a chance against two of the biggest superstars in the WAR…..well with all do respect for your sexy team mate, I’m pretty sure I should have no problem at all with kicking you fucking wide-spread ass! So let me get this straight…your telling me that wrestling against you is an opportunity of a life time?…….BAHAHAHAHAHA!

+Tyler laughs historically+

Tyler Blood: yeah, maybe an opportunity of a life time to get you small cock jammed in my ass…which you better not think of even attempting during our match, ya fucking homo! Now with all that said, the bottom line is: next week at Sixth Sense, Not only am I going to walk away with a victory for my first WAR match, but I’m also going to splatter your fucking brains through a god-dam glass table you mother fucker Syles! Tables are in fact my specialty…Lucas and I shouldn’t even have to break a sweat next week on September 3rd. Now before I leave this ring tonight, I want to send out a message to Styles and Snow: when you step in the ring with me next week at Sixth sense, I’ll give you one piece of advice……………..DON’T FUCKING BLINK!!!

+another explosion is heard as the scene fades to a commercial……+

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